Alex Double Life

Here's the new story I was talking about in From Crazy to Love! All about, my favorite, singer Selena Gomez.

"Selena, Selena, Selena!" I hear my fans calling my name. I came out, the roar of screaming filled the whole, concert.

1 hour

"Bye thank you for coming," I said!

"Alex that was amazing" my best friend/manager said.

Okay this probably what you're thinking right now, Selena, Alex.

Well, my real name is Alex Russo; I'm a wizard along with my brothers Justin and Max. I work at my family restaurant the Waverly Sub Station. It is called that because it uses to be a subway. I am a rebel when it comes to magic and a troublemaker. Well, use to be, before my career took in place. My stage name is Selena Gomez, greatest pop star in the whole world. I bet Hannah Montana out of business. Yeah cool right, you shouldn't see Hannah face. So we went to my house, to see my brother running away for my dad, they bump Harper who had a strawberry smoothie. When they bump her, her smoothie went all over me. I look at the dripping smoothie, good thing I am not wearing my favorite clothes.

"Sweetie, you ok?" my dad ask.

"NO I AM NOT OKAY!" I yelled at them, they were scared. "Come on Harper, I need to change and do my homework." I said.

Clearly angry, we went upstair, I changed, finish my homework, then did my shift, and went to the movie.

Next Day

"I want to meet Selena," one boy said.

"Well I want to date Selena" another said.

"I want to be like Selena!" the girls said.

Well, one you already met me, two: I am dating Chase, and three you probably don't want to be me. You are probably wondering if he knows which he does. I can't believe everyone loves me.

"I saw Selena Gomez in concert last night, and I met her" Dean said one of Justin's friends.

"Lucky I couldn't, and I always wanted to meet her" Justin said.

You already met her, she is your sister.

The rest of the day went easy. I got an A on my project and on a test I took.