What should I do? He thought as he took a peek at the cheering crowd. He unconsciously touched the adornment around his neck as he mulled over the situation he is currently in. One, as soon as the annual celebration was formally opened, he was suddenly dragged in a room, which appeared to be a makeshift dressing room. Two, in no time, his clothes were discarded and he was stripped to his undergarments. Three, he was forcefully wrapped in a pile of shimmering, frilly, pale blue cloth. Four, amidst his protests and confusion, the people who dragged him in the room fussed over his face and they kept pulling and tugging at his hair. When he was finally able to see his image in the mirror, he was horrified. He hardly recognized the person looking back at him.

"What the hell?!" he practically screamed when he finally recovered from his shock. He heard someone chuckled from the direction of the door and when he turned his head, he found a woman wearing glasses making her way towards him. His eyes widened in realization. No, this is not happening. This cannot be happening, he chanted in his mind over and over again. "Hanji, this is a prank, right?" he asked, vaguely waving a hand to mean his appearance.

The woman grinned mischievously before speaking, "Nope. The people had spoken, Armin."

He could feel all the blood drain from his face. Yes, the shimmering, frilly, pale blue cloth was a ball gown; the people who fussed with his face did his make-up and those who were tugging at his hair arranged his hair in an up do. "And now, to complete the look-!" the woman paused before pulling a pair of – wait are those glass slippers?! Ah, no, they just made it look like it's made of glass – shoes and a box containing a pair of earrings and a necklace. Or at least it looks like a necklace to him. It looks as if he is going to get choked if he is to wear it.

"You're not expecting me to wear those, aren't you?" he asked, eyeing the content of the box warily.

"Of course I am! It was hard for me to find the perfect accessories just for you!" Hanji said with too much enthusiasm.

"How would I?! My ears are not even pierced! And I haven't agreed to go through this yet!" Armin practically screamed in Hanji's face.

Hanji, on the other hand, only blinked in surprised. "Well, if you're worried about the earrings, don't. They're clip earrings," she said as she dangled the said item before him. Armin can only groan in frustration as he hung his head in defeat.

His musings were interrupted by a sudden flash of light.

"Fu-fu-fu-fu…Armin you really look stunning!" Sasha exclaimed, camera in one hand. She is dressed in a dark gown between the color of green and blue and her hair are all curled which now a mess due to her constantly moving around. She did well portraying Merida.

"Stop taking pictures, Sasha!" he exclaimed moving towards the girl in an attempt to snatch the offending camera. In his haste, he forgot, however, that he is wearing a floor length ball gown and heels which, even though only a mere three inches, made walking and moving around difficult for him. He gave out a high pitched squeal when he found himself falling face first towards the ground then a sigh of relief when an arm grabbed him just in time before his face hit the ground. He looked up to see the face of Mikasa. She is dressed in a colorful hanfu and her hair and face are also done to match the character of Mulan. How Hanji managed to convince Mikasa to go along with this is beyond him. Other people in the same boat were Annie as Princess Aurora and Historia as Belle. Like him, the two of them were also dressed based on their characters. And yes, he is portraying Cinderella.

"Stop teasing him, Sasha," Mikasa quietly said to which Sasha pouted, "But he really looks so cute wearing a gown!"

Mikasa ignored the comment and instead helped Armin back to his feet. "Are you alright, Armin?"

"No I'm not! My face feels so stiff, my head feels like a thousand pins are pricking my head, my feet hurt, this dress has too many layers I think it would be able to clothe a hundred of children and the bodice is too tight I can hardly breathe!" He only paused for a breath before continuing, "They even gave me a cleavage!"

When he finished everyone only gaped at him in shock. He is usually a calm person and his outburst surprised them. When he was able to take a few calming breaths he spoke again. "I don't even know why I am included in this Disney princess-thing!"

"Huh? But you really are popular Armin! Even the boys in my previous section have a crush on you!" Historia said in an attempt to console Armin.

"Now that you mention it, my classmates in my previous section also used to talk about you. They were even speculating that you and Historia are twins," Sasha mused.

With all these words, Armin can only stand there in disbelief. What are they even saying? "But-but-but I am a boy! They could have voted Miss Petra or anyone…maybe even Hanji!" at this point, Armin is almost in tears due to frustration and humiliation.

"The survey did not specify that the students must only vote for the females so it doesn't really matter that they voted you. Maybe there are just too many pervert students in this school who wants to see you dressed as a girl." That's from Annie who through it all had managed remained to look bored and uninterested.


"Holy shit, Armin!" a voice exclaimed who just recently join the group in the backstage. By the utter surprise in his voice, Mikasa can only imagine the expression on his face. Probably just like the others who had seen Armin earlier – mouth hanging loose open with wide, shock- filled eyes. Not that she could blame them. Armin really looked good wearing feminine clothes.

"BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA…!" The bald boy laughed as he clutched his middle. "Are you also wearing women's underwear?" Connie gushed amidst his laughter. Then a loud smacking sound was heard as an unknown projectile hit Connie's still laughing face.

"Another word from you and I swear to all the three guardians of the Walls that you would soon need to find a prince charming who would kiss you to wake you up from a good, deep, eternal slumber!" Armin fumed. He looks as if he is about to cry and Mikasa don't know why but that only made him look helpless and … cute. Like a princess in distress. She could feel her protective instinct kicking in and it seems that it had also wakened the protective instincts of the other people in the room, for suddenly people started to console Armin, while some started to reprimand Connie.

"That's not so nice Connie," Historia rebuked.

"Yeah, apologize to him, man," came from a male staff of Hanji's club.

Even Connie was affected for he started to look guilty.

"H-hey man, don't cry. I was just joking. I'm sorry," Connie sputtered, as he patted Armin's shoulder.

"Hey Connie, aren't you part of the buddy bidding?" Mikasa heard Sasha ask, still in her Merida outfit. Actually, all five of them still are. Why she agreed to do this she doesn't know why. Maybe because she instinctively knew that Hanji won't leave her alone if she didn't agree. What she further doesn't understand is how she got into the top five of the survey. She was at least expecting Petra to get in, though from the result they got she came in sixth. Or that silver-haired second year named Hitch. Armin and Historia tied at number one, she was third, Annie in the fourth and Sasha, fifth.

"Ah, yeah. They already sold me," Connie sighed.

"Eh!? You mean someone was stupid enough to waste money on you?" Sasha asked.

"Tsk, of course they did! I'm quite popular with the girls you know," he proudly said.

"Reaaalllyyy… How much was the highest bid then?" Sasha challenged. At this, the bald boy suddenly blushed and whispered something that they didn't quite catch. "What was that?" Sasha prompted.

"I said, EIGHT HUNDRED!" he shouted.

"Pffffttt….WA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! And you said you were popular with girls! WA-HA-HA-HA-HA!"

"Hey, that's a decent amount!" Connie said, face now a bright red. "And at least I got a higher bid than Jean and Eren!"


In the background the very cheerful voice of Hanji can be heard, signaling the start of the event Armin didn't wished to be a part of.

Tan-ta-ra-ran-ta-tan! And now we proceed to the result of our much awaited result of the Quarterly Survey: If the Disney Princesses are real, who among the students of Special Section would they be? Students, you're voice had been heard! Let us present to you the ones you've chosen…!


Sorry for doing this to Armin. I just can't think of other things to write.