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The evening went by quietly, they all had dinner and did their normal routine. The guys playing video games, Starfire watching and cheering, and Raven reading. Before they knew it, it was time for bed and they headed to their rooms and prepared to bed.

Later that night Raven woke up thirsty, she glanced at the clock on her night stand which read 1.30 AM. She groaned and stepped out of bed, too lazy to even care about wearing her cloak. She left her room and walked to the common room to get some water. Once she entered she found Cyborg and Beast boy there, sitting at the kitchen table eating. Cyborg was eating what appeared to be a turkey sandwich and Beast boy was eating a banana which appeared to be his second one based on the banana peel lying on the table.

"What are you guys doing this late?" She asked. "What does it look like we're doing?! We're having a midnight snack! What are YOU doing at this hour of the night?" Came Cyborg's response.

"I'm here for water. Didn't anyone tell you before that eating in the middle of the night is not healthy?" she said dryly while grabbing a glass and filling it with water. They both stared at her as if she were from a different country, or even a different universe. She glanced at them and saw the look on their eyes and rolled her eyes at it while muttering 'boys' to herself.

She grabbed her glass now full of water and sat down beside them and began to drink slowly. Cyborg finished his sandwich and got up "I'm done. Time to resume sleeping. See ya in the morning guys." With that he was out.

Raven stared at Beast boy grabbing his third banana and opening it. He noticed her stare and grabbed another one and held it out to her. She looked at the banana in his hand and accepted his offer. She didn't really want to eat anything but just took it. She started rolling it in her hand quietly and twirling it just thinking to herself. She was somewhat zoned off and preoccupied with her own thoughts that she didn't notice Beast boy staring at her.

The way she was moving her hands around the banana with her hair being slightly messy from the sleep was making Beast boy blush at her sight. She then sensed an overwhelming feeling vibrating from Beast boy which snapped her out of her thoughts. She glanced at him and saw the blush on his face. That's when she realized what she was doing with the banana. She had the faintest blush on her face as well and just put the banana back in the fruit basket and got up.

She took her now empty glass and moved to the sink to drop it there and head to bed. Beast boy was still dazzled by her so when she got up he followed her with his eyes. He then realized she wasn't wearing her cloak so he had a pretty good view of her butt and legs. 'Dude! What are you thinking?! Snap out of this! You don't wanna have these thoughts in the middle of the night' he thought to himself and took his gaze away from her. She moved past him to the door and left. He finished his snack, took the banana peels and threw them in the trash and left to bed as well still thinking about what just happened.

The next couple of days went by normally. Raven didn't make any move towards Beast boy and he was somewhat distant from her not daring to look at her or bother her. However, whenever she would walk into the room or make eye contact with him he would blush, remembering the past few weeks since he found her diaries.

True he always found Raven to be attractive; she was mysterious, she had nice curves and she was beautiful even if she wouldn't believe it. But to blush every time she comes in or looks at him… that's not attraction, that's… He wouldn't dare think of that, was he actually falling for her?! His teammate?! RAVEN?! That can't be possible, she's not his type, he's more into fun outgoing girls, not someone as quiet and calm as Raven.

Beast boy was going crazy over this whole situation 'What have I gotten myself into?' he said to himself and sighed quietly. It was still morning that day and everyone was done with their breakfast. Robin said it was time for some training since there hasn't been any crime for a while and they had to be in shape. Normally after a long break, evil strikes at full strength and they had to be prepared, they were the city savors after all.

Raven was in her room meditating when Starfire's voice came from behind her door "Friend, I am sorry to be of an annoyance to you but friend Robin asked me to tell you to meet us in the room of training. We shall start in 15 minutes." "Sure thing, Starfire. I'll be there soon".

Raven was about to leave when she glanced at her diary on her night stand. She grabbed it and stared at it 'You're the reason I got into this whole mess. I can't believe Beast boy would be enough of a jerk to go into my room and read my diary and then start using it against me. And I can't believe I let him out with no real injury, physical or mental, I don't care I have to make something big enough to cause him pain' she thought to herself then placed her diary in her closet hidden between other stuff.

She started looking through her pile of clothes, not much based on the fact that they usually wear their uniforms. She picked up something and tossed it on the bed. She closed her closet and starting changing to her new outfit before heading to the training room.

Everyone was already in the training room stretching and getting ready to start in 5 minutes. Raven then walked in casually and went to where the others were and started stretching as well. Everyone was shocked by her appearance, she wasn't wearing her normal uniform, she was rather wearing a black sports bra and black yoga pants that reached below her knees. She looked like those girls that appear in exercise commercials that are meant to promote products.

"Friend, I am so glad you have finally decided to get out of you dark clothes and wear something nice like this!" Starfire exclaimed happily. "Um… Raven, why did you suddenly decide to change?" Robin asked confused as hell.

"I needed to wash my clothes, and seeing as how I only had one pair left I've decided to keep it till after workout since I'm gonna shower anyway" she said calmly even though she was truly as nervous as she could be. She felt so naked moving around with her body revealed this much and not having her hood to cover her face. But she had to do this to teach Beast boy his lesson. Truth is she had plenty more outfits but decided to lie to give herself an excuse to wear something like this.

"Well, you look… um, nice. Right, B?" Cyborg said while nudging Beast boy with his elbow. Beast boy didn't say anything, he just stared. Cyborg turned to look at him and found him staring, mouth agape and he looked as if he was about to start drooling. Cyborg suddenly banged his mouth shut and he snapped out of it "Huh? Wha? Why'd you do that for?" Beast boy asked his robot friend. Cyborg just grinned and pointed at Raven with his eyebrows then Beast boy remembered what happened and started blushing. Cyborg had a pretty good idea about what Beast boy was thinking right now and it amused him.

Raven noticed the whole thing, she was slightly embarrassed about it but still satisfied that her plan was working, she was making a fool of Beast boy in front of the whole team. Well, that didn't really require a lot of work, he's pretty much always making a fool of himself in public but this was different.

"Ok, team. Let's start our workout now." Said Robin to clear up the atmosphere and started explaining today's workout. They were gonna each improve their own skills. No specific routine. Robin decided to head for the wooden dummy ( that's a real thing, for those of you who don't know what it is, just google it and you'll know, I had to google it to actually know what it's called ). Cyborg and Starfire headed for the weight lifting. Beast boy went for the treadmill to run and Raven decided to do something different; she went to the punch bag and started practicing her punches and kicks.

Everyone was doing their workout normally, except for Beast boy who kept stealing glances at Raven. He was in cheetah form running now. He looked at Raven working out, the yoga pants hugging her butt and legs perfectly; leaving no room for imagination. He noticed his attention drifting away from his work so he decided to take a break. He changed back to human form and stopped the machine. He looked at Raven one more time blushing, he sighed and decided that he should talk to her.

He headed to where she was and pat her on the shoulder careful enough not to turn himself into her next punch bag. She stopped he workout and turned around to face him; breathing heavily and sweat dripping from her body. 'Damn she looks so sexy.' He slapped himself at the thought. "Um… Raven, can I talk to you for a minute?" he asked nervously.

"Sure, what do you want?" she answered monotonously. "Can we, like, go to a more private place?" asked Beast boy.

She sighed and headed for the store room where they keep extra equipment in case something was broken or torn. He followed her there and closed the door behind him. He took a deep breath before he started "Look, Raven. I dunno what you're doing but you're driving me crazy! You really are! I can't help but think of you all the time and stare at you when you come or blush when you look at me… you have to stop this! It's killing me" he said desperately.

She stared at him for a while before she finally said "I was merely giving you a taste of your own medicine. It's bitter, isn't it?" she kept silent for a few seconds before resuming her speech "Look, I know I may have gone a little over the line, but it was only to teach you a lesson. You can't expect to walk into someone's room, search their stuff and read their secrets then use them against them and not be punished. You really screwed up with me, you know that?! You tortured me for something I didn't do on purpose, you can't torture people based on their dreams or feelings."

"That wasn't really nice of me, was it? I'm sorry, Rae. I should've respected your privacy and never took advantage of you like that." Beast boy replied sincerely. "Guess it back fired at me anyway, now I'm a mess" he almost whispered the last part and looked sad.

"Did you really learn your lesson, Beast boy?" she asked him firmly. "Yes, I did." "And you'll never repeat it again?" "No, I won't." "Very well."

She started walking towards him slowly until she was mere inches away from him. His head was low but when he noticed her approach him he looked up at her and blushed at how close she was. She smiled at him and said "Since you've learned your lesson I guess that makes you a good boy… and good boys deserve a reward" with that she kissed him. He was shocked at first and had his eyes wide open but soon melted into the kiss and kissed her back. She wrapped her arms around his nick and pulled him closer and he wrapped his arms around her waist. They kissed for a few seconds until they heard someone at the door faking a cough.

"Pay up, Robin. Told ya they were doin' it!" said Cyborg while grinning like a manic and holding his hand out towards Robin. Robin on the other hand was still in shock, he involuntarily put his hand in his pocked, grabbed a 20 dollar pill and handed it to Cyborg. Starfire was extremely happy to see her friends kissing and squealed in happiness.

Both Beast boy and Raven were blushing when they noticed the others. They looked at each other and noticed their position and quickly pulled apart and stared at the floor shyly.

Then the others left them alone and they stared at each other, smiled and headed out side to resume their workout.

The End 3

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