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Bad Luck Charm

Chapter 3: Becoming a Handful

"I can't believe that really happened." Sango muttered in awe as she sifted through some blouses on the clearance rack. Kagome stood on the other side, a light blush on her cheeks after describing in detail what had happened a few days prior. Recalling the humiliating event in which her car had hit Sesshomaru's much nicer one without her even being in it brought those bad feelings to the surface. She let out a miserable sigh and tried to distract herself in the wonderful deals Wet Seal was offering.

"Have you heard from him?" Sango asked.

Kagome shook her head sadly. "No but I'm willing to bet by the way my insurance has skyrocketed that my insurance company has."

"That's rough, Kagome. " Sango cooed while trying to wipe the grin from her face. Kagome rolled her eyes and started to walk to a different rack to avoid being teased. Sango only followed right behind.

"What in the world is this?" Kagome wondered outloud as she fondled the padded bra on display. It jiggled in fluid motions upon contact.

"Oh, that's the water bra." Sango said with a smirk. "It's filled with water." Kagome gawked owlishly at the genius invention before tearing it off of the mannequin and discreetly checking the tag.

"Kagome! " Sango lectured, "You don't need that! Your breasts are perfect."

"Thanks but this is perfect!" Kagome squealed, "for my outfit tonight." She added in explanation. Sango looked dumbfounded briefly.

"Tonight? You mean Inu's stupid party?" She asked lowly. Kagome just gave a quick nod. "But you aren't even on speaking terms with Inuyasha since he ditched you the other day, and you hate those parties, remember?"

"I'm not going there to see Inuyasha. " Kagome spat out in distaste, "and you're right about me hating those particular drunken events but I need to redeem myself somehow." She didn't wait for Sango's response. She turned and walked to the check out desk. She quickly purchased a few tops, some panties and her new water bra and started to leave the store. Sango rushed to her side, Kagome's words still replaying in her head.

"Just what do you mean by that, Kagome?!" She asked suspiciously. "Please don't tell me you plan on approaching Sesshomaru tonight wearing that stupid bra!"

Kagome glanced at her wordlessly, her silence doing the talking for her. Sango let out an exasperated moan. "No, Kagome! " she scolded, "As funny as it might be to see how much more you can embarrass yourself, I cannot let you do this." Kagome frowned at her friend.

"I wasn't asking permission," she sassed, "and I won't be embarrassing myself; not this time." Sango rolled her eyes. Kagome had blossomed into a wonderful woman since high school but she had always remained two things: clumsy and stubborn.

"It's a bad idea." Sango muttered knowing her disapproval wouldn't change Kagome's mind. It never did. "Please explain to me why you're wearing a padded water bra to approach Sesshomaru though! I don't understand! "

"It would accentuate my dress." Kagome said simply. "This backless halter dress I plan on wearing leaves my chest a little exposed and this bra can be worn under it without showing and would boost my confidence, so it's perfect!"

"What are you planning exactly?" Sango asked warily. Kagome simply smiled and shook her head.

"You know I don't plan these things, Sang. " she said seriously. "I'm going to that party tonight, finding Sesshomaru and finally telling him how I've felt all this time. Whether he rejects me or not, I need him to see me as more than some clumsy little girl who hangs with his brother. He will see tonight that I am actually a bold, confident woman who can take charge and go for what she wants!"

Choosing not to hear what Sango would surely say next, Kagome picked up her speed and walked ahead.

"Oh dear God." Sango sighed and shook her head.

The party was in full swing. Music played loudly from all rooms, drunken youngsters swayed to the deafening sound, staggered through the halls to other rooms and chattered loudly. Kagome checked her reflection in her rare view mirror again, puckered her lips and batted her eyelashes. She never dressed up like this and she couldn't help but feel a bit awkward, especially about...

Her eyes fell downward to examine the swell of her enhanced breasts. The water bra pushed them high up on her chest. The slightest movement had them jiggling unrealistically. The black dress she wore hung from her neck and the thin, slinky material clung to her figure, accentuating her hips and backside, but mostly revealing a great deal of cleavage. Her breasts were bulging from the low neckline like two giant balloons. Kagome wondered if this was a little much, like Sango had insisted but shrugged it off.

Without another though, she opened her car door and stepped out, her heels clicking on the pavement in front of Inuyasha's home. She swayed a bit, unaccustomed to walking in heels, but quickly recovered and began her wobbly journey to the front door.

"Calm your hemorrhoids, fuck face! I'm getting more beer!" Inuyasha was yelling to someone as he passed the front door. He stopped when he heard a light knock, partly wondering if the neighbors had called the cops again. He walked to the door and swung it open. His jaw dropped when he saw Kagome standing there in a skimpy dress. His eyes immediately fell to her cleavage and she cleared her throat while glaring. He glanced back to her face which had a bit of makeup, but not too much. "Uh, Kagome?" He stuttered nervously, "What's with your tits? Their like, spilling out of that dress, not that it looks bad or anything. And what are you doing here?"

"That's probably the rudest greeting I've ever recieved, Inuyasha!" Kagome sputtered angrily while crossing her arms over her chest. She glared daggers at her so called friend before yelling, "Just let me in, dumbass!"

He snorted and stepped aside so she could pass. "You shouldn't have come, Kagome. " he whispered, "You know Kouga's gonna be all over you."

She flushed as she realized the loud-mouthed wolf was a regular at these parties, another good reason she never came. She didn't have time or patience for his antics tonight. She had other matters to tend to.

"I won't be staying long," she replied softly, warily eying the other room where the uproar of drunks was loudest. "Is Sesshomaru home?" Inuyasha's jaw dropped momentarily, and then he burst out laughing.

"So that's what this is about?!" He choked out, "Smash into the guy's car one day, show up to his house dressed like a street walker the next?" He keeled over and clutched his stomach while laughing loudly.

"Would you shut up!?" The girl hissed, her cheeks burning red.

"What the hell are ya doin' in 'ere, Mutt?" Kouga slurred as he walked in from the party, a beer in his hand and his cheeks flushed. Kagome froze at the sound of his voice and so did he when he noticed her standing there. Inuyasha was still chuckling as Kouga's eyes roamed up and down Kagome's body. She had never been so upset! She just wanted to disappear. Kouga whistled suggestively and she scowled.

"Damn, Kagome, " he started with a smirk, "You look hot!"

"Please, just spare me!" She snapped, shoving past Inuyasha to make a beeline for the door. She placed her hand on the knob and looked over her shoulder to leave to two assholes with some choice parting words when suddenly the front door swung open. She had apparently had a good grip on the knob because she went stumbling forward with the door. It was only a few seconds that passed but the moment seemed to play out in slow motion though Kagome could do nothing to change the disastrous outcome.

Sesshomaru had been storming in with a livid expression on his flawless face, "Inuyasha!" He had managed out before he could process the fact that a girl was flying at him with impressive speed and force, "I warned you-ooomph!"

In a matter of seconds, Kagome fell into Sesshomaru, he threw his hands up to prevent the collision but only managed to get two good handfuls of her breasts. He tried pushing her back but accidentally bit into the voluptuous mounds with his claws. Imagine his shock when she didn't cry out in pain but squirted him in the eye once he removed his hands from her!

Kagome could only stand and watch in humiliated horror as Sesshomaru reached out, popped her water bra with his claws then was promptly sprayed in the face. He growled and drew back, shielding his eyes from the stream that sprung from the puncture marks in her bra. He began to shake his head and grimmace in distaste. When he slowed his movements and sniffed the liquid covering his hand and face, he looked up at the young woman in confusion and mild irritation.

"Water?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. He was really shocked when she burst out crying, despite the roars of laughter coming from the drunken fools standing behind her. She kicked her heels off in a hurry. Sesshomaru noticed then that one of the heels had broken off in the altercation, and with tears streaming down her red face and smearing her make up, she roughly shoved past him and ran barefoot to her car. Sesshomaru watched her figure disappear in the dark night.

"Why would she be upset when she was the one to crash into me, and then spray me with her tits?" Sesshomaru he wondered aloud. Still laughing, Inuyasha came up beside him and placed a hand on his shoulder for support. Sesshomaru glared at the hand on his person, then at Inuyasha's mirthful face.

"You really are an asshole, Sesshomaru," the boy finally said when his laughter died down enough for him to speak.

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