After Freak Nation....

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* Max and the rest of the transgenic watched quietly as Joshua's flag was raised. *

Max sat atop the roof of some odd building in Terminal City. Normally, she would have gone to the Space Needle, but that was off limits, seeing as some cop who wanted them all dead guarded every entrance and exit to TC. She sighed as she reviewed her life during the past year or so, from when Logan first collapsed from the virus, to watching as Biggs was hung upside down by the ankles, guilty of something that wasn't his fault.

"Hey, Max" The voice interrupted her steady stream of sad thoughts. She turned around and saw Alec standing behind her, hands in his pockets.

"Figured I find you here," He continued, siting down next to her. She wasn't in any mood for conversation. "What do you want?"

"Looking for you. OC and Logan and the rest of the ordinaries can't stay forever you know, they aren't immune to all the nasty stuff in this place."

"Yeah, but the cops know that they are our friends. You know what they'll do to them?"

"Yeah," Alec replied softly, "but they are going to get very sick if they don't leave soon." A look of pain and hurt crossed Max's face, as she thought of Sketchy, OC, or Logan getting sick, diseased, or maybe even die. But what could she possibly do? By now, half the world knew their faces; they couldn't go anywhere without being recognized as a traitor. And Logan, after all he'd done for her, saving her life with that exoskeleton of his, which he didn't even need, thanks to blood Joshua gave him.

"Blood transfusion!" Max yelled suddenly, startling Alec so that he toppled over and nearly fell off the rooftop. He caught himself and sat back down next to Max.

"What?" He asked, confused.

"Blood transfusion! Antibodies! We could give blood to them! We're immune, aren't we? So they will be too if they have our blood, right?" Alec looked doubtful.

"Right?" Max tried again with more force, just to prove her point. Alec shrugged. "Worth a try, but you have to promise me, if they show signs of getting sick, you have to get them out of here" Max nodded. Doing the right thing, no matter how hard, always came first when it came to OC, Sketchy and Logan, who stuck by her, through thick and thin. "Come on, lets not let them get any worse!" She said. Alec gave her a half smirk and followed her back into the building.

Bullet and Ralph, and the rest of the group of Transgenic X6's, whom Max had rescued from White just over a year ago, stood crowded around the tiny TV they had managed to steal from some old electronics shop, watching the news broadcast that all important story about the siege at TC. They had a comfortable life in Canada, mostly stealing what they needed, but getting by fine nonetheless. They knew Max was in trouble, but they were unsure, whether to go and help her, or stay put. Zero made up his mind for them.

"Let's go," he said firmly, "we have to go help her." The others looked at him still torn two ways.

"She would have done the same for us, hell, she DID rescue us, and got herself caught, got us out of there, and nobody has suspected us yet of know, what we are." Fix-it nodded. "Lets go." That was all the encouragement the rest of the group needed. They packed a little bit of food to last the a few days on the road, and started their long drive back up to Seattle.

"There. Finished." Max said as she removed the makeshift IV from Alec, and Logan pulled his out. "It should last for a week or two, but if any of you get sick," She now addressed all ordinaries in the room who had a blood transfusion by some odd transgenic, "you are to let me know immediately so we can get you out of here before it gets any worse. Understand?" They all nodded or grunted their 'yes' before leaving the room, apart from Logan. Alec lingered for a moment, before filing out with the transgenics, leaving Max and Logan alone in the room.

"So how are you?" Logan asked, breaking the uncomfortable silence between the two.

"Fine." Max replied. "And you?"

"Could been better, my legs are sore, just not used to that big jump I made onto that car a couple of days ago."

"Logan, about that.Thanks." Max smiled at him, and tried hard not to break down and cry. Lying to him about her and Alec was so hard, but it was for the best. She gave a forced smile before walking quietly out of the room.

"Max!" Alec called. Max turned around slowly, wiping away the tears that had formed on her face before walking over to him.

"You better come and see this," He muttered, pointing in the direction of the main building.


"Only one hour ago, a group of 5 transgenics were caught by police as they were trying to get into Seattle. Our video crew managed to get a shot of their faces before they were sent to a secure facility just outside the city."

"Zero," Max whispered, as she recognized the face of the X6 she'd rescued. Alec's unit. It took her exactly 1.3 seconds to make up her mind. She-and a bunch of X- series, were going to locate where they were being held, and rescue them.

"Help me find some volunteers to rescue them." She told Alec, who was standing directly behind her.

"I'm going in."

"Me too." Alec replied. Max looked at him doubtfully.

"Are you sure, I mean, you want to?" "Max, they were my unit. They were my responsibility. I'm coming."

Max laughed lightly. "I thought you didn't care about them. Isn't that what you said?"

Alec turned to glare at her. "I'm coming." He answered, before going to find more volunteers.

"Alright, listen up. 5 of your brothers and sisters have been caught on their way here to help us. They have been caught, and we are going to rescue them. Logan got me the address, and they are being held just outside the city, but in an ordinary jail, with twice the usual number of armed guards."

She spread out some blueprints of the jail. "You, and you-'' she pointed to a pair of X6's go in through here, and stop the guards quickly and quietly.. You two." Alec listened quietly to Max and her plan. His unit.. How had they been caught? Didn't Manticore teach them to be forever on their guard? Hadn't he?

* Flashback *

"You're really leaving?" Max asked angrily

"Fraid so." Alec replied, doing up his jacket.

"Figures you'd forget the one good thing Manticore taught us- never abandon your unit." Max shot back. Alec's eyes strayed back to the people behind her, his 'unit' ' Unit?' he thought 'I warned them about how they were going to kill us, but did they listen? No.' He watched as Ralph stared at him, a mixture of sadness and betrayal showing through her eyes as her Commanding Officer gave up on her unit, to take care of himself.

* Flashback *

Alec would never forget that look, and how he had still been confused about Manticore gone, upset. He had let his emotions get the best of him, and betrayed them. He wouldn't let that happen again, no matter what. "Now, Alec and I will be waiting for you at the door here." Max continued.

The guards outside the jail where the transgenics were being held never noticed the group of six creep behind him, until he was knocked unconscious by Max's fist. The, her and the rest of the group separated in twos. Her and Alec crept slowly up the stairs, and onto the first floor, where the captives were being housed. The guard was asleep. Alec gave a slight snort. "Armed guards? Right,"

"Shutup." Max whispered. "Zero!" Zeros head turned in the direction of the voice. He was overjoyed to see Max, even in such a tense situation. He went to wake the rest of the group up.

"You okay?" Max asked concerned. Zero nodded. "They were too scared to touch us." He looked over at Alec. "Good to see you, sir." Alec grinned. "Same to you."

They were all too involved with their happy little reunion to notice the cop creep over to them until the guard pointed his rifle at the back of Alec's neck. "Nobody move!" He shouted.