A change in the air

By Todd fan

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This fic is the fourth in the Sidney chronicles. Wow, four, pretty impressive, no?. If your new to this, i suggest you read my other fics 'I turn to you' and 'Divine Inspiration', they are the ones that hold the most importance to this story. This fic has *drum roll* SEASON TWO CHARACTERS!*. Yup it does :D . In my storyline, this fic is set well after Divine inspiration. This fic in the Evoverse is sorta set before Hex factor, then during Hex factor,then after Hex factor, if you get my drift, even if i haven't actually SEEN Hex factor yet.I wanted to write some with Tabitha still living in the 'hood house. Yes, i admit it, i LIKE Tabitha, i know i'm one of a small few, but hey, i like being part of the minority.

Just a note. I've had a few people assuring me that Todd's...errrrr....infatuation with Wanda is only temporay and i shouldn't split him and Sidney up. Do you honestly think i'd do that???? No, i'd been thiinging of this fic for a while, and without giving anything away, i can just say that it's pure coincidence that the Evo storywriters put that up as i was finishing this fic. Yes...well that didn't give anything away..did it?. So n'fear, i have PLENTY of Sidney fic coming up, i could never get rid of her. And now..on with the fic.....

Chapter one - New beginings

Lance Alvers was trying to get some much needed rest on the sofa. He had overtaxed his powers AGAIN and had a major migraine AGAIN. Freddy was eating in the kitchen, as usual, while Pietro and Todd were playing cards, Pietro doing his best to cheat. Unfortunately for him, Todd had good relexes, and couldn't be caught out as easily as his other teamates. It was mid October. Lance had finally drifted of to sleep when music came blaring from upstairs, waking him up with a jolt. He groaned and grabbed his head.

"Will someone go up there and tell them to keep it down?", he asked.

It was a retorical question, and he knew it. Since Tabitha had moved into the Brotherhood house things had certainly got a little...louder. It turned out that she and Sidney got on very well. They were both wild, both free spirits and both had the male members of the Brotherhood rapped around their pinkie fingers.

"No way man", said Freddy coming out of the kitchen with a huge sandwich, "i went last time. My back still hurts".

Lance sighed and turned hopefully to Todd.

"Why don't you go, one of them IS your girlfriend", he tried.

"Yeah right", said Todd, shaking his head and laughing, "and that gives me WHAT sorta power over Sid?, especially when she's wit' Tabby".

"We could draw straws", suggested Pietro.

"Fine", muttered Lance, standing up and walking into the kitchen, returning a few minutes after with four straws cluched in his hands, "come on guys, pick your straw".

The Brotherhood boys grummbeled a little then each took a straw. Pietro gaped at his, he'd drawn the short one. He looked at his teamates with a pleading expression.

"Please don't make go up there!", he said, his eyes wide, "they'll ..... they'll.... clawandblowmeup!".

"Too bad", said Fred with a shrug, "have fun".

"Good luck man", said Todd, patting Pietro on the shoulder, "you'll need it yo".

Lance simply waved at him with a smile on his face. Pietro sighed and walked, yes, walked upstairs. He stopped outside of what used to be Mystique's room. It was now offically Tabby and Sidney's. When Tabby moved in, Sidney decided that the big room suited her much better than her own room and moved in the very same day. Pietro stared at the door. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door before opening it. Tabitha was dancing around the room, while Sidney was sitting on her bed, reading and singing at the same time. The stereo was blaring ' Girls just wanna have fun'. Both girls looked up as Pietro entered the room. Tabby grinned and ran over to him.

"Hey Speedy-boy", she said with a laugh, "wanna dance?".

Pietro backed away VERY quickly.

"Errrr...no", he said with a nervous chuckle, "Lance sent me. He want's you to keep it down....Please?".

"Ugh!", said Tabby, rolling her eyes, "Rocky needs to lighten up. I'll make him see MY point of view".

With that, she skipped downstairs. All was silent for a second then.



Tabby came back upstairs with a smile on her face.

"If that won't cure a migrane i don't know what will", she said, sitting down, satisfied.

Pietro gave a nervous chuckle.

"I think i'll be leaving now", he said, making a mad dash to the door.

"Guys", said Sidney, rolling her eyes, "how i managed before without you is nothing short of a miracle".

"I know", said Tabby with a chuckle, "man, it's dull around here. You wanna go to the mall?".

"Sure, why not?", said Sidney with a chuckle, switching on her immage inducer, "You want me to grab Todd?. I can make him carry our stuff again".

"Nah", said Tabby with a chuckle, "The frog-boy can't carry very much, and i feel like going on a MAJOR shopping spree. We need someone who can carry alot".

"Why me?", squeaked Fred, backing away from the smiling girls.

"Because we can't be expected to carry all of those heavy bag now can we?", said Sidney, raising an eyebrow.

"It never used to bother you before Sid", pointed out Pietro, "i think Tabby's been a bad influence on you".

"Are you volunteering Speedy?", asked Tabby, tapping her foot on the floor.

Pietro gave a squeak and ran across the room at a pace that was fast for him.

"No", said Pietro, hiding behind a chair, "i really DON'T want to help you at the mall".

"Then shut up", said Sidney.

"Come on Freddy, to the mall", said Tabby, grabbing hold of Fred's arm and draging him along, "Lance, we're 'borrowing' your jeep".

"No your not!", came Lance's, voice from the kitchen, "Tabby, don't you DARE take my jeep".

"Too late man", Todd muttered.

Sure enough, a few seconds later an explosion was heard, followed by the sound of an engine starting up and then squealing of tyres.

"I hope they puts gas in her", said Lance with a sigh, "Betty needs proper care".

"Betty?", asked Todd with a raised eyebrow.

"What?", said Lance, "oh come on, lots of guy's give their cars names".

"Yeah", said Pietro, "but.....Betty?".

"What's wrong with Betty?", said Lance, crossing his arms.

"Nothing. If your living in the nineteen hundreds". said Todd with a chuckle.

"I'll have you know my aunt was called Betty", said Lance, "she was a nice aunt. She always gave me lots of sweets".

"Lance, if your going for a trip down mermory lane, will you please warn me in advance", said Pietro, "it'll give me chance to run away".

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