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Steele, cowering in the realization that his life was now essentially over, backed up slowly until he was against the nearest wall in Feral's office with James once again raising his weapon. James quickly dialed another number and after waiting he spoke briskly. "Come and get him, mission accomplished." James said before hanging up his phone. Almost immediately after that, as if they had just been waiting outside, several people in the typical black suits and shades with earpieces came in with mini-uzis drawn and aimed at Steele. Two of them escorting Director Bulldog with them.

"You are under military arrest for conspiring against the United States of America and the city-state of MegaKat City." Director Bulldog said as two agents, one a cat the other a black lab restrained Steele in zip-tie handcuffs. The two agents began to escort him out of the room before James stopped them.

"Don't look so glum Steele," James said in his ear triumphantly, "you'll at least get to bathe in the sun of Cuba…in Guantanamo." James said before giving the two agents the go-ahead and Steele was escorted out the room and out of the building into a waiting black van, where Steele disappeared.

"Good work McClaw, I expect a full report on what's happened with this mission on my desk at o-seven hundred next Monday." Director Bulldog said to James, who was examining Feral's blaster.

"I hope he does realize I am keeping this." James said to Director Bulldog referring to the now stirring Feral, who just now started to wake up.

"I don't really care about that." The director said to his subordinate. "However, how would you like to remain here in MegaKat City as our permanent agent here, you will be tasked with working with the SWAT Kats, as the president has now officially considered them allies." Director Bulldog said to James.

"Sounds good to me," James said as Feral was now awake again.

"Wha-what happened?" Feral said groggily.

"What did you do?" Director Bulldog asked James, who was lighting a cigarette.

"Nothing," James said, "I made a little more…manageable."

"I'll take care of him." Director Bulldog said referring to Feral, "dismissed."

"Yes, sir." James said turning to leave but stopped abruptly, "Actually commander," James said "I was wondering about the SWAT Kats."

"Yes?" the commander asked.

"Well, you know that their jet was destroyed last night, right?" James said.

"Okay. And what of it?" The Director questioned.

" I was wondering, they're gonna need another jet…so." James said.

"I got it," The director said, "we'll give a little gift from America."

A few days later in the shop, Jake's bruise was finally healed and his arm was almost completely back to normal, just with a scar on it. As Jake organized paperwork in the office of the shop, Chance was opening up a can of milk as soft rock played in the garage.

"Any word from James?" Chance asked Jake, "Or even, when are we going to start building another jet?"

"No, no word from our Yankee friend." Jake said going out into the garage with Chance after he finished the paperwork, "As for the jet, we need to get working on it soon, I've actually got some pretty good ideas about how the TurboKat 2.0 is going to be."

"Well we better get on it I'm ready to fly aga-" Chance said before being interrupted by the alarm they installed to tell them that someone had gotten into the hangar. A little something Jake did after Xian and James managed to break into their garage so easily. They both dropped what they were doing and climbed down into the secret hangar glovatrixes at the ready. But they both lowered them and opened their mouths in shock when they saw what was waiting for them in the hangar.

It was pitch-black in color, with smaller wings than the old TurboKat. The brand new jet stood in the hangar silent and waiting for it's new pilots. As Jake and Chance took in the sight of the brand new jet that had somehow gotten into their hangar, the sting of cigarette smoke reached their nostrils. They turned to look as James sitting on Jake's personal workbench with a lit cigarette in his hand and looking at the new communicator that Jake was making for Callie.

"How did you get this in here?" Jake asked, dumbfounded.

" It was easy," James said exhaling smoke, "I just patched into your hangar system and opened the hatch. A little gift from Uncle Sam, the F-35 Lightning II, capable of going over twelve hundred miles an hour, some of the best stealth technology made for the United States military and it's all yours. You can do to it whatever you want." James said. Getting up and walking over to the SWAT Kats.

"I guess you can consider us friends of the US." Chance said. "Agreed" Jake said.

James then shook hands with Jake and Chance.

"So what happens now?" Chance said.

"Well," James said. "That was the other thing was going to talk to you two about. My agency has permanently stationed me here in the city, and I was wondering if you have any rooms available?" James asked.

"Actually, we do." Jake said, "But as long as you work in the shop with us, you don't have to worry about rent, and the only rule we have…no smoking in the apartment." Jake said.

"That'll work." James said.

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