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Snap Shots

The Final Chapter

"Who the hell do you think you are?! Taking advantage of Nami-san while she is vulnerable!" Sanji shouted.

Having been rudely interrupted from the best moment in his life, Zoro was understandably extremely angry. The crew watched as the two fought cat and nail, creating clouds of sand and smoke with the odd flash of colour now and then and pieces of debris thrown in the mix.

Nami sat watching in stunned silence. She couldn't help but place a hand to her mouth and touch her lips. She smiles softly to herself, her cheeks going red. Franky noticed the look on his friend and shot a wink and a nod over at Robin, who also looked and grinned.

Luffy arrived on the scene inside the robotic chair with Chopper on his head and Usopp at his side. Brook lay motionless beside them, having been dragged around like a plaything.

"What's going on?" Luffy asked "Why are Sanji and Zoro fighting again?"

"It would appear Sanji is mad that Zoro kissed Nami" Robin chirped.

Luffy and Chopper made disgusted expressions. "Why would Zoro want to do that?" Luffy asked, forcing Usopp to press a button on the machine to make his captain suffer a little. Stupid moron didn't have a clue when it came to women.

"Well captain, I don't think Nami seems to mind" Robin said mischievously as she glanced over at her friend who was still oblivious to their presence. The other men of the crew looked at her to.

Luffy bent down and stared at Nami; he waved a hand in front of her face and noticed the pleasant expression she had. The kiss must have been good. He looked up at the pair fighting and shouted, "Hey Zoro!" the two temporarily stopped moving. Sanji had a foot near Zoro's face and he blocked it with his sword.

"What?! Can't you see I'm busy?" Zoro spat.

"What was it like?" Luffy called. Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing and looked at their captain…had he just admitted to having never kissed a girl before? This question had even pulled Nami out of her daze.

Zoro was taken aback by his captain's question. He scratched his head with a hand, even though it held a sword. He looked at Nami and then at the ground, a tint of red appearing under his eyes. Sanji saw his friend's expression and anger filled him once more, he spun on the swordsman and kicked him again, "don't you dare answer that question!" he spat.

"Nami" Luffy turned to his navigator hoping she would answer his question where his other friend had failed. "Can I have a kiss to?" Again this question resulted in a shocked crew, except for the blonde and the moss head who continued to create sand storms. Nami's expression changed from bliss to irritation. Nami lifted her good arm and punched her captain square on in the face as he tried to get closer to her, "NO!" she shouted. Luffy landed on Sanji and Zoro, immediately stopping their fight and rubbing his jaw.

"That's not fair! Why does Zoro get one and I don't?" Luffy whined.

Usopp hit his face with his hand. Robin and Brook laughed along with Franky. Sanji was disgusted by his captain's request and kicked him. Luffy landed on Zoro, as much to the swordsman's dismay as Luffy then decided to see if Zoro would kiss him instead. The offended swordsman tried to force his captain away from him. Sanji laughed and teased the man, resulting in a three way fight.

Nami watched the scene before her, growing frustrated. All she wanted was some peace and quiet and to be alone with the man who just, through one action, admitted his feelings. Her body tingled and she felt light and happy, yet her other crew members were ruining the mood. A vein throbbed in her temple.

"Usopp!" Nami called the sniper closer to her. The man hesitated but came nearby. She grabbed him by his collar and pulled him close, breaking eye contact with the mass of black, yellow and green to look at her long nosed friend, who gulped. "Show me how that monstrosity works!" she demanded.

Usopp helped Nami into the robotic contraption with the aid of Franky. Controlling it with a lot of care so not as to hurt his friend further, Usopp helped her get into a comfortable position. Nami then took the control off him and moved herself closer to the three men.

The three suddenly felt an ominous presence behind them and stopped in their actions. Zoro had a sword to Sanji's throat, Luffy had an arm around Zoro's legs and Sanji had kicked an imbedded foot into Luffy's face. The three men's gaze slowly looked up at the dark figure before them.

"Cut it out!" Nami shouted as she brought metal hands down on each of them. The rest of the crew stood from a distance and placed a hand to their faces to protect them from the mass of sand that came their way. When the sand cleared all you could see were three different coloured heads protruding out of the ground with huge lumps throbbing on them.

The rest of the evening went by almost as if nothing had happened. The men eventually recovered from their endeavours and went to join the others by a camp fire that Usopp put together.

Sanji started on the barbeque that he had delayed and Luffy chose to sit as far away from the navigator as possible. Nami's expression was one which said 'come near me and you die!' Zoro was the only one who dared enter the dark cloud surrounding their navigator. It amazed them all as they watched him, fearlessly sit near her. Nami's expression didn't change as she chose to ignore his presence, but the dark cloud started to fade. The man's presence in itself clearly had a calming influence on her, not that you would think it with all the times they would argue. Yet the pair was comfortable in each others presence.

Usopp came down from the ship and sat next to their little doctor. Chopper looked up and identified that he was carrying more photos. "Are those the ones Zoro took?!" Chopper squealed with excitement. Zoro barely blinked as he sat against a log with his hands behind his head near a certain woman's deck chair. Nami looked up at her friend, curiosity suddenly running through her.

"Yep, and I have to say I was quite surprised" Usopp said as he handed the pile to a keen Chopper. One by one the photos went around the circle of friends.

"This is a beautiful picture" Nami spoke up seeing the one of a sunset.

Robin looked over her shoulder and said "Oh yes, I remember that one. I was there when Zoro took it. He said he thought 'she would like it' although I can't think of who he would be talking about." Robin's grin made the obvious known. Nami felt a warm feeling in her heart as she looked at the photo and then at the swordsman who sat with his eyes closed. He had taken this for her?

Nami poked the swordsman with a stick and passed him the photo. He reluctantly took it, "I didn't know you like this sort of thing" she said.

Zoro looked at the picture and shrugged as if it was nothing, "I liked the colours" was his reply as he passed it back to her, their hands touching. Nami looked back down at the picture. It was a bright orange red colour and was reflected in the green blue sea. She smiled and held it closer to her. The action did not go unnoticed by any of her other friends.

Robin said "looks like you were right swordsman-san. She does like it". This comment caught the man's attention and he looked over at Nami's smiling face as she looked at the photo in her delicate hands. He felt her smile become infectious as he grinned at her. It was a good feeling to know that the kiss had not changed anything between them. They still bantered, argued, agreed and disagreed, like they did all the time, just now if felt like a door had been opened. Trust, honesty and respect were already there as part of their bond of friendship, but now there was something more, something stronger that held them together.

The next photo that came Nami's way was of her tangerine trees. The picture captured their beauty in front of a star lit sky. The darkness from the sky made the colour of orange shine brightly in the moonlight. It was an amazing picture.

Nami cherished this one as much as she did the last. She was surprised at the man's skills with the camera. She recalled the one he had taken of her days before where she was asleep with Chopper in the mines. She had added it to her album and now decided there were two more she would like to have. Looking up at the sharp shooter she asked "Usopp can I get a copy of these please?" Usopp nodded.

"That isn't necessary" Zoro cut in, having closed his good eye once more. Nami looked down at him.

"I was only thinking of you when I took them. They are for you" he said factually as if there was no big deal about it. Nami however, blushed.

"Yoohoohoo, young love" Brook sung, sipping at his drink.

Robin and Franky smiled at the pair to and then caught each other's gaze. Robin shared a rare and beautiful smile with the cyborg, who blushed a little, then grinned and scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

Usopp could not help but think, "It's about time!" his words caught the attention of Luffy and Chopper.

"About time for what?" Luffy asked.

"They really like each other huh?" Chopper identified, looking over at Nami as she glanced at more photos and smiled to herself.

Luffy followed his friends gaze and identified that both Nami and Zoro had been acting weird lately. Being one to say what is on his mind he didn't realise he had said this out loud.

"That's because they love each other" Usopp informed his captain, answering his question, "and they have only recently figured it out, although they still have a long way to go"

Chopper felt all fuzzy inside. It was nice to see his friends so happy and smiling at one another.

Luffy studied his friends carefully. Thinking about it he had never seen such an expression on either of their faces before. He remembered how angry and distressed Zoro had appeared when fighting his opponent previously. He was worried the man was ready to kill, almost losing himself to emotion. As much as he liked to see his friends happy and safe, he was all to aware of how emotions could send someone down the wrong path and promised himself to keep a closer eye on his friends to ensure that did not happen.

Sanji also noticed the looks between Nami and Zoro and heard the conversation of his young friends. He agreed it was nice to see them like this, as much to his own discomfort. After all, he would much prefer it to be him who made Nami look like that. He gripped onto his knives harder as he stabbed the meat in front of him with it. He had shouted at Zoro earlier to tell him to not hurt her or mess with her feelings. Zoro replied that he wouldn't. He would protect her; it is all he has ever done and all he ever would do. That statement in itself pissed Sanji off even more. In the end it is something he would say and so he couldn't argue against it. All he could do was continue to meet Nami's needs where the swordsman couldn't and hope one day she would come to her senses.

The next photo that reached Nami was of a bird, delivering a paper. She had seen that bird many times before. It was nothing special but as she was the only one who ever ordered the paper and paid attention to it, she knew Zoro had been thinking of her when he took it.

Mixed in with the photos were some abstract types, which were hard to identify what they were of but were intriguing at the same time. Nami couldn't help but smile; Zoro clearly had not been comfortable with the device and had no idea on what to do with it.

The next was of her chart room. It had a slight sad feeling to it. The room was empty and a little dusty with paper's everywhere. The map she had been working on still on the desk with an abandoned quill. Robin looked at the photo after Nami and commented on it, "I would agree with how Zoro felt when he took this photo…the ship was not the same without you around."

Nami looked down at the man next to her, who was now fast asleep. The feeling she felt at that moment was stronger than she had ever felt before. All this time she thought she was on a one sided love story and pushed all emotion aside, but she had missed all of the subtle signs he gave out. Robin had been more a tune with his feelings than she had. She had wavered when she kissed his cheek and moved away not wanting to see his expression and hurt herself, but when he pulled her close and kissed her so gently, she could not help but give into that emotion.

Tears started to run down Nami's face.

"Nami-san are you alright?" Robin asked, placing a hand on her friends shoulder.

Nami nodded and smiled but the tears would not stop. She was happy and relieved and felt all sorts of emotions at that point in time. She was completely overwhelmed. Everyone looked at her sobbing.

Zoro was woken abruptly as something hit his face. He looked down at a lump of steak that dripped down his front. He starred at the cook whose expression was furious and hurt at the same time.

"Don't just sit there you moron! Nami needs you!" Sanji shouted from across the flames of the fire.

Zoro came to his senses as he turned to see Robin reassuring Nami, who sobbed in her arms. An outstretched hand grabbed the meat that had landed on the swordsman, the owner of which commenting how the cook should not waste food. This resulted in said cook to throw more meat at the captain in frustration but it missed and Luffy caught it in his mouth with a grin.

Zoro stood next to Nami's chair and looked down at the two women. He was uncomfortable and didn't know what to do or what to say. Off course he hated to see Nami like this. He always did. But what could he do?

Robin, as if sensing Zoro was incapable of thought, moved away from Nami slightly and pushed her friend towards the swordsman. Zoro didn't have to act or think, as Nami grabbed his shirt and pulled him down. He lost his balanced and landed hard on the chair, breaking it in half. Conscious that he could land on the navigator he lifted her into his arms and sat amidst the broken pieces, ignoring any pain caused to him self, and held her in his arms.

The area went silent.

Sanji stood, eyebrows twitching, then shouted, "Don't just sit and stare!" to all of his friends.

Brook took note of this and pulled out his violin to play some music. This caught the attention of Luffy, Chopper and Usopp who joined together to dance with their musician. Franky provided a light show for them all and Robin approached their cook, who was visibly sad. Sanji looked down at a hand that reached out in front of him. He scanned the gentle hand and followed it to its owner. Robin smiled back at him, "care for a dance?" she asked gently.

Sanji's dismal expression soon turned to one of happiness as he joined his other most favourite female crew member.

Exhausted Nami soon fell to sleep in Zoro's arms. Zoro could feel his body going numb and felt uncomfortable, but he sat through it and trained his mind to ignore it. After all, he had felt a lot worse and managed to continue to fight. When the others decided to pack up for the night and get ready to rest, Zoro remained on his own with Nami on the beach.

He looked down at her resting face. He tried to speak her name to wake her but she wouldn't move. The woman slept like a log. Holding onto her tightly he attempted to stand up and lift her…with having pins and needles run through his whole body, this task soon became difficult. Wobbling and stumbling slightly he managed to keep hold of Nami and stood waiting for his body to come back to having some kind of feeling. He positioned Nami on his back and tied her in place again; she spontaneously grabbed hold of him, almost causing his neck to break. Adjusting his position he climbed back on board the Sunny and headed to the women's chambers…eventually finding it over an hour later thanks to the navigator on his back who woke up and looked around her;

"Where are you taking me?" Nami asked a little puzzled and getting cold from the night air, her limbs beginning to ache in response.

"To bed…if I can find it" Zoro answered, looking around irritated and clearly not having thought about what he just said. He received a hit on the head.

"Ow, what was that for?!" he argued and heard a 'humph' behind him.

"Sanji was right, how dare you take advantage of me while I am weak!" Nami shouted back, trying to wriggle free from him.

"What the hell?! I am just trying to get you to your room!" Zoro snapped. He felt Nami stop moving.

"To do what exactly?" She asked with a threatening tone.

"To take you to your bed…you were asleep!" Zoro said. Nami soon realised that Zoro was innocent and not thinking what she had thought he meant initially. She relaxed a little, but didn't apologise. After all how was she to know what he meant…he should be more careful with the words he chooses?

"Baka" Nami said softly, leaning back into him. She reached out her good arm, "it's that way!" and pointed to the girl's quarters straight ahead.

On finding them they discovered that Robin was still awake reading a book. She looked at the two and smiled. Closing her book she offered some assistance and helped Nami down onto her bed.

Zoro hovered for a second then walked back towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Nami asked suddenly.

"To my room?" Zoro said, holding onto the door handle.

"I am not finished with you yet" Nami stated. "We need to talk"

Zoro could feel him self getting hot under the collar and gritted his teeth. He looked at Robin who stood, gave a nod and left the room with her book, passing a knowing smile his way.

"Sit" Nami commanded…it was becoming clear who wore the trousers in this relationship. Zoro obeyed reluctantly and sat on the edge of her bed, where she hit it with her hand when giving the command.

There was silence for a moment.

Eventually Nami spoke, "I just want you to know. If you, you know, feel like repeating tonight some time then I won't charge you" Nami said with a hint of nerves in her voice.

Zoro recalled their kiss that evening and caught a glimpse of Nami twitching her fingers and looking down at her hands, her face was as red as her hair. He had never seen her so cute before. Knowing he affected her in some way made him feel a little more confident. He grinned then leaned in close to her.

"So, you are saying I can do this whenever I please?" he teased her and enjoyed watching her nervous reaction. He got close to her face and felt her breath hold in, in anticipation. He paused then pulled back and sat facing away from her again. He grinned and knew she would be pissed off at that little act, but he could not resist it. She was fun to tease and he would happily pay the price.

A pillow met his face. He caught it and pulled it down, meeting the gaze of an irritated and disappointed navigator.

Nami's gaze lowered. She adjusted her position with some discomfort so she was sitting next to him. He felt her arm touch his and welcomed the contact.

"Zoro…when all this is over and we have reached our goal, what will you do?" she asked.

Zoro had not really given it much thought. Being someone who took every day as it came he would just go with the flow. But now she asked him the question he struggled to think of the answer, "I guess Luffy would want to go and revisit a lot of places we have been. If he is pirate king he will want to raise our flag to show that they are under his protection…he can't do that on his own" He offered.

Nami nodded, she had figured the same. There was hope then that the crew would still be together after this was all over.

"I would like to go back to my homeland at one point though" Zoro spoke up. "There is someone I would like to meet"

Nami looked at him and nodded, "I would like to see Nojiko and the others to". She missed them.

"Who knows I might even start up my own dojo one day" Zoro continued, a little lost in thought.

Nami gripped the edge of her bed and bit her lower lip as she looked ahead of her. She suspected he would have an ambition of some kind. The thought of being away from him was a little heart wrenching. She couldn't imagine being away from any of them.

"I can see you being a teacher" Zoro said suddenly. Nami turned to look at him with a little shock on her face. He was looking ahead and grinning, then met her gaze and smiled. "You would be a fierce teacher. The kids wouldn't get away with anything with you around" he said.

Nami found his grin infectious and produced one of her own. To think he was thinking of her in the future to. "Really and what else do you foresee?" she asked, curious.

He shrugged and said, "Well Sanji would probably open up his own restaurant. Usopp would probably have a shop with Franky or something, selling their weird inventions." Nami laughed a little and nodded. She could see that to. "Chopper would have his own doctor's surgery" Zoro continued, "possibly with Robin as his assistant…although that woman gives me the creeps sometimes so I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up running a graveyard or something." Nami dug an elbow into his side for insulting her friend. Though she could not help but smile at his thoughts.

"What about Luffy?" Nami asked. Zoro sat there for a while and thought to himself, with arms crossed. She could tell from his expression that he struggled to think of what Luffy would do… "He would probably spend his life in Sanji's restaurant…" Zoro shrugged. Nami laughed. He was probably right.

"I see Luffy as becoming a leader of a town or something" Nami said, "Like a Sheriff" although on second thought she also believed he would probably create more havoc than help!

Zoro looked at Nami. She was leant forward and smiling at her own thoughts. This talk of the future got him thinking about more than he had ever thought before.

"Nami" he spoke her name and she turned to look at him. When she caught the serious expression on his face her smile faded.

"If we survive all this…no matter what happens afterwards…would you share half your life with me?" Zoro found it hard to say but he meant every word. He had been thinking about it since they talked of the future. He couldn't imagine a life without her in it. He knew he was asking a lot, and suddenly to, but he had to take a chance. He was an 'all or nothing' kind of guy anyway.

Nami's expression was one of shock. There was silence for what seemed like an eternity, but Zoro did not break eye contact with her. Her response however, surprised him. Nami eventually blinked and a warm smile came to her face.

"Baka" she said as she moved in close to him, using her good arm to pull at the back of his neck and bring him closer to her, "why only half? I am willing to share more" she said, before placing a kiss on his lips.

Zoro was taken aback by her sudden move, but soon adjusted to it as he brought his hands around her waist. The kiss was passionate at first but slowed down as they gave into their emotions and showed each other in their own way how much they cared for one another. Their lips tingled with every movement and made them feel alive and unwilling to let each other go.

A knock came to the door and they stopped their actions, staring momentarily at each other, both slightly flushed. "Do you think we will ever have any privacy?" Nami muttered.

Zoro moved away slowly and reluctantly. She watched him head over to the door and heard the little doctors voice. "Is Nami in there? I need to change her bandages and I have more pain killers for her" he said softly.

Zoro stepped to one side and let the doctor in. Chopper suddenly felt uncomfortable, like he had walked in on something he shouldn't. He looked at Nami and saw she was red, running over to her he checked her head and said "Nami! You have a temperature! I knew today would take it out of you, you need to rest"

Nami sheepishly allowed their doctor to see to her and gave a secret look to Zoro. "I will see you in the morning" Zoro said with a smile, before turning and leaving the room.

"Is everything okay Nami?" the sweet voice of the reindeer asked in response to a small sigh she let out. Nami looked at him, smiled and patted him on the head.

"Everything is great" she said, lying down and closing her eyes with a smile on her face.

She had no idea what the future held but she knew one thing. He would always be by her side and she would always be by his.


A/N: Awwww, so Sanji had to accept the inevitable and they made a promise to each other. I have to say the promise is taken from Full Metal Alchemist – between Ed and Winry! I cannot take credit for it as I copied it, but couldn't help feel that this was perfect for these two!

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