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Chapter 4

"Hello, Ms Chapman?"

"Yes, speaking."

"I'm calling on behalf of Ms. Vause."

"I don't want to fucking speak to her," Piper seethed down the phone.

"She's been in an accident. My name is Nurse Taylor I'm calling from Morristown Medical Centre; she's currently in a critical condition on life support. You're her emergency contact."

"Oh god..," Piper went silent her mind was reeling a dime a dozen. Alex was in an accident? She nearly died? "I'll be there." She whispered into the handset before dropping it, and herself, to the ground as she began to cry.


Alex slowly began to drift back into consciousness. What the fuck was up her nose? Why couldn't she move her arm? Fuck, she thought as blackness tried to engulf her mind again. She wanted to stay awake, she wanted to know where she was and what the hell had happened to her but the darkness was slowly pulling her back into its depths. Just as she began to fade she heard screaming.

"Let me fucking in there. I'm her emergency contact for Christ sake, it doesn't matter if I'm family or not she obviously wants me fucking in there." The voice in the hall screamed, it sounded familiar…

"Piper?" Alex only managed to whisper the name before the darkness consumed her again.


Piper couldn't remember how long she'd been sat here. She couldn't remember sleeping, or eating, or using the bathroom; everything felt like a daze as she stared into the face of her ex-lover. Her face was black and blue bruises covering the majority of it, her cheeks were sunken and her lips chapped, and the rapid weight loss since Piper had last seen her made Alex look like a fragile little doll that would break at any moment. Then there were all the machines, the damn infernal beeping and the IV in her arm and the oxygen tubes up her nose and the casts around her broken bones and the extensive bruising that covered most of her body.

Piper began sobbing again. She might have left Alex in Paris at the worst time in her life but she didn't leave because she stopped loving her. Quite the opposite actually, Alex was her home, her safety, her love, her everything but she couldn't continue to be second best to the drugs. Piper had spent her time back at Polly's in New York doing nothing but nurse her aching heart that longed to be in Alex's arms again and think about how much she loved the woman that lie in front of her now.

Piper didn't think she had ever seen Alex look this broken, from the day she met her she was a dark knight that oozed confidence and sex appeal and under all of that was the sweet Alex Vause who she had fallen head over heels in love with. She had treated Piper like she was the only woman in the world; she worshipped her, even when she had 10 women a night throwing themselves at her feet. Piper had never felt so loved, that was until the work began to take over and that was when their little life of luxury in a shiny bubble of love deteriorated. But she never stopped loving Alex Vause. It ripped her heart it two to see her strong and courageous woman so broken in the bed in front of her now.

Piper continued to sob, she reached for Alex's hand while whispering; "I love you, come back to me Alex."

"I'm here."

Piper gasped and jerked backwards, did she hear that or was her imagination playing tricks on her?


Alex had slowly come back around to the sound of sobbing and a shaking hand gripping hers. Despite the pain and the weight pressing down on her she knew that sob anywhere. Years of spending every single day with a person did that to you; every little sound and behaviour was instantly recognisable and so familiar.

"I love you, come back to me Alex." Did she hear that right? Was this a dream? Was she high? She didn't care, she was going to make the most of it while it was here, and she felt euphoric just at the thought that Piper was here and still loved her.

"I'm here." Her throat felt as parched as the Saharan desert and it took all of her strength to try and muster those two little words that left her mouth as a quite murmur but she felt the hand in hers jerk and she knew that Piper had heard her.

"Alex? Oh my god. Alex are you awake? Come on baby please, please wake up," Piper started crying harder as she still couldn't tell if she was imagining this whole thing through pure desperation. It had been 4 or 5 days now that she had been in the hospital and she had yet to see Alex's gorgeous, piercing grey eyes once.

Alex tried curling her fingers to grasp onto Piper's hand but pain instantly shot up her arm. Alex's eyes fluttered open, they felt heavy but she needed to see if Piper was real or if this was all a dream. Everything was blurry at first, a white wash mixed in with cold steely grey's but as her eyes began to focus she noticed a head of blonde hair and a face staring at her intently. God it felt like forever since she had seen those baby blue eyes. She tried to smile but her cheeks felt numb and wouldn't move all she managed was a little twitch of the corner of her lips. But that was enough for Piper as her tears turned into happy ones; she gently leaned forward to press her lips against Alex's.

God it had been so long since she felt those lips, it finally felt like the hole in her chest was beginning to close. Alex thought she had died and gone to heaven, she never expected to experience this again in her life. She could barely move her own lips but just the feel of Piper's against her own was more than enough. She barely noticed the pain in her body as it felt like the entire world dropped away in that moment.

"I love you, Alex Vause," Piper whispered against her lips before she pulled away. Alex's lips tugged at the corners again as she felt like her heart would beat of her chest, which the rapidly increasing beeping of the monitor next to her demonstrated to Piper. Alex might not have been able to tell her how she felt but the beeping was sure giving her a good idea which caused a wide smile to spread across Piper's face as the nurses came rushing into the room to see what the commotion caused was about. The emotions swirled around Alex's head, suddenly exhausted she drifted off back into a deep slumber.

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