Chapter 1: New Neighbors

Ethan's Point of View:

"Ethan!" my mom called. "Come here."

I walked out of my room, downstairs, to the kitchen, where my mom was waiting.

"Yes, mom?"

"I want you to get ready to meet our new neighbors at dinner tonight."

"New neighbors? When did we get new neighbors?" I questioned.

"This morning. They moved in today and I wanted to welcome them into the neighborhood. So go get ready. They'll be here at eight."

So those were the trucks I saw this morning, when I rushed off to school. I woke up late and had to quickly get to school. I didn't have a chance to get a good look at the trucks in front of the house next door.

"Okay, I will." I walked up to my room and picked out some formal clothing. I took a quick shower and got dressed.

The clock struck eight and I was waiting in the living room with the rest of my family. We were waiting for our guests to arrive.

It wasn't long before we heard doorbell ring.

"I'll get it." my mom got up and walked to the door. "Come in." I heard her say.

My mom entered with three other people behind her.

One was a man, who, I was positively sure, was the husband and father. He was a tall, thin man. He had dark black hair and piercing brown eyes. His lips formed a smile that seemed to be forced on his face. He probably forced to come.

Beside him was a tall, slender woman, who was, unmistaken, his wife. She had short black hair and black eyes. She had a hook-shaped nose and high cheek bones.

Trailing behind them was a tall, thin girl, about my age. She had long, golden hair that shone like the sun and eyes as green as the forest trees. Her skin was flawless and her hair was silky. She looked to pretty to be real.

"I'd like you to meet my family." my mother said.

"Hi, I'm Ross Morgan. Pleasure to meet you. This is my wife, Samantha, our son, Ethan, and daughter, Jane." my dad introduced.

"Pleasure to meet you. My name is Henry Pickett. This is my wife, Anna and our daughter, Iris."

We all shook hands and when I shook hands with Iris, I had another vision. I saw a place that looked like a garden. There were all sorts of flowers growing around the place. I ignored it

My parents started talking with Iris's parents. Meanwhile, Jane, Iris, and I stayed silent.

"I want to go back to my room." whispered Jane.

"So do I, but we can't." I responded.

Iris shifted around, looking uncomfortable.

"So what school are you going to?" I asked, trying to create a conversation.

"Whitechapel High." she said.

"Cool. We might see each other around."

She gave me a small smile, that made my stomach fill up with butterflies.

Before I got to say anything more, my mom served dinner. I sat between Iris and Jane, just like on the couch. The adults talked during the meal. While the younger ones stayed quiet.

I kept thinking of things to say to Iris, but they sounded stupid. Instead, I kept my mouth shut.

The night went by, before I knew it, our guests were heading out the door.

I laid in bed, thinking about the vision and what could it have meant. But alas, I couldn't come up with the proper explanation. Which led me to think about Iris. I couldn't stop thinking about her and I needed to get her out of my mind.

I did the only thing I could. Talked to Benny.

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