Daddy Dearest

Rating: K+

Words: 649

Characters: Jack Frost, Rapunzel, Anna, and Elsa

"Where did she go? Did she develop invisibility powers?"

A white haired youth was searching behind the living room couch. His blue eyes scanned for any sign of the girl he is looking for. He sighed while straighten up and rubbed his hair.

"Why did Punz have to take Elsa to see North and the others? I always thought that Elsa and I are very close," he paused before a pout formed on his lips and added, "But I guess Rapunzel thought I needed to spend time with our youngest daughter. Funny how she manages to get her way every time she bats her eyelashes at me."

It was true. Jack Frost was the type to stand his ground. But when his wife Rapunzel so much as pouts, he would immediately surrender. A faint smile appeared on his face. He was brought from his pondering when he heard a light giggle coming from behind another couch.

"Anna?" Jack called before he rushed to the laughter. He looked and saw no one there, "Okay she is only two. How could she…?" he trailed off when he felt something soft brush against his left shin, "Ah ha!"

Jack immediately turned and was able to catch a glimpse of a dark blonde head duck around the corner of a wall. The winter youth's face cracked into his usual trademark smirk as he rushed after his little daughter.

"Oh I am going to get you!" he warned playfully and he heard a squeal then a giggle follow.

Anna tried to hide and dodge from her father's outstretch arms. Her dark blonde hair waving behind her and her blue eyes shining with happiness. After several minutes of hide and go seek, Jack managed to scoop up Anna.

"Got you!" Jack said in triumphant and Anna merely laughed. She laughed even more when her dad started tickling her.

Jack finally sat on the white carpet and set Anna on his lap. The tiny girl ceased her mirth and shifted her eyes up to glance at her dad. He was staring down at her with a thoughtful look on his face.

"So…what do you want to do? What do you and mommy usually play?" Jack asked and Anna brightened up.

She got off Jack's lap and took his hand. Shrugging, he followed her to her room. The next few hours, Jack and Anna did various things: tea time, board games, and stuffed animals. He even showed Anna some of his winter tricks, which delighted the little girl. Finally, by mid afternoon, Jack was reading a story to Anna.

"And that's why Nightlight was put in charge to look after Manny…" he trailed off to see Anna was asleep on his chest.

Jack smiled gently and placed the book on the coffee table. As he put his hand on Anna's head, he thought over of the fun he had. Sure he had fun with Elsa because she was showing signs of having winter powers like him and the two would practice with said powers. But Anna was different. He loved her very much just as much as Elsa. He just never spends a lot of time with her because Elsa was the oldest. Rapunzel was usually the one who spend time with Anna. Not to mention Anna didn't have ice powers. Now Jack was glad he stayed behind to look after Anna. She showed him that you didn't need snowballs to have fun.

Jack sighed before he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep with Anna cuddled on his chest.

Rapunzel walked in while holding Elsa's hand. She started to call out when she spotted Jack and Anna sleeping on the couch. She smiled to see this. Elsa started laughing before her mom hushed her.

"Come on, Elsa," Rapunzel whispered and started leading her elder daughter away, "Let's not disturb them."

Jack and Anna slept on…