Title: Not Troublesome at All

Author: enchanted nightingale

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Naruto, nor the characters from them and I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Summary: When the Mirror of Erised shatters, Nara Shikamaru comes across a child with the most unique green eyes. It's not quite love at first sight but equally as troublesome.

Pair: Harry Potter/ Shikamaru Nara


They met at the Nara Greenhouses on one of the early dates they go. Shikamaru had not visited the grounds for years but he knew that Harry loved taking long walks amongst the trees. The young Shinobi heeds the advice Yoshino gives him and packs a picnic lunch. He takes care to include dango for dessert, several flavours worth of dango. He even asked Chouji what the top favourites were in order to include them all.

They end up spending hours curled together underneath a tree, laid out on the soft blankets Shikamaru had packed, staring up at the clouds on the clear sky, surrounded by the smell of flowers and each other's scent.

What Shikamaru will remember for years afterward will be Harry's fingers combing through his hair.


He should have seen it coming really.

They were after all sharing their rooms and Harry was the one to mostly do the house work as Shikamaru only bothered to do so when the chores took time from his thus dubbed 'Harry Time'. So it was natural that when Harry tried to short his papers and books and scrolls in some order he stumbled across his 'hobby'. The one Neji had all but order him to find (not that the Hyuga had been impressed that the Nara chose writing smut as a hobby).

Still, Shikamaru was proud that at least his books were better than Jiraya's, held more variety and could boast a better plot and fewer spelling errors. Shikamaru was on the porch, wondering where Harry had disappeared to when he decided to look for the green eyed man. He found him three minutes later holding his first book, "Date Series Volume 1: Blind Date with a Prince".

"Shikamaru… Is this…"

"I can explain!" Shikamaru hurriedly told him.

"It does not look like porn," Harry stated matter of fact-ly.

The Nara heir spluttered. "What do you know about porn!?"

Harry levelled him with an unimpressed look. "Well, I am a man," he hissed, feeling quite a bit insulted. Sometime he felt like in Shikamaru's eyes he was still the small child he had picked up on his way back to Konoha. The Nara heir was extremely protective of him, all the Nara clan was. It would at times get suffocating.

Harry ignored those thoughts for a while, in favor of watched Shikamaru splutter.

"I did not… I only meant…"

"Neji showed me Jiraya's books and a couple of magazines," Harry rolled his eyes. "I was not really all that into the 'Icha Icha' series. I don't understand why everyone is exalting those books this much, the plot was not that good anyway. Not to mention that seeing Hatake walking around with his orange copy and giggling all the time… I'm not that much of a pervert."

"Neither am I," Shikamaru grouched. "That book…" He sighed. "You know about ANBU corps, right? I know dad spoke to you."

"And Neji," Harry admitted.

Shikamaru fought against rolling his eyes. On one hand Harry being friends with that particular Hyuga was good, but on days like these he wanted to choke Neji with his own long hair. "Well, the issue of stress relief came up and…" Shikamaru cleaned his throat.

Harry was smart and he caught on fast. "So," he stared at the book he was holding,b "Is this how 'Date Series Volume 1: Blind Date with a Prince' came up?"

"Partially," Shikamaru agreed.

Harry raised an eyebrow and opened the book. The shinobi only had to glance at the page number to figure out with page his boyfriend was looking at. With reflexes honed by his profession he had that damning book out of the wizard's hands.

"That was a very intimate and descriptive chapter for this being a mere hobby, Shika."

"Alright," the shinobi sighed, muttering about troublesome boyfriends under his breath. "It's also an outlet." At Harry's lost look he elaborated. "For all those things I would like to be doing to you, with you," he reluctantly admitted, feeling his face heat up.

He was treated to a very amusing sight of seeing a blush blossoming on Harry's pale face. Suddenly Shikamaru did not feel all that bad about having broached this subject.


Shikamaru rubbed at his neck, feeling self-conscious. "Yeah."

"So... what you are saying is that you wrote this book with me in mind."

Now the red color on Shikamaru's cheeks deepened. Put like that, it was like he had aired what they did (or would be hopefully doing) in their bedroom all over the Elemental Nations. He could not really speak so he just nodded his head.

"Oh!" Harry repeated, feeling self-conscious. What Shikamaru was admitting was not something that had crossed his mind before. It was an interesting concept, something he both dreaded and looked forward to. "I… It's not all that bad, then?"

Shikamaru shrugged, avoiding direct eye contact.

Harry sighed. "It's just one book."

Shikamaru blanched, just a bit. "Mmm."


"It's not just the one book. It's more like an entire series?" he trailed off reluctantly.

"Shika… How many?"









Harry was humming as he threaded his fingers through Shikamaru's hair. They were sprawled on their bed, trying the escape the chilly evening of Fire Country, snuggling each other and just enjoying their nearness. The dark haired Shinobi was half asleep while the green eyed man was playing with his hair.

"You keep doing that," the Nara heir commented.

"I love how it feels in my hands," Harry replied. "And I like how I can relax you so thoroughly with such a simple thing. You must know by now that I like taking care of you."

"I like it when you take care of me," Shikamaru replied.

There was silence for a long while.

"I wish we could always be like this," Shikamaru commented.

"You like me touching your hair that much?"

"I always love it when you touch me. But I meant not just this, you touching my hair, but all of this… Us spending time together. Talking or in silence, it does not matter. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Everything else is just details."

Harry blinked. "You are a romantic at heart, aren't you?"

Shikamaru hummed, admitting to nothing. He stayed that way for a while longer before he asked Harry to trade spots.


Their wedding ceremony was a small, private affair. Just the happy couple and Shikamaru's parents. It was all the family Harry needed.

For a very, very brief moment when Harry was getting ready, he thought back to the Mirror of Erised and the image of his parents and how they would feel to see him on a day like this. Would they approve of Shikamaru? The fact that he was male? The fact that he was a professional killer? Would they care that he was in loved with a Shinobi? Would they understand? Harry had no idea and he would never know.

For e second he had even spared a thought for Petunia and her family but he pushed those thoughts violently away.

But then Yoshino popped in, all excitement and happiness and any moroseness Harry felt was left behind. He was exactly where he wanted, surrounded by people he loved. And more importantly, they loved him back.


Naturally the party that followed after the private wedding ceremony was huge, involving all of the Nara clan. Added to those numbers were Shikamaru and Shikaku's comrades and year mates, several Clan Heads, including the rowdy Inuzuka clan and their four legged companions. Naturally, the Hokage attended and there was even a delegation from Suna, with Temari leading it.

It was a big even, the biggest party since Naruto's Hokage inauguration really. The clan compound grounds of the most laid back Clan in Konoha were filled with noise, music and people as they celebrated the wedding of the Clain Heir.

Shikamaru planted himself right next to his husband, hardly leaving Harry's side the entire night. He had a huge smile stretching across his face, so wide his cheeks hurt. He ignored Ino's good natured ribbing well enough, and Chouji's silent support as he kept sneaking food at him while the rest of the guests tried to get him drunk.

Finally, Harry decided to take pity on him and with a soft smile informed their parents that they were bowing out of the party in the late hours. Most of the guests were drunk by then and no one missed the happy newlyweds.

Shikaku just took the opportunity to hug his new son tightly.

"Thank you for everything," Harry told the man.

"We're family Harry. You could say it was practically my duty to see you happy," the Nara Clan Head said.

"That it's with our Shika, is just double the happiness," Yoshino agreed as she hugged him one last time and released him to her son's eager embrace.


No one noticed, amidst the fireworks and lanterns and the rowdy crowd as a flash of fire Fawkes appeared briefly and flew over the. Most people thought it was part of the fireworks show and just clapped and whistled at the show. After all, fire birds were things of legends, even in a land were Chakra monsters used to roam.

So the Phoenix names Fawkes, flew over the wedding celebration, just barely spotted one Harry Potter, happy among his new family before disappearing again.

57. Eleven Years Later...

Shikaku and Yoshino had waved goodbye from the porch as the small family of three made their way out of the Nara compound and towards the Academy Grounds.

Nara Shikadai, had just turned six and he had wanted to start classes along his friends, the children of his father's former teammates, Akimichi Chocho and Yamanaka Inojin.

His fathers were content to walk him (half drag him really because half way through he decided that he would rather they carried him there) to the Academy and listen to him alternate between chattering and mumbling how tiresome the whole thing would be. The little boy boasted the Nara physical appearance, character and manners, but he had Harry's vivid green eyes and his magic (though the last one was a Nara Clan secret so far).

When they reached the Academy Gates, they noted all the other familiar parents bringing their kids to school.

Shikamaru walked over to where Ino and Sai, Chouji and Karui, stood with their offspring. Off to the side several other kids, boasting familiar features.


The green eyed wizard grinned at his spotted Neji walk up to him, along with his daughter Hyuga Ran. The girl, upon noticing Shikadai beamed and run to his side.

"Shikadai!" the girl that looked so much like her mother practically hugged the boy, clutching his arm.

A brilliant blush formed on Shikadai's face. "Good morning Ran."

A flurry of noise followed as the children greeted each other.

"Shika, you and your friends better go. Classes should be starting soon. And you don't want to miss the Hokage's address of the Academy students," Harry remarked.

His son nodded, and without disengaging Ran from his arm, led the way to the Academy door at the slowest pace known to man. With an eye roll, Inojin and Ran, followed by Chocho, pushed the boy in order to get him to go faster.

"The coming years should be interesting," Shikamaru commented. Then he turned to Harry. "Are you sure you want us to go for a second one?"

Harry stared after his son's back, seeing the boy surround by friends.

"Yes, I'm sure. I want our family to grow," he admitted with a smile.

"Troublesome," Shikamaru muttered.

The green eyes wizard shot his husband an amused look. "Is it, really?"

Shikamaru returned the amused look. "Nah, not at all. Let's go home?"

Harry smiled and reached for his hand. "Yes, let's go."

The End!

A/N: Thank you for sticking with this story till the end!

You might recognize the new Ino–Shika–Chō trio names from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Also, on a side note, Shikadai is both Harry and Shikamaru's kid, but no mpreg.