Dreams of a Wishmaker Ch 3

Ok rewriting this shitty story till it looks awesome!

J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter does not belong to me sadly, but Rowan and Heather belongs to me so I have to keep the imaginative characters that I made up.

Also the years of Hogwarts are different. So here is a graph.

1st year~ 14 years old

2nd year~ 15 years old

3rd year~ 16 years old

4th year~17 years old

5th year~ 18 years old

6th year~ 19 years old

7th year~ 20 years old

In case you want to be an apprentice you have to stay at Hogwarts.

So technically you get your letter at the age of 14

"One, Two, Three". If I had a wish. What would it be?

Heather's POV:

Damn it's hot today… Well of course I'm in India… Wish I were in Japan or China… It's less hot there. Two more days and I will turn fourteen. But today is the day I'm celebrating. The day I escaped the Dursley's. I met a good family but sadly luck is never on my side and I haven't seen them since I was captured and used in Wonderland Carnival. Wally, Sabina.. How are you guys doing I wonder? Did you escape? Are you searching for me? I remember when I met you two when I was five. I was lucky to meet such good people. You helped me rebuild the trust and yet once more stupid people who only want power destroyed it.

I escaped.. I'm free! I remember it as if it was just yesterday..

"You freak! You worthless piece of shit! So worthless! It is no wonder you're parents fucking left you here! You ungrateful! Get in the damn cupboard!" I hear Petunia yelling.

Her nails are sharp and her hands are small. I noticed they are good for hurting people.

"Wait till Vernon hears about this!"

Uh-oh I began trembling. Nothing good comes when Uncle Vernon is involved! I needed to escape! No more! All these people do is hurt me! Escape! Escape! I wish my fairies were here to help me! My magic but magic isn't real, that is what Uncle Vernon says. ESCAPE!

I find myself outside of my cupboard. With my blanket and bear that is a hand me down from Dudley. I see an endless stream of sand… Where am I? Why is it hot? I suddenly felt tired…. I close my eyes and I finally sink in the darkness..

I wake up and see myself in the sand, and I realize one thing it is hot! I look around and see a village! It has tents! It looks like something out of a picture book! Like Arabian Nights or that movie Aladdin that Dudley watched and I only saw bits of it.

I'm hungry…. I quickly walk towards the village… I look around and I see a man talking to me

I quickly walked away and the next day I saw him once more

"Chōṭī laṛakī, jahāṁ āpakē mātā pitā haiṁ?" "Little girl, where are your parents?"

I didn't know what to say, should I reply back even though I think I don't speak his language, but why do I understand it?

"Um'ma, maiṁ sara kō patā nahīṁ hai.. Sara āpa kisī bhī bhōjana kē li'ē hai? "Umm, I don't know sir.. Sir do you have any food?"

"Chōṭē sē ēka hām̐, āpakā nāma kyā hai? Mērā nāma vailī hai, maiṁ ēka ajība nāma hai nahīṁ mērē pāsa hai?" "Yes little one, what is your name? My name is Wally, I have a funny name don't I?"

"Mērā nāma āpa aṅgrēzī bōlatē haiṁ, hītha hai?" "My name is Heather, do you speak English?"

"Yes, I do but little one how come you speak my language so easily?" Wally asks

I kept silent.. "I don't know"

"Ahh ok then come with me little one, let us go and see Sabina, she makes wonderful food and Sabina and I can get you home".

'Umm mister Wally….? Who is Sabina? What if I don't want to go back home?"

"Slow down… Sabina is my wife.. Why don't you want to go back home little one?"

"I'm not telling you!"

"Little one, don't make me read your mind, if you tell me and if they did something wrong you will no longer have to go back to them and I will help you find another family that will take you in.."

I kept silent for a while. Should I trust this man who is trying to help me? What if he turns exactly like the Dursley's?

We kept silent the rest of the way until we come a small but nice and elegant house..

"Sabina, Pyāra, I'm home"

"Wally welcome back Pyāra, who is this?"

"Heather is this Little One's name. I found her and she does not want to tell me who her family is anyway what is for lunch? I think the Little One is hungry.."

"Oh yes Wally she does look starving" I hear Sabina talking

"You Little One come here! Today I made Chinese food. Teriyaki chicken with rice, some noodles with broccoli, does that sound good to you miss Heather?" Sabina inquires.

"That sounds wonderful…..but what is that..?"

"You never had this before?"

"I was lucky to eat bread and porridge and luckily some cheese with no chlorine water" I tell them hesitantly

Why am I telling them this? Why do I feel like I can trust them with my life? Don't trust the Heather, what if they hurt you too!

Sabina quickly drops the cup she is holding, bursts into tears and quickly hugs me.

"Oh Little One, that family, that is not right, Wally it has been decided the Little One is staying with us" Sabina declared.

"WHAT!" Wally and I both say

"This Little One is staying with us, you Heather are now part of the family welcome"

After that I became part of the family of the Merz's. Wally was Wally Merz and Sabina was Sabina Tsubaki Merz nee Delhi. They both had magic and trained me to fight and when they realized I had magic I met a mage who taught me many things.

My wish, my dream it all came crashing down when Wonderland Carnival came and wanted magical people for experiments.

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