Apprentice and Pregnant

Chapter 2: A Mothers Love

Sorry about my last chapters spelling errors with some of the character names… it will be fixed!

"I cannot believe your stupidity," Grayclaw growled at Hollypaw, who was walking behind him with her head down. "I thought I had raised you better than this."

"I'm sorry," Hollypaw whispered for the fourth time. "I'm so sorry."

"Sorry isn't good enough!" Grayclaw exploded, stopping in his tracks to glare at her. "Do you even realize what you've done?"

Hollypaw sobbed quietly, feeling very ashamed.

"Nightstar is going to bring this up at the next gathering, not to mention they might use this for an excuse for an attack," Grayclaw continued furiously. "And stop crying. I'm being kind compared to what Fallenstar will say. And how do you think your parents must feel?"

"I feel so awful," Hollypaw whispered, tears splashing onto the ground. "I didn't want to do it… honestly! The other apprentices pressured me."

At this, Grayclaws cold eyes softened. "I know they're rough on you," he said. "Hey, look at me," he lifted Hollypaws chin up with a gentle paw. "I know how the others can be. I've never seen a batch of apprentices like them. But you're strong, Hollypaw," By now, Grayclaws face was sympathetic and kind. Hollypaw started to feel better, and she thought about whether or not she should tell him about the way Longtail had rubbed against her.

"Promise me you won't let them pressure you?" Grayclaw shattered Hollypaws thoughts, and she nodded her head quickly. "I won't," she said. "I promise."

"Good," Grayclaw nodded his head curtly as they approached the camp entrance. They pushed their way in before Hollypaw could say anything about Longtail.

"Wait with the other apprentices," Grayclaw nodded to where the other apprentices were sitting. They all looked scared stiff, even Leafpaw. Hollypaw walked on shaking legs towards them.

"Fallenstar will be with you shortly," Grayclaw called after her. Hollypaw was feeling much too sick to reply. She sat down next to her sister, whose tail was twitching in fear.

"See why this was a bad idea now?" Hollypaw whispered into Leafpaws ear. "I told you this wasn't a good idea."

Leafpaw turned to stare at her, fear replaced with anger. "After everything's that happened, all you can say is I told you so?" she hissed, eyes narrowed into hateful slits. "Wow, Hollypaw."

Hollypaw was about to reply but stopped when she realized the leader and deputy had approached. Fallenstar glared at the four of them, towering over them like a giant. Beside him, Bluerose sat disapprovingly, her dark brown tail sticking straight out behind her.

"You have caused a major problem between us and Shadowclan," Fallenstar began, voice whispery and cold. "Not only did you trespass on their territory, they had to personally escort you home. There's no question that they'll use this against us at the next gathering to make us sound weak," he paused for a second to let that sink in. "I thought Thunderclan apprentices knew better," he turned to Bluerose and gave a tiny nod before turning back to the apprentices. "Since you behave like kits, you will be treated like them. The four of you are confined to the camp for a moon."

"What!" Leafpaw cried out in shock. "That's a little extreme, don't you think?"

"You will also replace the elders bedding and check them for ticks daily," Fallenstar scowled at Leafpaw as he spoke. "Maybe that'll teach you that you need to watch your mouth."

Leafpaw shut her mouth with a snap, glaring at the ground.

"Would anyone else like to add a comment?" Fallenstar asked sarcastically. No one said anything, and looked at the ground.

"Good," Fallenstar nodded once and turned to Bluerose. "It's time to organize the evening patrol?" he said. Bluerose nodded and the two of them walked away.

At once, Tigerpaw, Swallowpaw and Leafpaw began to whisper their complaints.

"This is so unfair!" Leafpaw whispered in pure anger. "Banned to the camp for a moon? What nonsense!"

"Complete rubbish," Tigerpaw shook his head in agreement. "We said we were sorry, didn't we?"

"Well, I think it's fair," Swallowpaw put in. "We did break the warrior code, after all."

"Code-smode," Leafpaw snapped. "There's no way I'm running my paws through the elders graying fur."

Hollypaw wanting to jump in to support Swallowpaws opinion, but for some reason her voice wouldn't work. She couldn't stop thinking about the disgusting way Longtail had touched her, and the way her body felt bruised.

Hollypaw curled into the warm belly of her mother Jaybird, enjoying the precious moments that they shared alone.

"So I guess you heard about what happened today," Hollypaw mumbled. Jaybird licked her ear and squeezed her tighter. "I think the whole clan knows," she whispered into her daughter's fur. "It's a pretty big deal when a Shadowclan patrol shows our Thunderclan apprentices back home."

"I feel so lousy about it," Hollypaw confessed. "I didn't even want to go… my friends pressured me to."

"I knew that already," Jaybird smiled slightly, and then frowned. "Those cats don't sound like your friends, Hollypaw," she said, her blue eyes dark with concern. "Every time you talk about them it's either about something mean they said to you or something mean they did to you."

"Well, it's either them or no friends at all," Hollypaw said sadly. "I wish Leafpaw was nicer to me too."

"Leafpaws got the sassiest attitude I've ever seen," Jaybird chuckled. "She must have gotten it from her father. She'll grow out of it, I'm sure. I have a feeling you two will be great friends one day."

"I miss dad," Hollypaw whispered, thinking of Birchtail, her kind and loving father that died shortly after her birth.

"I miss him too," Jaybird said sadly. "I think about him every single day."

"We'll see him one day though," Hollypaw said. "In Starclan."

"Yes, we will," Jaybird mumbled. "But that's a long time away."

"I want it to be right now," Hollypaw said, knowing she was being unrealistic but unable to stop her words. Jaybird nuzzled her affectionately.

"You're only nine moons old," she said. "You've got a long ways to go before you join Starclan."

"Yeah, I guess," Hollypaw shrugged. She was starting to feel tired, her mother's warmth always made her feel dozy.

"Those Shadowclan cats didn't hurt you, right?" Jaybird asked suddenly. Hollypaw was thankful for the opener, so she didn't have to bring it up herself.

"He leaned on me really funny," Hollypaw confessed at last. "And pinned me to the ground. I could barely breathe."

"Well, it sounds like you got off easy," Jaybird said in relief. Leafpaw had a scratch on her leg. I don't know how a full grown warrior could feel good about hurting a young she-cat."

"Mom, you don't understand," Hollypaw said in frustration. "He made me feel really weird."

"Everyone felt really weird, Hollypaw," Jaybird said. "It was an awful experience for everyone. Tigerpaw and Swallowpaw both said they feel bruised all over."

Hollypaw didn't know how else to word what she felt. She wiggled out from underneath her mother's grasp and took a deep breath. She pointed between her legs with her front paw, and then quickly moved it away. "There," she said miserably. "He touched me there."

Jaybirds face turned from shock, then to anger and then horror. "Oh my…" her voice trailed off. "Oh, my baby!"

Hollypaws face burned as Jaybird buried her face into her shoulder. "This is so horrible… my little kit…" she started to cry. After a few long moments, Jaybird lifted her head. Her face was twisted into a brutal anger.

"He can't get away with this," she hissed. "Come on, we're going to get Fallenstar and we're going to march right over to the Shadowclan camp and kill that bastard."

"No mom, no!" Hollypaw begged. "Don't tell anyone, please!"

"But he violated you," Jaybird whispered. "And you were in the nursery only three moons ago!"

"Don't you see how embarrassing it will be for me if everyone finds out?" Hollypaw sobbed. "Everyone will be awkward around me. I'll be known as the cat that was used by a Shadowclan tom!"

"He can't get away with it," Jaybird scowled. "No one touches my baby. Especially not disgusting Shadowclan filth!"

"Just… leave it," Hollypaw pleaded. "I beg of you…"

Jaybird stared at Hollypaw for a long second. "Fine, I won't tell Fallenstar," she said. "For now."

"Thank you," Hollypaw gasped.

"How far did he go?" Jaybird asked slowly after thinking something over. "You're not… going to have… kits, right?"

"No," Hollypaw said miserably. "He just leaned on me and touched me."

Jaybird lowered her eyes in rage. "Well, if our clan ever runs into him on a patrol, I hope I'm on it," she whispered. "After I would be through with him, he won't have any paws left to ever touch you again."