It was a nice day at the Titans Tower. Jump City heroes were in the main room as usual. Robin and Starfire were having a conversation at the kitchen table, Cyborg was just cleaning up after breakfast and Raven was on the couch reading a book with a cup of herbal tea. As for their green friend, well it was still early so he was still in bed. Or at least that's what they assumed.

Meanwhile in another part of the tower, specifically at Raven's room, there stood Beast boy. He was, again, invading her privacy and going through her stuff. Nobody knows why he likes to mess around with her but he just does, it's like he enjoys being tossed out of the window or slapped in the face. Seriously, this is Raven we're talking about; won't he ever learn not to mess with her?

He went through her dresser, her books and her spells materials. Lastly he went over to her bed and sat down. He knew no one would worry about him and look for him, they all thought he was asleep. Truth is after growing up a bit ( and finally not being the shortest on the team ) he started waking up earlier, not as early as Robin or Raven, but not as late as he used to. He usually spends his morning hours messing around in his teammates' rooms, especially Raven's and then he would go greet them and have breakfast.

he glanced something under her pillow, something he's never seen before. Curiosity got the best of him and he reached for it. It was a small book. One he'd never seen before. He opened it and found it to have hand writing in it. 'Dear Diary,' 'Huh? This isn't a book. It's Raven's diaries! I never knew she kept one. Oh this is awesome!' He went through random pages reading her diaries and noticed that she doesn't write everything that happens in her day, only important events.

He found stuff about the day they day met, some of their best moments, Terra's actions, the Malchior incident, the prophecy and a lot more. It also contained some other stuff such as dreams and nightmares she would have. It all seemed like Raven to him, except when he came upon one of the last entries.

'Dear Diary,

I've had one of those dreams. AGAIN. It's happening more often lately. I mean isn't it enough that he bothers me when I'm awake, but to bother me in my sleep as well. But it felt so good, the way we kissed, the way we touched, the way we made love… everything about it was amazing. Maybe I should stop reading romance novels from now on, at least at bed time. It's getting the best of me.'

Beast boy's eyes were as wide as the moon and he had a deep blush on his cheeks. Raven was having… wet dreams?! That just sounds so… unraven. But it was hot in some way as well. Even though Beast boy and Raven were never engaged romantically, he knew damn well she was hot. And the thought of her… "Wow" was all he managed to say.

However, he was now more curious than he was before. He needed to find out who's been torturing Raven in her sleep. It was kinky. The whole thing was. He went through her diary from beginning, not skipping a page this time. Scanning it quickly. Finally, he found what he was looking for, her first wet dream.

'Dear Diary,

I honestly have no idea how to say this, it's just so weird. Yet beautiful. I've had a… one of those dreams. That goes beyond kissing. But that's not the weird part. I mean I'm a teenage girl, it's normal for hormones to get the best of me. The thing is, who I was with. It was… Beast boy. Of all the people I know, it had to be him. I mean I would understand if it was Robin or Aqualad, but Beast boy? The guy that irritates me all the time? The guy I fight with almost every day? That Beast boy? And the worst part is… I actually liked it. It was magical. He knew exactly how to pleasure me.

I don't know if it means anything or if it's just duo to the fact that he's been maturing more than before, he's no longer the skinny short guy in the group. He's actually taller and more muscular now. Some would even consider him sexy.

Well, I'm not going to think about it too much and give myself a headache so I'll avoid Beast boy and ignore it and get on with my life. Hopefully, it's a once in a life time thing.'

Beast boy's blush grew even darker now. Raven was not only having wet dreams, she was having wet dreams about him. That was… GOLD! Think about all the ways he can torture her about this. He can blackmail her with the info he had, he can get her to clean up his room, God knows it could use that, he could get her to do all his chores, do the dishes. All the possibilities.

He glanced at the clock that stood on her bedside table, it was almost 9 am, he should leave now before he gets caught. He placed the diary back in its place and headed outside to the main room. His evil smirk never leaving his lips. For once in his life he was the one with power over Raven. And he sure as hell wasn't gonna let it slip from his hands. He was gonna make the best of it.

As the door to the main room slid open, Beast boy walked in smiling. Something they've got used to. "Good Morning everyone!" he said as he looked at his friends. Then he glanced at the couch where Raven was and went there. He leaned to her ear from behind the couch and said "And a very special morning to you, Raven."

Raven was surprised by his action and before she had the chance to say something he was already gone to get his breakfast. "Weird." Was all she muttered to herself. After deciding that Beast boy is always weird and not being weird is actually what would be weird. So, she ignored that. She thought to herself 'Maybe he had a good sleep or something' .

The day went by like any other day, they had an attack from the HIVE five which they stopped with no effort and then it was time for lunch. They've all decided to go get pizza for lunch. Heading for their usual place and ordering the usual. Cyborg and Beast boy fighting over meat and tofu. All was normal. When they finished their lunch, they headed home. They had some practice to do in the gym.

They all had a long day of training with Robin pushing them to the limit. After four hours of intense workout they were drained and sweaty as they can be. "So, I'm gonna go hit the shower now." Said Beast boy and stared at Raven. After a few moments of staring and not moving she finally asked "What?" he was quiet for a while smiling then finally said "Oh, I dunno. Maybe you wanna join?" Raven's cheeks turned red as soon as the words left his mouth then asked annoyed "Why would I do that?" "Well, cuz I'm not skinny and short anymore, I'm actually taller and more muscular. One would even consider me sexy." He said that while wiggling his eyebrows. She was stunned for a little bit at that then asked "And who's this idiot who told you this?" he smiled a bit at her comment before answering her "Well, as for who told me this, that I can't say. But as for an idiot, trust me, she's far from idiot." They stared for a while before he spoke again "So, last call. Would you like to join?" it took Raven a minute to figure out what he was talking about before yelling at him "No, Pervert. I don't! and don't ever ask anything as stupid as this again!" with that said she left him there and went to her room. The others just stared at the two surprised. They had no idea what just happened, all they know is that Raven yelled at Beast boy before storming out of the gym.

As Raven went into her room, all she could think about was the words Beast boy used to describe himself. Those were the exact same words she used to describe him. 'Could he have possibly read my diary?' she thought to herself terrified of the idea. She went to her bed to see if he read it or not. When she touched it, she tried to sense if he had touched it or not 'Oh no! he did! This is bad… so bad!'.

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