OITNB *swoons* Alex Vause *swoons*

This story will start by exploring Alex's drug addiction after Piper left and her Mum died. Dark and twisty is not my strong suit and Piper will be back soon. This story will be purely Vauseman, but it will have its twists and turns along the way. The story can never be easy for these two, right?

It's my first time attempting to write anything that isn't smut, but I promise you this will come ( and lots of it) so I'd appreciate if you guys could let me know what you think. I hope you like it!

Usual disclaimer - None of the characters are mine and no copyright infringement intended.


It was dark. It was always dark. And it hurt. The pain never went away. She was alone. She had lost the only things that had ever mattered to her, to her heart. She had lost them to something she swore would never take over her life. But she had already lost the battle so what difference would one more time make. At least it made the all-encompassing hatred and pain disappear, even if only for a little while. The sharp tip felt familiar now against her skin, the marks on her above the blood vessels simply part of her. She hadn't ventured beyond the walls that surrounded her in a long time. There was no one to care, no one to see what she was doing to herself. The cold metal pierced her skin and slid smoothly into a vein, she watched with masochistic observance as she pushed the plunger and watched the contents filter past her skin surface and into her blood stream. The warmth settled over her body, the pain infiltrating her every sense started to retreat somewhere into the back of her mind – temporarily forgotten. Her head lulled and her limbs got heavier. The darkness slowly encroached on her now clouded mind, she couldn't feel her limbs anymore, everything was too heavy, too difficult to control but it didn't matter because the pain was less. That was all that mattered. All that had mattered since her Mum had died and her love had left her. There was nothing left in this world for her. Nothing that her money could buy her. Nothing that could replace the feeling of loss that had taken over her heart and mind. She needed her. The only person that could have gotten her through this had left her. Alone. She was all alone. Not a single soul in the world there to break her fall. She was freefalling, fast, too fast. She was going to crash and burn. Soon. No, no no. Her head shook in a slowly, distorted motion. She couldn't think about her. It would end her. The darkness overtook and she felt no more as she slipped into unconsciousness.