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James moved in between the SWAT Kats and Feral, and pulled out his own gun aiming it at Feral's forehead.

"Ambassador-" Feral growled with anger.

"Enough of the shit Feral." James said. Then James looked to the other enforcers, with Felina, and Steele there, all had their paws on their own blasters, but then had the trained killer aim his weapon at them in return, James used his other paw and pulled out his CIA ID.

"This is CIA business!" James yelled at the enforcers, "What happened in here is classified. Now get out!"

Most of the enforcers stood down, including Steele and Felina upon seeing the CIA badge and recognizing the symbol. Feral however, didn't seem to be phased and only aimed his blaster at the CIA agent.

"Move it…agent!" Feral yelled, "These two are going to be spending the rest of their nine lives behind bars." Feral said.

"No they're not." James said with a matter of fact tone. "These two." James pointed at Razor and T-Bone, Razor was still having a paw on his chest, heavily bruised from the stopped bullet which would have killed him. "have just saved both American and MegaKat City Security. So as a result, they are officially allies of the United States of America. And don't forget Feral." James said putting his gun away. "All I have to do is make one quick call to Washington D.C, and the deal's off." Feral, now with this kind of threat coming from the five foot five CIA agent, has now lost patience, he was this close to having the SWAT Kats behind bars, and the CIA agent had stopped him dead in his tracks.

"Go ahead!" Feral yelled, "Call D.C, tell them the deal is off, but first these two are coming with me!" Feral tried to push James out of the way to get to the SWAT Kats, but this actually proved to be a bad move.

James grabbed Feral's wrist and twisted it, a loud SNAP came form Feral's wrist and Feral went down with a scream, James had broken his wrist. "Now you listen here, these two are now officialy under sanctuary instilled by the United States government, you are not even going to think about harming these two, we can discuss why later, got it bitch?" James then let go of Feral, who had dropped his blaster, and Felina was about to pull out hers, but instead got James' pistol aimed right at her with his other hand. "Don't even fucking think about it officer friendly." James said, having now officially lost his temper. James then looked back down at Feral. "Now get out of here." James said picking up Ferals blaster, "and I'm keeping this." James said as Feral, holding his wrist, which was mangled, limped out of the office with the rest of the enforcers with the help of Steele, with James watching their every move. Once they had left James, the SWAT Kats, Callie, and the body of Xian alone, James turned back to the SWAT Kats.

"Told you I wasn't the bad guy." James said to the SWAT Kats.

"Thanks," Razor said, "you just saved our tails."

"Yeah," T-Bone said, "we were almost trapped."

"No problem, it was my mission." James said taking out his phone, but before he could even dial a number he was met face to face with a very, very, very pissed off Callie, who's bright pink dress and messy blonde hair and broken glasses made her look nearly terrifying with her anger. She had gotten into James' face at eye level and was nearly backing him up against the wall with her sharp pink-painted claw.

"Alright James Bond!" Callie shrieked pointing a sharp pink painted claw at James' chest. "I want to know exactly everything that has been going on here, and I want to know NOW!" She yelled at the top of her lungs.

James then had no choice but to tell Callie everything about what happened, from the fact that he was a spy all along to the pursuit and near capture of Xian, almost everything except where the SWAT Kats had been living and their identities, which irritated Callie a little.

"You two should get out of here," James said to the SWAT Kats taking out the phone that he had taken from Xian's body, the SWAT Kats, escorted by Callie to lead them back to their truck on the ground level, left the office, leaving James and the dead Xian alone.

James needed to figure something out, Dark Kat and Xian had an alliance, why? Who was their middle man, the double agent, the one who made the connection and point of contact between Dark Kat and Xian? What would North Korea have to gain from an alliance with the city's most infamous villain, they obviously wanted something bad enough to send in one of their most deadly assassins. Basically, the big question is who set up the meeting between Dark Kat and North Korea?

James figured he could get their middle man's number from Xian's phone call history, messing with the phone for a bit he pressed on "RECENT CALLS" and saw an unknown number, James copied the number into his cell phone and pressed the green button to call it and pressed the phone to his ear.

It rang for a minute, then someone answered, James' face solidified in realization upon hearing the person's voice, then hung up the phone and quickly left the office. As James made his way to the elevator, within the eerily quiet hallway, he pulled out his phone again and phoned CIA headquarters, "Yeah, Shadow, it's me, yeah, I need someone…taken out of the picture, yeah, and you owe me anyway. When? Tomorrow, yeah I'll call you when it's time. Just be ready when I do." James said before hanging up and kicking the body of Xian out of the shattered window, but not before he took his notorious curved knife.

The next day, Jake and Chance were sitting down on the couch watching the news about how the SWAT Kats had crashed their jet and how a body landed in the street below, Jake laid back with an ice pack against his chest, a big impressive purple bruise right over his heart really kept him down for most of the day.

"Well, what are we gonna do now bud?" Chance asked Jake, "we don't have the TurboKat anymore."

"I know Chance." Jake said. "I don't know what we're gonna do for a jet, let's just hope every scumbag in the city doesn't hear about the fact we don't have a jet anymore. In the meantime I can start working on designs for a new jet, and then we'll have to get the parts" Jake said turning to face his fellow vigilante.

"So what do you think of super-secret agent?" Chance asked Jake as he opened a can of milk.

"I think he might actually make a good ally." Jake said flipping the channel. "Seeing as how he has been the only one so far to actually figure out our identities, and that he kept Feral from locking us up right then and there, I would say he's on our side." Jake said honestly. "But that brings up another question." Jake said.

"What's that?" Chance said propping his booted feet onto the coffee table.

"The CIA wanted to know who we were, why?" Jake asked as he went into deep thought.

Meanwhile at enforcer headquarters, James was sitting across from Feral, smoking, deliberately irritating Feral even more than what he had already done, Feral's hand was in a cast and the shaky cat known as Lieutenant Steele was standing at Feral's side, he seemed more than a little nervous for some reason.

"Sorry about our little altercation last night, you have t understand, it was my mission to protect the SWAT Kats from harm and you did have a blaster aimed at their chests." James then brought out a large wooden box labeled "FINE CIGARS". Feral only glared at the CIA agent.

"Please, take these as a little…consolation prize, and you will still get the UAV for enforcer purposes." James said. Feral took out a cigar and smelled it.

"It's not poisoned is it?" Feral asked.

"No." James said leaning back, "I don't care for using poison…too cliché." James then leaned in close as he handed Feral a lighter. "Now," James said, "we need to talk about what had been happening the past few days. There was someone after the SWAT Kats' heads besides you." James said taking a puff of the cigar to prove to Feral it wasn't poisoned.

"And who is that?" Feral said.

"His name was Xian, his nationality and his past…work are classified, but what you need to know is that he was a hired man who was sent in not to capture, but kill the SWAT Kats." James said.

"Dark Kat and another country both actually had made a deal, and one of the conditions was that the SWAT Kats, the main protectors of the city, be taken out of the picture permanently."

"What?" Feral asked seriously, "How did this…Xian get into contact with Dark Kat? And what was the deal that they had, and even then, what was the country?"

"Well, that's the part that I actually need your help in." James said, "And the country involved is classified, but there is a spy, within the city that has made the connection between the trained assassin and Dark Kat. "

"Where is this Xian now?" Feral asked.

"He's dead," James said simply. "That was the dead body found in the Deputy Mayors office last night," James said, Steele seemed to be getting more and more uncomfortable. "He's not the problem anymore, the problem is this spy that has been lurking around and caused Xian's bosses and Dark Kat to make contact in the first place. I need your help in finding the 'middle man' if you will."

"And how do you expect me and my enforcers to find this 'middle man'?" Feral asked as smoke billowed from the cigar, James just merely smiled.

"It's simple really," James said, "I need you to take a nap." James said.

"What?" Feral asked.

"Take a nap, I didn't poison the cigar your smoking nor lace it with anything…at least…nothing that I haven't built up an immunity to. Very slow acting too, unfortunately though you won't remember any of this." James said with a smirk.

Realization then flashed across Feral's face before it turned to anger, but all he could say was "YOU!" before his head fell down with a loud THUNK on the desk, Steele was frozen solid on the spot.

James got up and smacked Feral's face a couple times, "Powerful tranquilizer" James said, "he'll be passed out for a few hours." Steele was speechless as James walked up to him.

"You must think you're very clever Steele." James said putting out his cigarette on Feral's desk.

"I-I'm sorry?" Steele asked getting a little more nervous.

"Don't play stupid with me." James said seriously. "What was it that North Korea liked about MegaKat City?" James asked, "Was it the fact that MegaKat City is also a city-state? A nation all on it's own with practically every natural biome there is maximizing resources both naturally and economically? Was it because it would be easy for them to invade and occupy seeing as how it the second smallest country in the world next to Vatican City." Steele was backing away from James as the questioning became more and more intense on his nerves. The CIA agents eyes locked onto Stelle's as he pulled out his silenced pistol.

"Y-you cant hurt me, if you do then the enforcers will take…you…out." Steele said in an effort of being brave. And even then, what even makes you think that I have anything t-to do with this?" Steele asked shaking but basically acting tough. However, the normally cowardly lieutenant's tough act was quickly ended when James pistol-whipped the cat against the face, causing some blood to leak from his nose.

"Being a tough guy is usually a very stupid move Steele," James said as Steele backed away, "because I know ways of making people talk." James said before continuing his interrogation.

Feral was still unconscious, his head flat on the desk while this was happening.

"What did you have to gain from this Steele?" James asked now having the barrel of the gun against Steele's chest. "A lump sum of cash, the position of head commander of the enforcers who would do basically whatever Dark Kat and North Korea says? I know you're the middle man," James said now moving the gun and putting against Steele's throat, "so you are going to tell me everything, and I might let you know how I figured it out. Tell me now." James said darkly pulling the hammer back on his pistol.

"Okay," Steele said holding up his paws in surrender, "I'll tell you." Steele whimpered. "I made the connection, I was the one who had gotten into contact with North Korea and Dark Kat. They wanted MegaKat City as their territory, for the resources and what-not." Steele confessed.

"How did you get into contact with North Korea and Dark Kat all at once?" James questioned.

"I went to Dark Kat's lair, and communicated with a North Korean spy in China, who set me up with someone who could come to MegaKat City, under the guise of a business man."

"Who?" James asked pushing the gun harder against Steele.

"Young," Steele said, "Chen Young, he was a business man in China, he used to work for North Korean intelligence, and quit a few years ago, but he agreed to meet up and relay messages back to Pyongyang as like a last job." Steele blubbered as James used his other paw to grab Steele by the collar.

"Where is he now?" James questioned but Steele was quiet for a few moments, that is until James pistol whipped him again (knocking out some teeth in the process) and he fell to the ground with a yelp.

"He's dead." Steele whined, "Xian killed him about two days ago, I don't know why, but he did."

"Next question," James said, "Why did they have to send Xian to kill the SWAT Kats?"

Steele stammered but James then grabbed Steele and slammed his head against the top of the desk and held his head there while his handgun was against Steele's temple.

"You better tell me in the next two seconds before I blow you brains all over this fucking desk." James hissed dangerously.

"Okay!" Steele began to cry a little.

"Oh Christ." James said seeing the tears.

"They sent Xian because Dark Kat was going to help North Korea get into the city as long as they got rid of the SWAT Kats first, who had always stopped Dark Kats attempts, so he figured an actual assassin would do the trick."

James then continued his questioning, "what did Dark Kat have to gain from this?"

"Dark Kat was going to be made the ruler of MegaKat City, he could do whatever he wanted with it, but it was still going to be considered North Korean territory so that a way they could access Pumadine, which is what they were really interested in, they never told me why but Dark Kat didn't care about that though, he just wanted to own the city, and North Korea was going to let him do it." Steele explained.

"Last question," James said, "What did you have to gain from this?"

"After Dark Kat had taken over the city, he was going to make his own 'version' of the enforcers." Steele bawled, "And he was going to make me the commander!" Steele yelled, James then threw Steele onto the floor and still had his gun pointed at him.

"Now I'm going to tell how I figured you out." James said as Steele just laid there.

"Last night, the SWAT Kats were actually attacked in their homes, Xian had figured out their location and identities. But not before arranging a meeting with someone in his own hideout, at the time I couldn't tell, but I was able to listen in on what was being said." James said lighting another cigarette, "So we both got into a skirmish at their apartment and Xian ran, eventually leading up to him setting up a trap for the SWAT Kats by using Callie Briggs as bait, he managed to crash their jet but not kill the pilots, which led up to me killing him." James said then leaning down and pulling out Xian's cell phone.

"But what made the connection is actually pretty simple, Xian had made a call about five minutes before he was killed, after he was dead I took his phone and knife before kicking his corpse out the window" James said. "And I just simple looked through his call history and noticed not only did he receive a call right before he died, but the same number was littered in his call history, as an assassin he should have learned that there is a reason you never discuss anything over a cell phone!" James then took out the cell phone that Xian had and looked through the call history and pressed the button to call. Then the sound of a vibrating phone came from a pocket in Steele's trench coat.

"Answer it." James commanded. Steele took a shaking paw and answered his phone, James then put the phone to his ear and spoke through it, which sounded back to Steele, who dropped it in fear. "Almost too easy."