A/N: A drabble set during KH III, in La Cité des Cloches (The Hunchback of Notre Dame).

He was probably the least expected of the new members.

Lea watched the experiment turned vessel of darkness approach, a new, stronger sword swinging from his hand. He gripped his still not-quite-familiar Keyblade more tightly, gritting his teeth.

He was supposed to be dead, wasn't he? Riku—the real Riku—had killed him back at Castle Oblivion. He wasn't supposed to be alive, wasn't supposed to be a pawn of someone even more deeply embedded in the darkness than his former masters, wasn't supposed to be running towards them now, recognizing the new enemy.

He heard Sora summon the Kingdom Key next to him, saw Marluxia and Larxene's Somebodies draw make-shift weapons of their own. This wasn't supposed to be happening.

But it was, and it was happening fast. The replica was in front of them, yellow-eyed and practically radiating darkness. He went for Sora first, as if even under Xehanort's control he still subconsciously remembered all of the lies and fake memories they had filled him with. The sound of metal on metal rang in the air, almost louder than it should have been, almost drowning out the still-audible sounds of the city behind them.

Lea hesitated long enough for him to notice the rest of them, eyes darting between each person and lashing out before they could react. The replica's blade didn't collide with metal this time, instead cutting into flesh, dragging a long line of icy shadow into Lea's skin before the man could fight back. A cry of "Thunder!" ripped through the air next, the spell hitting at the same time as Lea's counter-strike.

The replica fell, convulsing in a strangely familiar way, but was on his feet quicker than he should have been, his eyes only burning with a stronger rage. He was more powerful now, though it shouldn't have been surprising. It was just like all of the others. Even with two blades smashing into him, and another Thundara spell on the way, he was still standing. Another hit, this time by a scythe, and it barely gave him pause.

He was nothing like what Lea remembered. There was no reaction to anything, no smirk of superiority or confident taunt. He just stood there and took every hit, like he barely felt the pain. No matter how many times he fell, he would just get back up again, he would just keep fighting.

Lea swung his Keyblade again, igniting it with Firaga, and blocked as quickly as possible, anticipating an immediate attack as soon as his defenses were down. But the attack didn't come, and he wasn't certain his attack had ever hit.

"He's gone," Lea heard someone whisper, too shocked to process who it was. "He just...left."

The remnants of a Corridor of Darkness were swirling out of sight, the sound still hanging in the air. It wasn't the first time that had happened, but the only time one had ever done it when they were winning by so much, when they had only just begun to fight.

Still dazed, Lea ran through the members of the new Organization in his head, counting them off. Ten, eleven, twelve...

He was the thirteenth vessel.

A/N: My muse has been in a Repliku mood lately. ^^; That being said, he was already on my list of Neo-Organization XIII members, but this made me actually think about writing it out. Also, Lea and company don't actually get off easily this time around, because Xemnas shows up shortly after this.

For the record, the scythe Lumaria (Marluxia's Somebody) uses is probably a farming scythe, not one that's been modified to be specifically used for combat. According to Wikipedia, scythes were mostly used as weapons by people who either couldn't afford a stronger weapon or didn't have access to one. In this, Lumaria fits into the latter category, as he's not supposed to use them (this applies more prior to losing his heart, but here as well), but taught himself anyway.