Pairings: Levi/Hanji Zoe (LeviHan)

Characters: Levi, Hanji Zoe, Child!Eren/Mikasa/Armin

Word Count: 1,017

Summary: Levi just wanted to go to the supermarket with this three kids.

Author's Note: This is my first fic in probably 4 years so I apologize beforehand OTL This is also my first LeviHan fic. It also has a partner-comic that I drew. (I bring the link here soon!) I think that plays it out better than this fic does, but my first idea was a fic so I wrote one anyways.

Constructive criticism is welcome! (Since I haven't written a (at least finished) fanfic in years)

Also, this is sort of a Modern!AU? Enjoy!

Levi tiredly walked through the supermarket aisles, his three children in tow. Eren, his most energetic child was almost hanging off the cart. He reached for any sugary snack he could lay his eyes on. Mikasa, the more collected one, was gripping onto the back of the boy's shirt to make sure he didn't fall out entirely. Armin was at least behaving himself, but he had a worried look on his face, knowing trouble would start any minute.

A bag of marshmallows was roughly shoved into the single father's face.

"Mawshmallows!" Eren shouted in excitement.

"No." Levi irritably replied. "Too much sugar. It'll rot your teeth away." He quickly snatched the bag away and tossed it back on the shelf.

By now, the brunette was hanging his legs off the cart's edge. He watched the marshmallows disappear from his sight as his father continued to push the cart in the opposite direction with a pout. As adorable as it was, it didn't soothe Levi's growing impatience.

"Sit back down in the cart properly or I'll have you all walk instead." He warned.

Mikasa kept tugging at Eren's shirt. "You're gonna fall and hurt yourself." She added.

With a sigh, Eren complied.

The four moved onto the next aisle. Mikasa and Armin had made sure he stayed in the cart. Or, at least enough so he wouldn't slip out of it in a fit of excitement.

Levi paused briefly. "Okay, you get one ce-"

"TITAN FLAKES." Eren gasped. He had leapt out of the cart in half a second, making a run for it.

"EREN," Levi immediately went after him, but not before his other kids left the cart as well after their adopted brother.

"You're shitting me." He grumbled under his breath.

"Eren! You're running too fast!" Armin sounded like he was about to cry. He ran as fast as his tiny legs could carry him. Once he had gotten his hands on the box, Eren didn't stop with the Titan Flakes however. He made a turn into the other aisle, likely headed for the marshmallows he left.

The sister of the two spotted someone in the way of Eren's direction.

"Hey!" She tried to call out. "You'll-"

But it was too late and the boy collided with the person, stopping him in his tracks.


Eren fell back on his bottom, and began to cry. His adoptive sister slowed down her running and caught up with him, putting her scarf he shared with her up to his eyes to wipe his tears away. "I tried to stop you," she sighed.

Armin, ever the polite boy, tugged on the person's sleeve that his brother had crashed into.

"I'm sorry about him," he looked up. The woman seemed to be an employee there. Her ponytail was a mess of chestnut brown hair, but the smile she gave Armin made her seem like she was glowing, at least to the little seven year old.

"Eh? That's okay! He's not hurt, is he?"

Armin shook his head, a little flushed.

Hanji kneeled down, and had Eren stand back up on his feet.

"Where's your parents?" she asked. Eren was still sniffling into Mikasa's scarf, so Mikasa answered for him.

"It's just our dad. We lost him chasing Eren."

Levi had already followed the sound of Eren's crying and found him surrounded by his siblings. He sighed deeply, glad they hadn't gotten lost, and went over to pick them up.

"Eren, don't you ever do that again." Levi gave him a stern look, and took the boy in his arms.

Hanji tilted her head. "Ah, you're their dad huh?" She shot him a warm smile. The man turned to look at her.

"Yes, thank you for..." He paused. Levi looked at the woman up and down, and couldn't believe the sight, beginning to stare.

"Your apron's filthy."

Hanji's smile almost faded into a shocked frown, but instead she waved it off. "Ah yeah!" she laughed. "I had to clean up Aisle 4 earlier."

So she was the one who'd done that mediocre job?

"A pretty lousy job, I'd say."

Armin tugged on his father's sleeve as if reprimanding him.

"Is that anyway to thank me for finding your kids?" the woman chuckled.

Levi glanced down, avoiding her glance a little. "Yes, I do suppose I owe you."

Hanji was honestly surprised. Initially, she had just been kidding around and no way had she thought he'd take her seriously.


The shorter man nodded.

"Okay..." Hanji grinned. "Then...let's go out for dinner!"


"Dinner!" She repeated.

Levi glanced at his kids. Mikasa raised an eyebrow at him, curious about his answer. Armin looked up at him hopefully, silently asking him to say yes. Eren had just stopped crying, not really paying much attention.

He slowly looked back up at her. "...Fine."

"I didn't think you'd really agree!" Hanji exclaimed. "I'm flattered."

"Don't be, Four-Eyes." he scoffed.

"It's Hanji."


"Hm," Hanji nodded. She grabbed his hand, took out a pen, and scribbled down her number on his palm. "I'll see you at 7 pm tomorrow then, Levi."

Hanji gave he and the kids a final wave, before she left grinning ear to ear.

After a few moments of silence, Eren finally piped up.

"Is daddy going on a playdate?" the boy asked innocently, as Levi brought the kids back to the cart.

"Yes Eren," Levi sighs. "That's exactly what we're doing." He nodded, setting the kids back into the cart. He couldn't lie to himself, he thought as he pushed the cart away. He was kind of excited. A very faint smile graced his lips.


Mike tilted his head at Hanji in confusion.

"You...asked him out on a date..." he started. "After he said all that to you?"

"It's not a date," Hanji crossed her arms, leaving the supermarket with her coworker. "I just asked for dinner, he didn't seem too bad."

Mike scoffed. He took a deep breath in, closing his eyes with a slight smirk. "Ah, I love the smell of love at first sight in the evening."

A/N: Well, hope that wasn't too bad orz I just really love LeviHan lately, so I thought I'd give a whack at writing this fic haha Enjoy! :D