I don't own any of the W.I.t.c.h characters

this story takes place around two weeks before school picture day you know the episode

A dream comes true?

this is my frist Witch fanfic please enjoy

Chapter one: am I dreaming

Irma's POV

I guess this whole falling for will thing started about a week ago. It was school picture we had just became w.i.t.c.h
And I am not sure if it was because of that or that I thought she was cute. But I had started to fall for her. The night I had began to fall for her I had a dream. we where in our guardian forms. and for some reason we were dare I say it naked in bed. I know how that must seem weird but if what I was feeling for her was real I had to find out. Part of me was hoping it wasn't and part of me was hoping it was. Of course by now I knew that
anything is possible.

The next day i knew i had to tell someone just not will not yet anyway. so i told Taranee knowing that she would come up with a logical reason behind my dreams. And would make me feel better about the new feelings growing in side me. she asked me if i had told anyone else like my mom and dad or will or the others. I told her no and that i didn't want to worry them. It was all still new to me. so i wasn't sure if i knew what to feel.

Taranee: Irma are you sure you don't want to tell will?

Irma: not just yet I don't want her to freak out.

Will: Dont want me to freak out about what?

Irma: Um its nothing got to go by!

Taranee: see ya will. Irma wait up.

Will: what was that all about?

Hay lin: what was what all about will?

Will: i think Irma and Taranee are hiding something from me just not sure what.

Will's POV

I was sure they where hiding something from me. But every time I tried to ask them what is it was they would always change the subject.
It was like Irma had a big screat she didn't want me to know about. And i wanted to find out what it was. Maybe she had a crush on someone and didn't want me to know who it was? I had to know. so that night I invited Taranee over to find out what they where hiding from me. when she got there I planed on asking her what was going on.

will: Taranee wanna come over for a bit i could use some help with my math homework?

Taranee: um sure will be happy to help.

Will: Thanks T you're a life saver.

Taranee: be over in a bit

Will: ok see ya then

Taranee: yeah see ya

The trap was ready now for me to find out what was going on. when the door bell rang I had all the questions already planed out

will: Taranee can I ask you something?

T: sure will what is it?

will: what in the galaxy are you guys hiding from me?

T: *she sighs* I am sure you have noticed that we have avoided your questions

will: yep sure have

T: will there is a reason for that and your just gonna have to find out what that is

will: *she sighs* I guess your right

Irma's POV

at school today i saw her walking with the others when she saw that I noticed her walk by i turned around my face beat red as red as *her beautiful hair what am I saying.* *I thought to myself this can't be happening me Irma lair falling for another girl am I going crazy.* all I knew was I had to know that these feeling where real. so I caught up to them. um um was all I could get out when. When T put her hand on my shoulder and nodded an it will be ok nod you can do this. so um will what up? not much Irma you ok? will asked me with a worried look on her face that was so cute I just about fainted right there. all I could think was *damn she's cute* I caught her staring at me and my face went red. So will you know that me and T have been hiding something from you from all of you. will here it is i have a crush on someone at this school.

Thats great do we know him? Its not a him and yeah you do thats all i'm going to say. WHAT they all said at ounce all but T she knew extacly who that person was. will had a confused look on her face that was so cute i almost told her everything. And i wanted to but not yet. i wanted her to figure it out on her own.