Pairings: Levi/Hanji Zoe (LeviHan)

Characters: Levi, Hanji Zoe, Child!Eren/Mikasa/Armin

Word Count: 3,245

Summary: Levi just wanted to go to the supermarket with this three kids.

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Enjoy Chapter 8!

Mike sipped his bottle of water, before he took a look at Hanji. The woman had busied herself in the mirror trying to comb through the knots and tangles of her damp hair.

"Almost 7, Han." Her room mate reminded her.

"No worries!" Hanji replied, and glanced at him. She brushed her hair down, and looked for a ponytail holder. "I'm almost done here..."

"Can you believe it took me half an hour to comb through all this?" She giggled, and motioned to her hair.

" this the same Levi who called you 'Four Eyes' and 'filthy' when you first met?" Mike said.


"And this is your second date?"

"Not exactly," The brunette replied. "It's the first proper one I'd say."

Mike raised an eyebrow. "Proper?"

Hanji turned to him, tilting her head with a sheepish smile. Her auburn hair was now neatly tied back into a fluffy ponytail. "Let's just say we went out to a bar in the end and I sort of knocked out..."

The man began to smirk. "Did you-"

"Noo," Hanji quickly replied, waving her hands in defense. "No no no..."

Mike chuckled, and sniffed the air lightly. "What's that I smell? Why it's denial."

His roommate rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, facing him entirely. "So, are you sure you can handle three kids tonight?"

Mike was capable with children. He had only ever babysat one child at a time, but he knew how to keep them busy and not trashing the house.

"Of course. I've babysat dozens of times," He scoffed, taking another sip of his water.

"Ah, but you've never met these kids before," Hanji smirked. "Oh well. If you need help you can always call Nanaba for back up right?"

An embarrassed blush grew on Mike's face. He narrowed his eyes at his room mate slightly, the both of them joined in a glaring contest.

The doorbell then rang, Hanji whipped her head around, and proceeded to get her boots on.

Mike stood up, and opened the door for her to three excited kids and their father who's facial expression completely contrasted theirs.

"You must be Levi."

"Heey, he really does have a mustach!" Eren exclaimed. Levi promptly nudged Eren a bit at that comment.

Mike gave a laugh and kneeled down to the 8 year old. "And who are you?"

"I'm Eren Jaeger!" He said, puffing his little chest out. "And I'm gonna defeat the Titans in my cereal box!"

Hanji leaned down, grinning upon seeing Mike's expression turn into surprise.

"Good luck, Mike." She murmured.

Levi checked his watch, and sent Mikasa and Armin forward.

"You three better be good, and not rip his mustache off."

"Okay papa!" Armin assured him with bright blue eyes looking up at him.

Hanji took Levi's arm, and hooked it around hers as she quickly dragged the man out the doorstep, to his chagrin. "We'll see you guys soon!"

The three kids waved as their father was pulled away by the excited brunette. Mike waved slowly, eyes a bit wide. "Wait guys...r-rip off my 'stache...?"

Ah, it was just like the first date all over again, Levi thought. Except this time, Hanji was unnaturally...quiet.

"Are you going to hide from me all night behind that big-ass menu?"

Hanji poked her head from the side. "H-hide? What are you talking about?"

She hoped he had not seen right through her too much. She wanted this date to go smoothly. Sure, she got drunk last time, and the end of the date was blurry, but the first date had been mostly her talking. Hanji realized she hadn't even given him a chance to speak.

"You haven't spoken since we got here, Four Eyes. What is it?"

She lowered her menu, revealing the sheepish expression on her face. "Guess I'm just hungry hah..."

Levi rolled his eyes and sat up in his chair. He scooted closer to the red linen covered table. "C'mon, you're always telling me about what you researched in that, probably, messy lab of yours when we're together." He said. "Let's hear it."

Hanji adjusted her glasses, and leaned closer. "You...want to hear about it?" Her heart swelled with relief.

"Yeah..." he admitted. "You always seem to happy about it. It's..." Levi paused a bit for effect and shrugged. "Refreshing."

Hanji suddenly looked like she had a mischievous gleam in her eyes. "Boy, do I have a lot of news for you then."

Levi faintly smirked at her as if to tell her he was ready for any long winded speech she was going to pull on him.

Hanji took a bite out of her food before shaking her head. "But, I still have another week to do before I can come to a conclusion."

Levi stared, still not knowing how she managed to eat and speak at once. It wasn't like she spoke, and food started spraying out of her mouth like she didn't know how to eat. It was just that she seemed to stuff spoonfuls in, and swallow them instantly and continue speaking. He had a slight feeling in his gut, fearful she would choke.

"Ugh," he frowned, noticing some food on her cheek. "Clean up around your mouth, Han. You'll start spitting food everywhere."

Hanji rolled her eyes. "Would not."

"Would too."

"You're just insanely particular about cleanliness, you little fiend."

Levi scoffed. He sipped the tea he ordered and tossed her a napkin. "If you don't mind me asking, what got you so into science anyway?"

Hanji paused to thinking, tilting her head to the side. "I guess...I wanted to do something helpful."

The woman laced her fingers together, folding her hands in front of her on the table.

"Science has helped so many breakthroughs to humanity y'know. We've got cures, new discoveries, technology, and all that." She added. "It fascinated me. My mom spent her life researching and taught me everything she knew. She even let me borrow her books that were way too big for me to carry."

Levi noticed that as she spoke, her face had lost the slightly manic grin it usually had. Her expression had turned into one of child-like wonder. He never seemed to notice before how pretty she looked. Her hair was usually haphazardly tied back, and her glasses would be falling down the bridge of her nose, but all together he found those aspects of her special, endearing, and even...cute.

"You big nerd." He said.

"Pfft," Hanji said, and lightly kicked him under the table.

They arrived at Levi's house, after their date where he had meant to clean up before picking up his kids. Heaven knows there would be no point cleaning up after them while they were still excited from playing games.

Hanji didn't mind and offered to help him. Despite his curt refusal, she assured him it was no big deal since she had babysat and cleaned up many times before anyway.

Levi shrugged. Perhaps he could teach her the art of organizing cleaning products?

"Our dates always end so interestingly." Hanji giggled, grabbing a duster.

"Gee, I wonder why." Levi shook his head as he stood on the tips of his toes to reach the top of a window to clean.

"I don't hear you complaining," Hanji smirked and crossed her arms at him.

"Oi, get back to work." Levi growled, tossing her a rag.

Hanji pouted and went to the clear door, leading out to the backyard, with a bottle of Windex, shining up the glass till it was crystal clear. Hanji smiled at her handiwork and went to pick up the rest of the kids toys, from the action figures to the dreaded Legos scattered in the corners. She hated to think of how it'd feel if she had unfortunately stepped on one of them barefoot.

Levi glanced out to the backyard and noticed Eren had left his Colossal Titan plushie outisde again.

"Ugh, what have I told him about leaving his damn toys outside..." The father murmured.

Hanji had turned around when she noticed Levi was walking straight for the door. He didn't seem to realize it was closed.

"Uh, Le-"


Levi stumbled backwards, and rubbed his forehead after colliding straight into the glass.

Hanji clasped her mouth tightly to keep herself from bursting into laughter as she ran over to him.

"Oh-hoho," she chortles. "Are you okay?"

"Just. Fucking dandy." He said through gritted teeth. There was a slight red mark where his forehead had been hit.

"Who says I can't clean? Look at that sparkling door." Hanji snickered, her glasses gleamed.

"Please. Just get me an ice pack." He groaned, and got up slowly.

"Roger, Captain," Hanji laughed, and went towards the fridge to grab an icepack. The particular ice pack she had grabbed had adorable little ducklings on them.

"Oh that is perfect." Hanji thought to herself.

Levi felt an icy cool touch his forehead. Hanji had taken it to herself to hold onto his shoulders while she applied the ice pack.

"Is that Mikasa's ice pack?"

"It could be. But I just assumed you had a thing for cute things." She says.

Levi rolls his eyes. "At least that's one cute thing around here."

"Oh stop trying to flirt with me," Hanji replies.

"F-flirt with you? That's stupid." he scoffs, putting down the ice pack. He looked at her like it was the craziest idea.

"Were all those kisses before, stupid too?" she asks, leaning against a table on her elbows. Hanji smirks triumphantly upon seeing Levi's defeated face at that comment. "I knew it."

"Knew what?" Levi stands up, a scowl now on his face.

"You're crushing on me, and you won't admit it." She says as she pinches his cheeks.

"Quit it." He replies, swatting her hand away. "Stop talking nonsense."

"Grumpy Gills has a crush on me," She begins to sing.

Levi grew tired of her singing, mocking him. He began to walk towards her, Hanji barely noticing as she had her eyes closed and was distracted by her own joke. Levi had backed her up to the wall, glaring at her straight in the face. She started to sober up enough to pull her glasses off for a moment to wipe a tear from the corners of her eyes and looks down at him, realizing their position.

"What are you doing?" She chuckles.

Levi didn't answer. Instead, he stands on his tip toes and kisses her, winding her arms around her neck. It wasn't like the previous kisses they had shared. This time, they were completely alone. It was no parting kiss either, stolen quickly at the end of the day that they seemed to like to frequent when she left for the night. Hanji felt her cheeks flare up, coloring her face a light pink. Levi let his hand wander into her long hair, stroking the ponytail.

Hanji responded against him. She didn't bother denying anything now, and neither did he. It was obvious to the both of them that some bond had grown between them and all the tension had to be resolved. The warmth of his mouth left her breathless. Even more so when he suddenly prodded her lips open with his tongue. She moaned lightly in surprise.

When the two of them parted to catch their breathes, Levi swore he saw a trail of spit from his mouth to hers.

Once she had caught her's, Hanji wasted no time and went for him again, exploring his mouth with her tongue, and nibbling upon his bottom lip.

"Mmph!" Levi gave a little mewl. She giggled, and moved down to his neck to suck on on his pale skin.

Levi's grip on her tightened as he grabbed her legs to wrap around his waist.

"Bedroom?" He murmured between kisses. The woman nodded in reply. Levi then lifted her up, carrying her from the wall and starting up the stairs, mindful of where his feet were going.

"Oh," Hanji lifts her head for a moment. "Well, you're stronger than you look!"

"Yes yes, I'm short, I get it," he sighed a bit, chuckling. She leaned down again and pressed a kiss to his forehead and back on his lips.

Once they had reached his room, it was enveloped in slight darkness with only the moon as a light. Hanji felt herself pushed against the wall again. He lowered her so she could stand, and to free his hands to lift her shirt up, while the other held her waist to his.

"What're you...ah..." she murmured, and clenched her eyes shut for a bit when his hand came up to massge her breast over her bra. She felt warmth begin to grow inside her.

"What are you..doing..." Hanji repeats. "There's a bed right there..silly..."

"Just be patient," he murmurs against her shoulder and tweaked one of her hardened, sensitive buds. Hanji ground her hips against him in response.

"Ouai, mon capitaine." she laughs.

"Why do you keep calling me that?" He tilts his head. Levi pulls her shirt off above her arms, careful of her head. She shrugged and reached an arm out to stroke his raven hair.

"Oh I don't know it's just cute." She smiles. Levi deadpans and picks her up bridal style. He was not 'cute'.

"Would you like another nickname then?" She asks. "How about 'mon petit caporal'? 'Mr. Clean'? Oh! How about-!"

The man dropped her on his bed. The bed shook a little from the impact.

Hanji started to laugh again. She undid her ponytail as he hovered over her and shut his mouth with his.

"No nicknames," he said, once he pulled away. His hot breath ghosted over her lips.

"Okay then. Then just, Levi." she purrs his name, dragging a hand down his chest and beginning to unbutton his shirt. It wasn't fair that she was the only one getting rid of her clothes here. Levi started for her pants, undoing the button and reaching under the soft cotton of her underwear.

She bit her lip when she felt him enter a finger inside her. Hanji slid off her pants, spreading her legs to give him better access. Hanji's previous laughter was replaced by quick, breathy, moans that filled his ears. He lowered himself to nuzzle at her neck and nipped the sensitive flesh there as he continued to finger her, delving another into her warm chasm. Hanji's breathing got harder when Levi pumped his fingers faster in her. She ground herself on his palm, and clawed at his arm through his sleeve.

Suddenly, his fingers left her, causing her to whine a little. He pulled off her panties, dropping them off the side of the bed. Hanji's anticipation grew as she watched Levi lower himself and then suddenly, closing over her nether region with his mouth. Hanji's hips twitched upwards, her legs buckling as his tongue lashed at her slit, in and out. Her back arched as he kissed at the sensitive bundle of nerves, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from the woman. Hanji's hands went from gripping the pillow under her head to gripping his dark locks, pushing him closer to her slick center as she craved more and more of his could feel herself starting to get close, but she wouldn't have any of it. It was much too soon.

Swiftly, Hanji sat up, pushing him away slightly. She laid a hand on his chest and pushed him sideways smiling when she straddles him.

The researcher pulls the rest of his shirt off and pins his arms above him, caging him under her.

"My turn," she says.

Levi gave her a slight glare. He wanted so badly to hear her squeal under him some more, watching her writhe.

Hanji tucks a strand of her behind her ear, giving him a quick peck on his lips. Then, from his collarbone, she drags her tongue down his chest, stopping at his hips to pepper him with kisses. Levi bites his lip to hide a moan. He had felt his pants tighten and started to grown impatient. She was teasing him, removing his belt as slow as she could until she finally unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his boxers to release him.

"Oi..." he started to say, but the brunette had already closed her lips over his head, swirling her muscle on the tip.

The man hissed at her touch there. He bucked up into her, and watched as she stroked up and down on his length with that talented tongue of hers.

She released him with a 'pop', and began to get rid of the remainder of her clothes while Levi sat up, wrapping his arms around her waist and caressed her back following her spine. He helped her with her bra, and kissed her collarbone taking in her sweet scent. Her being so close to him brought him comfort.

Hanji was now bare before him. She stroked his hair and pulled him down, placing her body over his. He got rid of his pants, as Hanji kissed his face with a smile.

"I'm ready, Levi," she whispered.

Levi nodded at her, and Hanji braced herself as he gripped her hips, lowering her core onto him. She gave out a mix between a squeak and a whimper when he thrust into her.

Hanji began to grind up and down on him, panting as her yearning grew for him. Levi reaches for her hands, lacing his fingers with hers to give her something to grip to. Their motions began to get more frenzied as Levi starts to let out long, dragged, whines. Hanji found herself a little amused. The raven haired man's voice had gotten a bit high pitched as she called her name out, over and over, and boy did she love every bit of it.

She gripped her shoulders as Levi drove harder and faster into her, her release nearing.

"L-Levi..." she purposely moaned out the 'I' in his name, driving him crazy in delight near his end.

When she reached her high, he felt her slick wet walls clench him tighter, as she threw her head back in elation.

Slick with sweat, and strands of auburn hair clinging to her neck and forehead, Hanji pants against him to catch her breath. The brunette pulls herself away from him, and reaches down to grip his dick, pumping her hand up and down to give him release.

Levi comes with a low groan, coating her hand with his sticky cum, and breathes heavily, his face flustered.

"Hanji..." Levi says, his bangs covering his eyes as he laid his head back on the pillow.

"Yes?" She replies. She smooths his fringe back to look into his icy blue eyes. The man looks up at her with a warmth she rarely saw he give anyone.

"I love you."

Hanji beams at him tenderly. She gives him a final long kiss before laying beside him.

"I love you too."

Levi turns over, pulls her body to him and cuddles her. He nuzzles his face right between her breasts, feeling sleep come over him.

She snickered, loving how cute he could be. She loved that side of him, where he could open up, because seeing positive emotion on usually grim expression. Hanji too, soon was lulled to sleep, by the sound of his breathing.

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