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Clary the rebel without a cause, has no friends, rarely smiles and rarely talks. She lives with her godparents Maryse and Robert lightwood and has so for years; while the actual Lightwood children were on the other side of the country enjoying the beaches and sun. Now after five years they come to live with their parents to finish their last couple of years with no idea that the girl that everyone is afraid of at their new school shares their house. The story of Clarissa Adele Fairchild and her enchanting family. A tale of rebellion and unforseen love. All human.

All I ever wanted was the world.

Jace's P.O.V:

Standing at my new shitty locker, loading it with my new textbooks I try to inconspicuously watch the red head from the corner of my eye while ignoring the stares I am currently receiving from the rest of the student body. First day at a new school in a new town where no one knows me; a chance to start over I guess. At my last school I was the arrogant asshole, the school heartbreaker and bad boy, but I grew tired of having the same combination of idiots and sluts around me; so this time around I'm just going to let things happen. I'm not going to go out of my way to make friends, or act like an arrogant dick to get girls I'm not interested in. Call it a sudden epiphany but I'm not wasting the rest of high school being something I'm not.

That doesn't mean I can't appreciate one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. She's tiny, but with the hell of an attitude she practically oozed mystery and secrets. Long auburn hair, black rimmed emerald eyes and pale milk like skin that clashed with her all black outfit. Her heavy combat boots made quiet thudding on the floorboards as she stalked towards her locker. People parted and backed out of her way hastily as she glided towards them; like mosses and the red sea. No one made direct eye contact with her, and though the hall didn't fall completely silent ,the loud chatter seemed to droop momentarily; I could see why though, her beautiful features where schooled into a pissed off yet emotionless look that screamed 'fuck off or die'. White headphones dangled from her eyes blasting loud music I could hear from where I stood as she sauntered past, pausing at a locker a way down from where I stood, gaping at her in awe. I'd never seen someoneā€¦so beautiful.

I continued to stare at her as she wrenched open her locker with unnecessary force and threw her belongings in, pausing long enough to grab out what looked like a sketch book and pencils, balancing them in her hands she slammed her locker shut with a final clang. She readjusted her leather jacket, and suddenly glanced over her shoulder lazily, meeting my helpless staring. She glared angrily at me, flipped me off with a skinny pale finger, turned on her heel and stalked down the hallway; shoving anyone who didn't get out of her way fast enough. I looked around at the student body, no one seemed surprised at the girl's behaviour or attitude.

"What the hell was up with her?" Isabelle asked as she strutted up to me, having watched the girl too.

"I don't know." I looked at Alec for his usual; input but he continued to stare at the floor. Weird.

"Whatever, let's get to class."

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