SWAT KATS is copyright of Hanna-Barbera cartoons. James is mine though.

There was a thunking of combat boots as they walked over the marble floor with the unmistakable seal of the Central Intelligence Agency in Washington D.C. Agent James McClaw walked past the heavily armed security guards with a flash of his Agency ID, he was a dark brown colored cat with grey eyes and an average build. He was an experienced CIA agent and a well trained killer. James wore his typical black jeans with the t-shirt of a heavy metal band and a black suit jacket, which hid several classified equipment in it's inside pockets. He made his way through the hallways toward the Director's office, but not before grabbing a mug of coffee.

Agent McClaw knocked on the door when a booming "come-in" came through the door and James casually walked into the office and sat down "You said you got an assignment for me director?" James said taking a sip of coffee. The Burly pit-bull with glasses looked at the 20-year old agent.

"Yes, I do." The Director said, handing James a folder with big words "BURN AFTER READING-HIGHLY CLASSFIED" on it. James didn't open it yet. "And good work in Pakistan." The Director said, a large American flag hanging behind the director, with the saying above it "We are everywhere and nowhere." A phrase James used often himself.

"Thank you director, so what scary government do I infiltrate now?" James asked casually taking out a menthol cigarette and lighting it, one of the perks of doing Uncle Sam's dirty work. "Don't open that folder yet." The Director barked at the agent. Whose tail twitched a little "Your not infiltrating a government today, or sabotaging or even killing. We need you to find someone, have you ever heard of a city called MegaKat City?" The director said, James looked up "Yes, I've heard it called the city of chaos by the other clandestine agents." James said, "Why?"

"You know about what's called these SWAT Kats?" The director said. "The vigilantes? Yes, seen them on youtube a couple of times, very handy tool by the way." James said taking a hit of smoke from his cigarette. "What about them?" James asked, now actually getting intrigued, this could be fun.

"We know they go around and bustin crime and all that," The Director said "But so far they've been able to avoid identification, they know their technical stuff, and they are well trained perhaps ex-special forces. Either way, don't kill them, don't approach them, just find out who they are, why they do it, how they do it, where they are, and determine if they could be a threat to U.S security." The director said. James feigned disappointment when the director said he couldn't just kill who he was after now, "why does the president think they could be a threat?" James asked.

"Because their tech is so advanced," the director said, "basically, we're getting more and more concerned that they could be prone to being persuaded to sell their tech to someone else, a terrorist cell, a hostile government, take your pick." The director saidleaning back in his chair, "We've sent agents there before, but they haven't got anything, that's why I'm sending you. Basically watch them, don't let them know you're CIA-"

"Hey, it's not my fault my badge fell out in Colombia." James said opening the envelope, it had maps of MegaKat City, tons of pictures of the SWAT Kats and their jet, and information on the city's government.

"Yes, it was, anyway, don't let them know who you are, and importantly find out their opinions of the United States if at all possible. You know what to do." The director said. "Now get to it Agent"

"Yes sir." James said looking at a close picture of the masked cats posing with a blonde-haired cat. "Let's find out who these superhero's are." James said walking down the hallway, grabbing his bag full of equipment, and weapons.