This story is a tribute to ZoNa. I DO NOT own One Piece. I am merely a fan who appreciates the characters and the story and wish to share my imaginative side whilst exploring my abilities as a writer! This is the very first time I have written something so I hope you like it!

Snap Shots

Chapter 1

"It's finally finished!" Usopp announced to his number one fan, the tiny and cute doctor of the crew, Chopper.

Over hearing this Luffy's ears pricked up and he leapt over to where his friends sat on the deck, eager to see the newest invention from his sharp shooter.

"What is it?" Luffy asked puzzled by the small metallic item in his friends hands, which didn't look as interesting as he had hoped.

"It is….my time capture device…" Usopp exclaimed with pride. Chopper and Luffy exchanged quizzical looks. Luffy laughed and commented that the name was stupid and Usopp should think about calling it something else. Usopp coughed and ignored his captain; instead he pointed the device in Luffy's direction and pressed a button. There was a clicking sound followed by a flash of light. Luffy and Chopper winced as they were forced to blink from the unexpected dazzling they received.

"Oops" Usopp said, "I forgot to turn the light off" then made an alteration.

"What was that?" Chopper asked.

"Well my good friend, I am glad you asked" Usopp started to boast and took his superiority stance in front of his friends who waited eagerly for his explanation. "This device takes what you see and puts it on paper. It can make things far away seem bigger or things close up seem smaller. I designed it so we can evidence all of our adventures together" Usopp announced proudly.

He looked at his friends, who now had stars glowing from their eyes, radiating in blinding light at the exciting thought of what he had produced. Luffy sprung up and grabbed the device in Usopp's hands, "let me see, let me see" he begged, managing to get hold of it before Usopp could have a chance to show him what to do.

"So you hold it up and press this button?" Luffy asked, aiming it in Usopp's direction. Usopp nodded, there was more to it than that but he figured that was enough for his captain to take in for now. Explaining too much would only complicate things. Luffy pressed the button and heard the clicking sound…he looked at it confused, "there was no light" he said.

"The light is only needed when it is dark" Usopp explained. Luffy shrugged and continued pointing it around and clicking madly. "Luffy, you need to focus it for a good picture by looking through the little window at the top" Usopp pointed to show him where it was. Luffy followed his instructions and moved his head back and forth a couple of times as if to get used to the fact what was in front of him seemed so small… "It is bigger when they are printed" Usopp added, as if reading his captains mind.

"Printed?" Chopper asked confused.

"Yeah, there is a black sheet inside it which prints the image onto it. I then have to take it out in a dark room and put it in some liquid until the image appears."

"So it is a magic device!" Luffy exclaimed, Usopp sweat dropped.

"Why a dark room?" Chopper asked, more curious to learn than his Captain who was randomly clicking again and not paying much attention.

"Well if the sunlight shines on it then the pictures don't appear for some reason." Usopp explained, "I still have to find a way to fix that problem" he almost muttered to himself.

Chopper followed Luffy around, jumping up and down requesting to have a turn as well. They ran around the ship pointing and clicking at random items, the sea and sky, as well as their shocked crew members, who looked at them with confusion.

"What the hell was that?!" Sanji demanded when a flash of light almost blinded him, forcing him to manically dance around to catch the tray of snacks and drinks he almost dropped as a result.

"Ooooh food!" Luffy exclaimed, ignoring the chef and diving straight for the tray before getting kicked in the face by Sanji.

"These snacks are NOT for you!" Sanji yelled, "Yours are in the kitchen" he continued, and with that Luffy dropped the device. Chopper managed to catch it in time as Luffy ran off. Usopp chased after him as he knew if they didn't get in there quick enough then Luffy would eat everything himself.

Chopper looked at the rectangular object curiously and handled it with delicate care. The thought of being able to store your memories in it made him feel happy. He could not wait to see the results. He thought back to when he first met Luffy and how the snow fell and looked like cherry blossoms. How he wished he could see that somehow.

"What do you have there Chopper?" Robin asked from her deck chair, putting down the book she was reading to pick up the drink Sanji was now handing out to her. Nami looked up from her newspaper to look at Chopper as well, curious as to what the fuss had been about.

"Usopp invented it" Chopper explained shyly "It takes images of things"

"What is it called?" Robin asked. Chopper was not sure and shook his head, "Luffy calls it a magic device" he stated. Robin smiled, Sanji sighed and Nami muttered how typical it was of their captain.

"Can you show us how it works?" Robin asked the little reindeer, who now blushed and smiled before testing it out. He struggled a little with handling it at first, after all, hooves weren't designed for this sort of thing, but he soon sussed it out. Pointing it in the direction of the two women he said "You aim it at what you want to look at then press the button", he pressed it and there was a small click.

"Is that it?" Nami asked, a little disappointed.

Chopper explained that Usopp has to then put the bit from inside into a dark room and it will appear on paper. The three crew mates looked at him a little more curious. "Well if that works then it sounds like it could be a very useful device" Robin stated kindly.

"So this device takes something you see and prints it for you to keep?" Sanji asked aloud, the cogs clearly working through his mind, Chopper nodded.

Nami looked at Sanji and stated "do not get any ideas Sanji-kun as it will cost you dearly". Sanji looked a little down heartened by her statement, but also a little determined, though Chopper could not understand why.

"Why don't you take a picture of something else?" Robin asked Chopper, understanding by looking at him how important the thought of this device was for him.

Chopper smiled and nodded, pointing the device this time towards Zoro who sat behind the women, snoring soundly. Click The sound did not disturb the swordsman as he grunted in his sleep. However, a whirling sound came from the device. The others looked at Chopper.

"What does that mean?" Nami asked.

Chopper looked worried "I don't know, it hasn't done it before" he said nervously. He looked up at them, concern evident in his face, "you don't think I broke it do you?" he asked, tears beginning to well up in his little features.

"I am not sure" Robin stated, "but perhaps we should tell Usopp to find out what it means" she reassured the reindeer, nodding in the direction of the sharp shooter who was coming out of the kitchen, running in a zig zag pattern to avoid an outstretched hand from grabbing the food he carried.

"He never learns" Sanji sighed; taking the tray he was carrying, bending it into shape and using it as a metal hook to pin his captain's arm to the deck and stop it from moving.

"OWWWWWWWWWWWWW" Luffy yelled in dismay.

"Serves you right for being a greedy oaf!" Sanji called back, walking into the kitchen to challenge Luffy further and check for any damages to his food supply.

"Phew" Usopp sighed, placing down the tray of food he managed to save and calling over to Franky and Brook to see if they wanted some before sitting down on the deck.

"So long nose-kun, Chopper has been showing us your new device" Robin started conversation, in between nibbling at the cakes Sanji provided them with.

Usopp sat up with pride and smiled.

"So you finally finished it then?" Franky asked, Usopp nodded, his smile turning into a grin.

"Finished what?" Brook interjected.

"He is yet to come up with a name for it" Nami explained, "but it is able to capture people or something"

"Capture? You mean there are little people inside it?" the skeleton asked, getting the complete wrong end of the stick.

Usopp shook his head. He figured it was better to explain and give them an example. "I will develop the pictures later and show you the results so you can see for yourself. Although with the way Luffy was handling it I can't guarantee any good results." He stated, then looked to Chopper and reached out for the device so he could sort it out.

Chopper stood there with his feet pointing inwards and his gaze lowered. He seemed nervous. "What's wrong Chopper?" Usopp asked, becoming stunned as the small reindeer started to flood with tears.

"I…I….I didn't mean to!" he spluttered, not making any sense, cradling the light device in his hooves.

Robin explained to Usopp what happened and the sound that came from it. Usopp looked at her for a second and then said, "oh, is that it?! No worries Chopper that just means the memory has been used up"

Chopper looked puzzled. Usopp's tone suggested it was okay, but hearing there was no more memory worried him more. Usopp tried to explain, "It can only take so many images before I need to change the bit inside to make it take more". With this the reindeer's ears pricked up and he appeared to suddenly be relieved. Usopp continued, "do you want to help me develop them later?" he asked and the reindeer nodded in excitement, handing the device back to his friend with care so as not to break it and loose the precious memories already stored inside.

Later that evening the two worked quietly and patiently in the little dark room Franky had made for Usopp specifically for this device. Chopper realised at one point he was holding his breathe and breathed out carefully. He was so excited to see the outcome.

Unfortunately there were a number of images which were ruined due to Luffy's fingers being in the way, or glare of the sun or just no focus at all, making it hard to pick out what it was they were looking at. There were a couple of angular ones of the sea and the lion on the Sunny which were okay, but not great. Chopper jumped at the super close up of Brook and one which they could only assume was Franky's rear end.

Usopp found himself a little disappointed, he wanted to show off to his friends what this could do, but the pictures were mainly rubbish. Chopper frowned and apologised to Usopp. They were getting ready to give up when Usopp checked the last few photos and was pleasantly surprised to find the last two to be promising. "You seem to have a talent for this Chopper" he said reassuringly, flashing a grin at his friend.

As clear as day there sat Robin and Nami looking down at the device (which Usopp eventually decided to call a camera, with the help of Chopper). Sanji was to their left, leaning down and placing a glass on the table. The two women were smiling sweetly at Chopper. Usopp picked it up carefully and passed it to the small doctor who handled it with care. The little doctor's face beamed as he looked at it fondly.

"You can keep that one" Usopp stated, happy to see his friend smiling over something he had invented. He then turned to look at the next photo. This was of the swordsman sleeping. It was nothing special, except for the interesting side shot of a smiling navigator beaming down at him from her seated position at the table. Usopp could only assume that she probably did not realise she was within shot. Usopp shrugged it off not wanting to make a huge deal out of it, but could not help and wonder since when has Nami smiled at Zoro when he slept…? he could have sworn that she usually scowled at him…'oh well, never mind' he thought yawning and stretching as he handed it to Chopper.

Chopper looked at the picture of Zoro, "can I keep that one to?" he asked shyly. Usopp looked at him and nodded, "you took them so it is only fair" he stated, not really interested in the shots himself.

"Do you think tomorrow we could try to take some better ones?" Chopper asked eagerly. Usopp agreed, after all it would be good to get more pictures of the group as who knew when they would all be able to be together like this again.

Chopper helped Usopp to pack his things up and put a new film into his camera before walking to the kitchen for dinner.

This is just the beginning of what I hope to be a longer story with more character development. I would greatly appreciate everyone's feedback!