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Four months had already passed since the Battle in Hogwarts. Plenty of repairs and changes has been made. People could feel peace in their wake and were very glad to thank Harry Potter and his friends for everything. Death Eaters were also judged, some given the kiss and some already dead at the war where Harry had vanquished Voldemort. They won, yes, but not by much. The Magical Community of Britain had lost precious wizards and witches. Personally, Harry lost a family. The scars were always there to remind them of the horrors while some nightmares will never cease.

Harry Potter manly shrieked as the Floo deposited him to the floor with a large thud. His voice echoed in the Burrow.

"Harry!" A slight giggle escaped a woman's lips. "What are you doing, Harry?"

Harry stood up straight and began to clean his robes off Floo powder, "Mrs Weasley!"

"Oh Harry dear, are you alright?" Mrs Weasley asks. Her giggle almost unheard but Harry could still hear it loud and clear in his embarrassment.

"Fine, Mrs Weasley." Harry reassured the woman.

"How was the trial?" Harry saw Mrs Weasley started to work preparing the table for dinner with wand ready to cast a cleaning spell.

Harry grinned and waved his hand before Mrs Weasley uttered the spell. Harry could see her awed gaze a the ability displayed before blinking rapidly in Harry's direction, "…wandless magic. How? When?"

"I don't know really… I never really realize when and how I can do these things; I was just sitting in Grimmauld Place and without realizing it summoned a book wandlessly." Harry shrugged it off.

"You're humbleness is endearing my dear," Molly went to the kitchen to finish her cooking but stopped with the arrival of her son and soon to be daughter.

"Mom, we're home!" Ron called out, "bloody hell, intercontinental portkeys should be illegal."

"Come now, Ron." Harry could hear Hermione roll her eyes, "you're just being overly dramatic."

Molly Weasley hugged Ron planting kisses on his face, "Mom!"

Harry stomped towards them in the matter of seconds, "Hey."

"Harry!" hugs were freely exchanged. Mrs Weasley excused herself to the kitchen after casting their baggage to their respected rooms.

"How was Australia?" Harry asked them.

Ron's face scrunched up in disguise, probably remembering something. "It was horrid, Mate." Harry grew curious but turned to Hermione for an explanation. Hermione always had the answers.

Hermione giggled, "Ron discovered that Australia is home to about 10, 000 species of spiders."

"It was horrid, Mate." Ron repeated while they began to sit in the dining table. "I don't see why her parents would stay there!"

Hermione merely rolled her eyes and called out to the kitchen, "Mrs Weasley, do you need some help?"

"I'm fine dear!"

Hermione sighed, "She never asks help in the kitchen."

Ron gently caresses Hermione's back, "it's her territory there. Besides it's her way of coping up with things."

Harry felt his heart clenched remembering Fred Weasley. Ron and Hermione could see Harry's glum face and decided to avert his attention, "How were the trials, mate?"

"I heard the Malfoys got out of it clean…" Hermione was glad to observe Harry beginning to brighten.

"Draco's still a prat," Harry grinned to them, "Although, Narcissa is a wonderful Lady. They're fine now but Lucius sentenced to House Arrest for 3 years and they have to yearly donate and contribute to Charity… make some amends to society, I think."

"That's easy enough." Ron mumbled, "They're filthy rich."

"Draco was complaining about it though," Harry's grin couldn't get any bigger, "Charity cases always leads to Charity balls and now that Malfoy Manor's redecorated and rebuilt, nothing can stop Narcissa Malfoy's plans to host one Ball to thank us."

Ron owlishly stared at him, "What?"

Hermione smiled, "Mrs Malfoy have been planning that for ages."

Harry nodded, "Draco's all whiny now. Narcissa has been shopping and organizing things since Lucius can't leave the house it seems that Draco is the assistant."

"Assistant to what?" Mrs Weasley asked with a tray of good food in stasis spell.

"Draco's his mother's assistant for the Ball," Ron simplified still a bit awestruck with the idea of Draco Malfoy slaving away to his mother's whims and wishes. It would have been a sight to seen.

Mrs Weasley's face lighted up like a light bulb, "Narcissa owled me about somethings too… She and I has been corresponding about the event. It seems that I'll be coming at the Manor to lend a helping hand."

Ron choked at his saliva in surprise. Harry's grin turned into a cheeky smile as he listens to Ron splutter around a response while Hermione continued to roll her eyes choosing to remain silent, which was rare, at some point. The war had changed them. Ron has learned to control his temper better and has been drastically matured than his earlier years. Hermione's know-it-all attitude had continuously diminished leaving only a knowledgeable young woman but it still shows sometimes. Harry changed the most; he was more relaxed now that the weight in his shoulders been lifted and he was more understanding and patient than ever as if he wasn't patient before.

It took not minutes after that the Weasley family members starts to arrive and occupying the chairs in the magically expanded table. Bill and Fleur arrived first while holding hands like Ron and Hermione did. The Head of the Weasley Family arrived next together with Percy. The last were Ginny and George who arrived with style as George was carrying Ginny like a sack of potatoes in his right shoulder.

A "George put me down" resounded in the Burrow. Ron began to snigger while Hermione slapped his head.

George dropped Ginny near Harry's chair with a precious smile, "Not until you say the one we discussed yesterday to Harry."

Harry's eyebrow rose in interest while the other people in the table piqued in curiosity.

Mrs Weasley dismissed the ongoing event, "After Dinner."

Looking at her family first and scanning their faces, Ginny agreed, "after Dinner."

Harry merely nodded. After Dinner repeated in his mind. Now he was starting to get nervous.

Dinner started like any other Weasley dinner. Arthur Weasley started asking Hermione and Harry some questions about muggles while Percy began inquiring about Hermione's Parents, George and Ron arguing about when Charlie would bring a nice lady home from Romania but the dinner erupted in Joy as Fleur announced that she was expecting a baby.

Molly Weasley immediately stood up and hugged Fleur with tears running through her checks. Fred's Death was a bad blow to the family, this baby was a gift to them and Harry was happy to see everybody joyful as if no war had happened four months before.

Amongst the festivities comes the conversation Harry was completely unprepared of; His relationship with Ginny. After asking Ron and Hermione's plan in the future, Mrs Weasley switched to Harry and Ginny, "How about you dears?"

Harry gulped his eyes gazed upon Ginny who was wiggling in her seat uncomfortable about the topic. "It would be like Lily and James too; School Sweethearts in the middle of a war, Gryffindors, a red-head and a messy head too!" Molly exclaimed with a wide smile.

Harry's awkward face contorted into distress. Realization draws to him in a speed of light. Ginny and he had promise each other's heart after the war but lately his feeling for Ginny had been somewhat confusing to him. Ginny felt more and more like Hermione as days passed.

Harry's thought abruptly stopped. Ginny stood up fast, grabbing Harry with a shout, "We need to talk now."

Harry allowed himself to be drag outside the Burrow and into the vastness of the night sky. He gazed upon the Constellation of the Canis Major and pinpointed the brightest of its Star, Sirius. With a silent prayer, Harry faced Ginny who still continued to fidget uncomfortably at him.

"Ginny," Harry started "whatever you want to tell me, I'll listen. Stop being uncomfortable, it's making me uncomfortable too."

Harry could hear a little mumble of a 'Sorry' as she breathed in and out before exhaling a large sigh. "It's about us."

He could see where the conversation was leading, "What is it you want to talk about us?"

"Do you still like me?" Ginny asked with hesitation which was rare since Ginny was a fierce and feisty young lady. Her eyes clear with worry. Harry felt unease; Ginny's usually someone who spoke her mind.

"Of course." Comes Harry's immediate unhesitant answer. Ginny's eyes widen in wonder.

"Oh," Harry could hear the disappointment rolling though her tongue.

"Why?" He stares as his question drawled to Ginny's mind and continued to stare as Ginny began to fidget nervously again.

Ginny opened her mouth to reply but Harry could only hear stutters of words and unorganized thoughts leave her lips. Harry understood nothing about what Ginny was trying to say.

"Dean and I…" Ginny uttered gulping a bit scared for Harry's response. In front of her is Harry Potter, the wizard who cared for her and the wizard who defeated the Evilest Dark Lord of the Age.

Harry could almost see a light bulb switching on up above his head as she uttered the names. Harry began to chuckle and after a while his chuckle grew into laugher. Ginny stared at the Saviour like he had sprouted another head not seeing the humour.

"I understand, Ginny." Harry grinned after composing himself. Ginny continued to stare; completely oblivious how to react. "I meant that, I have never treated you like how Ron treats Hermione. I just realize that I have always treated you like Ron does, like any other Weasley boys inside does."

Ginny could only nod in agreement.

"I take it that you and Dean have been talking?" Harry asks with a smile; his tone encouraging Ginny to speak up. "And flirting," Harry wiggled his eyebrows at the red-head.

Ginny couldn't help but giggle with a slight blush, "I am so sorry about this Harry."

Harry threw his hands up in surrender, "No need to be Sorry. I should have been clearer about my feelings for you."

"It's okay. We were at war. You had more things to think about than what you feel about me." Ginny confronted with a confident smile.

The wind blew Ginny's hair as if comforting the lady as Harry smiled widely at her, looking and comparing her with his own mother, "You really did look like my mother."

Ginny's eyes widen, "Don't you dare start calling me mother, Harry!"


"Come now dear boy," Ginny's widen eyes flashed in amusement and her own bouts of laughter exploded to Harry's ears, "Harry dear, let us tell the family that I have decided to adopt you as a son."

Ginny entered the Burrow with a grin and Harry's ears couldn't get any redder. Some of the Weasleys, the elder ones, was surprised to hear about Ginny and Dean while the younger ones namely Hermione and Fred expected the revelation. Ron was gaping like a fish out of water. It was only after the dinner where Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Harry was seated in the living room that Ron decided to speak.

"So you're not interested in my sister, mate?" Ron couldn't have asked a more obvious question.

"She's like a sister to me Ron," Harry rolled his eyes to repeat what he had said again, "What I feel for her is like what you feel for her."

"Come now Harry dear," this time it was Ginny who wiggled his eyebrows, "I'm your mother."

Ron spluttered in revelation, "what's this about Ginny being your mother?"

Hermione sighed, "Clearly, Harry realized what I was trying to tell him before." She looked at Ginny then to Harry, "Ginny looks too much like Lily Potter nee Evans, which is Harry's mother to make it simple for you Ron, to develop a deep relationship other than sibling love."

"I know who Harry's mother is," Ron mumbled.

"Well I can't possibly let you ask another obvious question," Hermione continued, "besides Ginny and Dean's relationship as I have observed was growing faster that her and Harry's. Harry and Ginny are just not meant to be." Hermione pecked Ron's cheeks, enjoying the blush it elicits.

Harry sighed, "I am so jealous."

The two younger Weasley and the female part of the Golden Trio eyed the Saviour in curiosity.

"I want to have a Hermione and Ron love story too," Harry admitted.

"Well," Hermione and Ginny began to smirk while Ron and Harry was contemplated to run, "Hermione and I agree that your love story is probably a Ron and Harry Love Story." The two males couldn't believe what they hear, they looked at each other and together their faces crunched up with disgust.

"Gross!" Ginny slapped her brother gently in the head.

Hermione rolled her eyes, "What Ginny meant is that maybe Harry looks at the wrong gender."

Harry blinked owlishly. Ron's face showed understanding as Hermione had already talked about the topic in Australia while they were looking for her parents.

"I'm not gay!" Harry squeaked, "Or I think I'm not... Am I?"

The Weasleys shrugged and it was Hermione who answered, "We speculated but I think you're bisexual. It's you who really knows what you are, Harry."

"Now that the weight in your shoulders in gone, you should think about it Harry." Ginny suggested. Harry looked at Ron, who was clearly awkward about the topic.

"I don't know how to…know if I'm gay." Harry started, "I don't know anything about it. Is it even accepted in the-" "Stop it!" Hermione slapped Harry's cold nervous hands. Hermione will not let Harry start thinking that he was a freak and it's not normal... again.

"It's perfectly normal in both worlds! Although the Witches and Wizards are more accepting about it than the muggles." Hermione rolled her eyes at Harry, "Normal Wizards can't get pregnant but seeing as your Magic is much greater then it's a possibility. Merlin was a product of a Male Pregnancy. His carrier was said to be as powerful as he is."

The rest could only watch and listen as Hermione continued to speak, "I decided to research this matter when I realize that your preference might run both ways…" Hermione ran to the room she and Ginny shared.

"She did?" Ron and Harry asked Ginny still stumped not knowing how to react.

Ginny nodded, "She did. Almost every day… When I told her about Dean and I, we started to speculate about it."

Ron raised a red-haired eye brow in confusion, "And what leads to this speculation?"

"We talked about Cho first really," Ginny bit her lips not knowing where to begin, "then Hermione started worrying about your feelings returning then I told her about Dean and I… She wasn't shock to hear about it instead she locked the door and asked me what I thought about You, Cedric and Cho."

Hermione having arrived with a notebook continued, "I thought that maybe it was both Cho and Cedric that you were attracted with. When something happened with Cedric you always talked about it like you had a crush on him and so did with Cho. I was suspicious of it and when Cedric was… killed." Harry tensed in remembrance. Hermione's smile saddens but she narrowed her eyes to Harry, "See. Every time I talk about Cedric, you remember immediately. You tense and you go into this desperation somewhat mourning look which I did when Ron left us from searching the Horcruxes."

"But-" Harry continued.

"It's not the only clue," Ginny them. "I remember sometimes in Quidditch you try not to watch the boys and the girls… assets."

Harry's face coloured in pink. Hermione nodded, "and your obsession with Malfoy wasn't normal." This time Harry's face turned bright red. Ron sniggered in disgust and humour.

"I have plenty of clues that lead me to think about your sexuality but I will refrain saying as you need to realize this behaviour yourself but I will tell you some points to bear in mind with." Hermione opened the muggle notebook and gave it to the blushing Harry, "Read the Title."

Harry gulped and cleared, "Hermione's Guide to Sexuality."

Ron spluttered and laughed like a maniac which was suddenly silence with Ginny and Hermione's glare. "Sorry…" he mumbled.

Hermione and Ginny urged Harry to continue and he did, "Step One: To Understand. One, Having Same-Sex Fantasy doesn't mean you're gay…" Harry coughed and blushed, "Can I read this at home?"

The silence was unnerving but Hermione nodded in understanding, "You can read that later but I want you to answer my questions." Hermione gave him a knowing smile. Harry could only nod as he watches Ron and Ginny listening to the conversation.

"Do you feel a bit attracted to the same sex?" Hermione started.

"I don't know," Harry fidgeted in his seat. "I don't think so."

"What did you feel when Cho kissed you?"

Harry narrowed his eyes at Hermione, "I told you guys about it."

"Humour me." Hermione's smile started to widen. Harry doesn't know what will hit him.

"It was wet," Harry answered, "A bit uncomfortable."

"What about with me?" Ginny asked.

They don't know how uncomfortable Harry was, "it's was fine."

"Fine?" Ginny questioned, "Harry… If you ask a guy about how it was to kiss a girl, they'll immediately brag about it no matter how awkward it is."

Hermione nodded, "Have you ever felt shy when Oliver and the guys change clothes or shower with you?"

Harry's eyes widen and he nodded, not trusting his voice.

"Have you ever found yourself thinking that maybe you're not attracted to the girl you are supposed to be attracted with?"

Harry nodded again, his eyes reaching out to Ron for help. This was very embarrassing.

"Did you ever try to do things so that you can be closer to a person like for example, arrive early for Quidditch so you can be closer to Oliver?" Hermione was very persistent.

Harry's eyes widen, "How did you…" Hermione had a smug smile as he continued, "…know?"

"People always tell me that you were eager to learn quidditch but I always see you watching Oliver every practice match." Hermione told with a wider smile than before. "Now then…" Hermione took Harry's hands, "close your eyes."

Harry closed his eyes immediately hoping to get it done fast, "I want you to imagine a naked Cho." Harry could hear Ron sniggering followed by a slap from Ginny to silence him. Harry nibbled his lips but did what Hermione wanted. He imagined the average female body; curves everywhere, the upper curves of breasts, the small width of their waist and the large curl of their hips.

"Now I want you to imagine a naked Oliver," Hermione told. "No, I want you to remember the image of a naked Oliver." Harry instantly remembered the soft but slight curve of Oliver's hips the firm and slender structure that Harry wanted to touch. How would it feel to explore the wonders of Oliver's body? Unconsciously Harry gripped Hermione's hands tightly.

"Harry!" Hermione called him out of his fantasy, "you can open your eyes now." Harry swears that he could hear a complacent tone in Hermione's voice. Harry followed Hermione's command knowing why Hermione was so smug but Hermione was wrong.

Hermione look at him in curiosity so did Ron and Ginny, "I am guessing that I am partially correct." Harry gulped in realization and with a blush he retorted, "I should have a drink or two with Oliver. I miss not having to watch and fantasize about his body."

Ron choked on his saliva.