Chapter 5:

James walked in next to Callie out of the elevator, as they walked out Mr. Young hurriedly walked past them and into the elevator they just got out of. James then caught a glimpse of another cat that had been speaking with Mr. Young, Xian. Xian watched as the undercover CIA agent and the deputy mayor walked past him, Xian had put away his knife and his gaze shifted toward the American flag pin on James' jacket, "the Americans, they're here" Xian thought to himself, "Who's this guy? I've seen him before." Xian said before walking towards the pair and exposing his watch, which was complete with a camera which could record, and a form of radar, and "accidentally" bumping into James, he didn't to try and pickpocket him right here, too risky.

"Sorry," James said politely, somewhat irritated.

Xian pressed a small button on his watch when it was facing James' face, taking a quick, and silent photo, he used the bumping as a reason for touching his wrist.

"Watch where you're goin'" Xian said briskly, trying to look at this American's temperament, see if he got mad easily, however it wasn't James he needed to worry about. Before James could even retort, the she-cat in the bright pink dress and glasses rushed between the two.

"Why don't you watch where your going?" Callie said sternly, irritated by the stranger's rudeness, "and a simple 'excuse me' wont kill you in the future." Callie said before the two walked away and James got a nice good look at Xian's face.

"That face, where have I seen that face?" James thought to himself silently as Xian disappeared from sight, which caused James to make a mental note to be on the lookout for that face. As they walked to the awaiting limousine, James saw Xian again, walking out of a side exit and almost running away. That was before Callie broke his thought, and prevented the trained killer from chasing Xian. "To Enforcer HQ please," Callie said politely to the driver as James sat down next to Callie.

Before long, they arrived at enforcer HQ, which was an extremely tall building with what seemed to be a small airstrip near the very top of the tower. "No wonder this city is attacked all the time" James thought to himself, "is every building here at least one-hundred stories tall? This place must be a terrorists playground."

They walked in and were greeted by a group of enforcers, who wore tan military-like uniforms with black body armor, "Kevlar, blaster rifles, why don't I get one of those?" James took noted as a thin brown colored cat with blonde hair approached the "ambassador" with his chest puffed out and his tan trench –coat "Lieutenant Steele here Ambassador, welcome to MagaKat City." Steele said in a high and, to James at least, very irritating tone and saluting the "ambassador". "Kiss-ass." James thought as Steele act with some authority and seemed to boss some of the enforcers around to make himself look important.

"I'll escort you two to the Commander's office, Ambassador," Steele said to James, Leaving Callie, who glared at Steele, as they went to the elevator, within minutes, they were on the top floor outside of a large office door with COMMANDER ULYSSES L FERAL. "Here we are ambassador," Steele said proudly, and before Steele could, James knocked loudly on the door, almost immediately a loud "Enter," rang through the door, and James opened the door, Steele and James both walked into the office and entered Feral's office, it was huge, with a desk elevated from the floor by what looked like a set of marble-like slabs.

Feral was looking over some papers as James, led by Steele, walked up to the desk, "Sir," Steele said saluting, "The American amba-"

"Yes, Steele, I know, dismissed." Feral said gruffly, putting away the papers, as Steele walked out of the office, Feral looked at the "ambassador".

"Someone at his vegetables." James thought to himself as Feral asked him to take a seat in front of the desk. He stared at James for a few seconds, "You don't seem the politician-type to me." Feral said. Again referring to the black blue jeans with suit jacket and rock band t-shirt.

"Well I am an American Commander and we don't like being told how to-" James began.

"Drop the act agent, your Agency has already told me you were coming," Feral said holding up a paper, James bolted up, his heart seeming to stop for an instant, he almost ran up and snatched the paper form Feral's large paws.

"As Director of intelligence of the CIA blah-blah-blah this agent's personal identity is to remain classified and any information gathered is to be released at the discretion of the CIA, we hope you two work well together, signed Director Mark BullDog, Director of Central Intellegence Agency." James looked at Feral, keeping his cool…for now. "Excuse me, I need to make a phone call." James said, Feral didn't say anything, as James walked over out of the office, into the empty hallway and into the male's bathroom across the hall as he angrily pulled out his phone. No cameras.

Meanwhile, after a stop to Pop's stand to get the newest edition of cat commandos, chance pulled up to the entrance of the hospital to see Jake outside back in his clean t-shirt and blue jeans, Chance, who was confused as could be, pulled up next to his buddy, who only had the thick bandage on his shoulder.

"What…Jake…how are you up? Shouldn't you be getting some bedrest? And aren't you getting out tomorrow?" Chance asked, his steel-toed boots thunking against the concrete. Jake didn't even seem tired at all for some reason, typical Razor.

"Doc let me out early, turns out there wasn't much damage done to the muscles themselves, it just feels stiffer and hurts if I only stretch it." Jake said happily putting his ball cap back on, "whoever that sniper was, had a really bad day with their aim." Jake said, "And being in bed all day's made me antsy, I wanna do some more tests on that radar system."

"Well maybe when we kick that sniper's tail you can teach him some lessons," Chance said putting his paw on Jakes shoulder, which caused Jake to wince, he accidentally put it on Jake's bad shoulder. "Sorry bud, so I guess that means you wont be able to lift as much for a while, so now my score definitely beats yours!" Chance said laughing as they got into the truck.

"Don't get too comfortable Chance," Jake said, "and I'm lookin forward to getting my hands on that sniper." Jake said with determination, "hey, you wanna grab a bite? That hospital food is notorious for a reason." Jake said as he put on his seat-belt, "OUCH!" Jake yelped a little at the pain of moving his arm, "this is gonna take forever to heal fully." Jake said as Chance helped his friend buckle his seat-belt, kidding him while doing so.

As they drove toward the nearest quick-burger, Chance could only think of how thankful he was that his friend was going to be okay, he made a mental note to pick up some ibuprofen along the way back to the shop, in case Jake's arm started to ache….

"CHANCE LOOK OUT!" Jake shouted, breaking Chance's thought bubble, Chance then saw a cat with crème fur and wearing a leather jacket running across the road, right in front of the truck, Chance slammed on the breaks, the tires squealing in the middle of the street, the cat who he nearly ran over didn't even look at the truck. Xian just kept running, not even realizing how close he was to his target.

"HEY! WATCH WHERE YOUR'E GOIN' I COULDA KILLED YA!" Chance shouted at Xian, who flipped them off as he ran off out of sight.

"Sheesh Chance, I already got a hole in my shoulder, I don't need a heart attack too." Jake said as Chance drove off.

"Asshole." Chance said aloud.

"I know where I've seen that face, I know who he is! We've met once before…in India!" Xian thought to himself as he ran down the street to the room that he was renting while he was here, to look up who this cat was, and hopefully figure out a way to find out why the American is here.

Back in Enforcer HQ, James angrily dialed CIA HQ in Washington D.C. He was using a special phone that couldn't be tracked and operated on a frequency that couldn't be tapped, one of the Agency's toys.

"I need to speak with Director Bulldog now!" James hissed while looking through all the stalls to make sure no one was in there.

"Director Bull-"

"When…in…the hell did it become CIA protocol to blow cover at the beginning of a mission?!" James hissed through the phone.

"Because it helps both your mission and CIA interests as well." The director said, knowing how seriously James took his job.

"Who else did you send a letter to?! What does he know?!" James asked pacing, his blood boiling as he struggled to keep himself speaking at normal volume. His breathing harsh.

"Just him, he doesn't know your real name, or your colleague form Tel-Aviv, he just knows your mission, and he has been strongly advised to not disclose any of the information he knows to anyone else, that and it will also help keep these enforcers off your back and will give you some help in the mean time," The director said plainly.

"Director, this guy doesn't exactly seem like the kind of guy that follows anyone else's terms, how do you know we can trust him?" James asked.

"Because he was promised blue-prints and designs of the predator drone for enforcer use with his cooperation, and we also have an agent with British Intelligence within the enforcers to make sure he plays nice. But he doesn't know that. And I also make it explicitly clear in the letter, that any information that you gather is to be released to him at your discretion, so that means you can-"

"Give him some BS about the SWAT Kats' identity in order to protect them if they are friendly to US interests, and if they're not-"

"Then it just takes one more problem for America and lets him deal with it. Smart." James said his temper cooling. "Speaking of which, they all have these blaster-like guns, why don't we have some of those?" James said almost getting off target.

"The Pentagon's working on it, they're damn tricky things, anyway, now that you know this, use this guy to your advantage, try not to kill him while your at it, if you have to break into his office, do it, burning a bridge with this guy won't cause that much damage and you'll know what to do to him if he even thinks about telling anyone what you actually are."

"I'll slit his damn throat." James said.

"I trust you can take it from here agent, I thought about telling you this earlier but I know you love surprises." The director said.

"Got it, out." James said slamming the phone closed, "I'll remember that when you find some sleeping-pill laced coffee on your desk the first thing after I get back to D.C." James said leaving the bathroom.

James walked back into Feral's office and marched right up to the desk.

"You're back," Feral said, just before James sat back down on the chair in front of his desk and pulled out a menthol cigarette.

"I'm afraid you cant smoke in here." Feral said loudly, James glared at him and lit the cigarette.

"Now that I don't have to beat around the bush any more," James said flicking some ashes onto the floor, James' way of saying 'you aren't the boss of me'. "I need to know everything you can possibly tell me about the enforcers, do you have a special forces, where do you keep all of your scrap, and most importantly, what do you know about the SWAT Kats?" James asked as smoke billowed from the cigarette.