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I swear by the moon and the stars in the skies
And I swear like the shadow that's by your side
I see the questions in your eyes
I know what's weighing on your mind
You can be sure I know my part
'Cause I'll stand beside you through the years
You'll only cry those happy tears
And though I make mistakes I'll never break your heart

Amidst his tower like piled paperwork, Aden caught sight of his owl perched on the opened window. The blonde haired man, who had glamoured his hair black again, cursed repeatedly and muttered his usual complains about wizards and their love for recording everything on paper. Before he snatched the paper, he vowed to make something more proficient. Aden opened the crumpled paper with a large scowl and was taken by surprised with what was written in that small paper.

St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries's Patient, Mrs Andromeda Tonks nee Black, has requested for your, Harry Potter and Teddy Lupin's presence. She would like a short visit at once.

Aden didn't need to finish reading the complete letter. He did however curse his inability to apparate within Grimmauld Place before grabbing a handful of floo powder near him and shouted, "Grimmauld Place." He was excited to deliver the news for Harry since the saviour has been hoping to visit and talk with Andromeda Black for quite a while now.

Meanwhile, Harry was having wonderful time with Teddy. They were playing around Grimmauld Place, making memories, when strong feet thumped towards them in haste. The war scarred hero straightened in stiff alert for what was to come. He prayed for Aden to burst through the door and when the said man did, Harry exhaled loudly in relief.

"Welcome back," Harry carried Teddy towards the fast approaching businessman, "I thought you still had a lot of paperwork." He meet with silence at the same time was replied by a frantic hand grabbing his right arm and dragging him and Teddy towards the fireplace in the next room. "Aden, where are we going?" Harry's grip on Teddy tightens, afraid that he might drop the baby in the haste of following Aden's long stride. It was the first time he saw Aden nervous and in hurry as if someone's life was on the line.

Aden poked the floo powder container to Harry's side softly signalling the saviour to floo. Harry's eye squinted in confusion, "What's happening?" Harry's half angry demand bolted Aden from his adrenaline rush. Aden's narrowed eyes widen in surprise at the louder tone in Harry's voice.

The Lestrange blinked multiple times before slapping his cheeks with his own hands to awaken him from his stupor, "Sorry." Aden poked the floo powder container to Harry's side again and this time he told, "You and Teddy first…"

Harry's eyebrows raised as he snorted loudly at Aden, "I'm not going until you tell me what's going on! I don't even know where I am going!" Harry could not help but smirk when the revelation made Aden's face crack into stupefaction.

Aden groaned loudly while he palmed his face into his own large palms in embarrassment, "Andromeda asked for us. Go to St. Mungo's; Hurry!"

Harry's smirking face contorted into worry, realizing the time he spent worrying about Andromeda will now soon be cleared and he needed to go there before all the time left that Andromeda is sober vanished. Andromeda's moods were as clear as Britain's skies. Harry hurriedly secured Teddy in his right arms while grabbing some floo powder before shouting, "St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries." Harry's mixed feeling spiralled as he felt the familiar pull of the Floo Network.

Winter's snow takes the autumn's colors away
I must admit my world's been cold and gray
What do I do with this empty space?
Give me the strength to let your soul move on to a better place

Harry, Teddy and Aden waited for the mediwitch that was supposed to show them to Andromeda's new room. Apparently the healer had transferred Andromeda to a room that had one of the most beautiful views in the magical building because Aden had requested it. Harry could not measure how grateful he was for Aden. Aden had continued to surprise him with every waking minute and he was humbled to be the centre of his interest.

"I'm sorry for the wait," Harry turned away from Aden's eyes as the mediwitch approached them with a blush. He hadn't realized that he was blatantly staring at Aden's blue orbs. He was more surprised when Aden was staring with much more intensity into his eyes. They were practically staring at each other and he hadn't once realized it.

The mediwitch, who looked to be in her early thirties, watched the two of them with a small smile before concealing the amusement in her voice as she spoke, "If you would follow me." The two were clearly in love with each other. Harry, Teddy and Aden followed the mediwitch in silence. All of them nervous about what's to come as the doors open to reveal the weary and tired looking Andromeda sitting on her bed at the same time smiling as if they just saw each other yesterday.

"Andromeda!" Harry exclaimed with a large bright smile. Aden observed Harry; he watched as Harry placed Teddy in Andromeda's lap while the saviour conjured two chairs beside the bed. Harry nodded for him to sit beside him and Aden followed the green eyed man's wishes.

Aden felt Andromeda's eyes follow his every move. He realized that Andromeda had never actually seen him and Harry together. He sat down without any hustle and looked at the lady with a smile, "It's been a while."

Andromeda nodded before saying, "I hope you've been the gentleman to Harry and Teddy as you promised." Aden could hear the same mischievousness he knew the first and the second time they had talked but for Harry the hint of mischievousness in the lady Black reminded him of his godfather.

"You will find, Mrs Tonks," Aden smirked at Andromeda before pulling Harry into a kiss. Harry's eyes widen when he felt Aden's lips move against his. Aden broke away when Harry pinched the skin of his neck and he looked back to Andromeda's eyes, "I am always a gentleman"

Harry immediately whacked Aden's head in annoyance at the man. Andromeda giggled at them before teasing Harry, "Look at Harry Potter's cheeks blush…" Harry stared at Andromeda with horror as the lady poked Teddy's cheeks and then the saviour's cheeks with a smirk. Aden's laughter boomed through everybody's ears. Harry felt embarrassed when he realized that the mediwitch did not leave the room and saw the kiss.

"Oh my, Oh my, Harry I didn't know that you could blush as red as the Weasley's hair." Harry groaned to himself. He was happy but he could do without the teasing. Andromeda's giggles turned into laughter when Harry's blush reached his ears. Aden and Andromeda's mirth made Teddy laugh as well. It was so amazing, he felt the world began to spin in circles all the blood rushed to his face. Even then Harry was happy and it showed in his green eyes.

And I swear by the moon and the stars in the skies
I'll be there
I swear like a shadow that's by your side
I'll be there
For better or worse till death do us part
I'll love you with every beat of my heart
And I swear oouh

"I'm just going to go and get us some food," Aden told after he and Harry talked to Andromeda about their Christmas Vacation in France and their plans for the future. Harry's and Andromeda's eyes travelled with Aden's as the man vanished when the door closed. The mediwitched watched silently observing how Harry gulped nervously when Andromeda spread her arms wide. Harry spread his and they shared a warm hug that made Harry shiver with anticipation.

Harry could not contain his mixed feelings anymore. He had held himself on a break afraid of crying like a baby in front of Aden. He didn't know what to feel. He was happy that Andromeda could finally speak to him sanely but the suddenness of the event made him nervous and unprepared. He knew from the far reaches of his mind that Andromeda's strength would not last a year from now and he was scared with its coming. And at the same time he was relieved that Andromeda would finally have rest she desperately been praying for.

"Harry," the saviour looked to the aging Black with a sad look that he hadn't realized he had. "Don't look like it's the end of the Statute of Secrecy, I'm fine the way I am going to be."

Harry looking away from Andromeda's piercing gaze that told how tired she was from life and all its baggage. Harry wondered if he would come to a point where his eyes would mirror the woman in front of him. He wished that Aden had not left the two of them in one room. He felt suffocated with Andromeda's presence. What if this was the last time he and Andromeda talked? What would you say to a person who knows she could die tomorrow or today?

Personally he wanted Andromeda to survive and get better; Teddy needed all the love they all could possible give him. Teddy needed to have someone in his life that connected him to his mother and Harry would be insanely glad not to lose the only living connection he had with Sirius Black.

"I don't want you to go," Harry finally found his voice but there was not an ounce of courage in his tone.

"I'm not going anywhere for a while," Andromeda whispered. Harry wanted to delude himself into thinking that Andromeda didn't want to go but the exhaustion and spent tone in her voice was painfully clearer than any reflective surface. Harry's breathe hitched, was he selfish to wish her for her life? It hurt to know that you wanted someone living to live long when the said someone wishes nothing but death.

"Harry," Andromeda's smooth hands reached out to the saviour's. She gripped his warm hands as hard as she could, "I am fading and it is my wish to. I had agreed to take potions and medication for today because I wanted to talk to you."

Harry brought Andromeda's hands to his lips and with a soft kiss he nodded at her, "I am here."

"Teddy… Take care of Teddy." Andromeda's eyes trailed to her grandson before continuing, "Take care of yourself as well… When I am gone, always know that I went as I wished. It was not your fault nor was it anybody else. Always know that I went with Death by my own decisions."

Harry's eyes watered. He was too occupied to notice the mediwitch was already wiping stray tears on her cheeks as Andromeda said, "You found someone great in Aden."

"I know. He has been someone I never expect him to be in my life." Harry smiled at Andromeda.

"They never are," Andromeda told with a smile of her own, "I did not expect to meet My Ted too…" Andromeda paused to take a sip of the water in her bedside drawer, "Aden told me all of his plans for you and he already assured me that you will be his last try to change sexuality. I feel no lie from him. I am glad that you have someone. You deserve all the devotion Aden has showed you."

Harry did not know what else to say to Andromeda but, "Thanks."

Andromeda Tonks nee Black observed the silent 18 year old in front of her. She knew that Teddy would be safe with Harry and hopefully with Aden too. She prayed to whoever governed their fates for Harry and Aden's successful relationship. If she could ask one thing before she dies, it would be to see Harry and Aden bound to each other for the rest of their lives in perfect harmony. There was something in Aden that made him right for Harry Potter.

"How could you do it?"

Andromeda's thoughts were interrupted by Harry. She looked directly at his eyes and saw years of frightening experience. She had always been so proud of Harry's eyes; those green orbs looked at what's inside people, his eyes looked so much older than hers and it told her a lot of Harry. She didn't know how an 18 year old boy could become be a man who had faced death and survived. Andromeda's eyes meet Harry's, "How could I do, what?"

"How could you face death?"

"I should ask you that question, Harry." Andromeda smiled when Harry looked down, "I am tired, so weary and exhausted with everything. How about you Harry, how did you face death?"

"I had too," Harry murmured.

"Were you scared?" Andromeda observed the Harry inhale a large wisp of air after his breath hitched.

"I wasn't," Harry confessed, "I was prepared to offer my life to win. It was better that I die than those who had family left behind." Andromeda shook her head. Harry Potter was an extraordinary wizard, a humble one too. She marvelled that someone like him is taking care of her grandson. She patted Harry's head before Harry continued, "If I could bring those people who had died in the war back with my life, I would gladly lay down my own at moments notice."

Andromeda's heart warmed. There were still people in the world like Harry and it gave her hope for the Magical Community. Her gaze trailed from Harry to the blonde haired blue eyed man, who was silently listening in their conversation. She softly smiled at Aden, knowing how it must have hurt the man to hear Harry speak of his own life like a martyr.

"You shouldn't speak like that. To someone, your life is the world for them." Andromeda told. "If you die, you are leaving behind someone…"

Harry's question was innocent but it hurt Aden to realize that he wasn't as special as he thought he was in Harry's life, "Who?"

"Me," Harry turned his whole body to see Aden. "And us, too," Hermione and Ron walked into the room leaving Aden staring at Harry on the doorway. Harry was frozen in his seat as his head was turned to stare at the blonde man. They stared at each other for hours before Harry looked down to his lap again.

"Is it selfish of me to wish for you live through this and see your grandson grow up?" Harry asked.

Andromeda could not respond as she shivered. The mediwitch instantly took Teddy from Andromeda's gasp into Aden. They watched as Andromeda shouted, which frightened Teddy into tears. The lady gripped her head and began to mumble things. Harry and the rest could only stare astound as they watched her go from the sane mind to a hallucinating one. They stared at each other in the hallway while healers and mediwitches or mediwizards go in and out of the out-casted Black's room.

I'll give you everything I can
I'll build your dreams with these two hands
We'll hang some memories on the walls
And when (And when)
Just the two of us are there
You won't have to ask if I still care
'Cause as the time turns the page my love won't age at all

"What was that?!" Hermione demanded after she, Harry, Ron and Teddy watched Aden apparate to his workplace from the Burrow. Hermione pushed Harry to sit down as Molly took Teddy for some nap time. Ron sat immediately beside him.

"What?" Harry asked clueless and hopelessly confused.

"You don't know how much it hurt to hear the one you love speak about laying their life for others," Hermione told. Harry looked at Ron and was surprised when his best friend mirrored the look Hermione was giving him. Harry sat upright and still as he listened to Hermione continued, "To Aden, Harry, you're the future, you're the one and only and you speaking about as if nobody cares if you live or die. That is practically slapping him that he doesnt care for you enough to be considered someone special!"

Harry blinked stunned. That wasn't what he meant with his words!

Ron patted his back hard making him cough large gulps of air before saying, "We're practically brothers. Losing you was like losing..." Ron stopped to gulp the saliva that gathered in his mouth as his eyes watered in remembrance before he finished, "was like losing Fred, again."

"That wasn't what I meant," Harry franticly tried to explain himself to his best friends. He wanted to go to Aden and explained his words.

Hermione and Ron hugged him. He was enveloped in both their warmth as he heard Ron whispered, "We knew what you meant… I know you want to do anything for those who had died and I'm sure that Aden knows that too but it still hurts."

"The man is in love with you," Hermione said and Harry could hear the crack in her voice, "to hear the person you love speak as if you aren't enough of a reason to survive. To someone you might be a hero, you might be a brother to us, you might be a godfather to Teddy but to Aden, Harry, you are his world. Don't you wonder why I am so supportive of Aden for you?"

Harry felt Hermione's grip tightened as Ron's loosened. Ron broke away from their embrace leaving him with now a sobbing Hermione. He felt ashamed with his thoughtless words, "Why?"

"Because Aden loves you so much that even I am moved by how great his love is," Hermione told. Harry blinked wildly at the revelation, "He is a rich man with high standard upbringing but look at what he did and still does for you; he spent time calming you through your night time terrors, he spent Christmas with the a batch or rowdy red heads, he took time to care for Teddy, he made time to spend with you, he left his million galleon business to visit a woman in a hospital he has paid for the healers to prioritize because she is important to you, and he doesn't ask for anything in return."

Harry was unblinking and in shock as Hermione finished stating the obvious. He had finally realized how much Aden really cared for him. It had finally registered in his brain what Aden wanted with him. Everything the man had done had finally sank in.

Meanwhile, Aden appeared with a large scowl in Malfoy Manor and was greeted with the youngest Malfoy. Draco was smirking at him all the way to where they usually talked; the gardens. Draco knew what caused the usual scowl or rather who caused it. He had seen Aden with the same scowl when he tried to get near Harry Potter before he introduced them.

"What is it?" Draco sat down slowly at the steel chair. He leaned in his back and rested his arms on the arm rest. He cringed when Aden flopped to the chair like a barbaric baboon that wasn't taught any manners. Draco was fine with the easy going Aden but not the manner less Aden, "Speak and I might not castrate you for forgetting you manners!"

Aden rolled his eyes. Draco glared, "Don't roll your eyes! This is my home and I can kick you out!" Aden rolled his eyes again. This time he exaggerated it.

"Child," Draco spitted like dirt.


"Blonde Bumbling Barbaric Baboon,"

"Stinking Selfishly Spoiled Snake!" Aden messed his hair up in frustration and added, "I didn't come here for that." Draco's right eyebrow shoots up as he motioned for Aden to continue telling or rather ramble the events that lead the blonde business man to sulk in his presence. Aden told the events from the owl mail till when he apparated to Malfoy Manor. He recounted the events to Draco with scarily detailed description; Aden could still even remember every word of the sentences that passed through Harry's mouth. Draco was amazed how love could make even a careless man like Aden care but Draco was laughing his ass off as Aden finished his tale.

"Quit laughing," Aden mumbled. Draco was quiet for a while before bursting again in laughter. Aden's eyes kept on twitching in annoyance, "I don't see what so funny about Harry dying!"

Draco wiped the tears in his eyes as he settle down from the loud laughter, "There's nothing funny about the dying part but what's funny is that you haven't realized how think Harry Potter is." Draco bent on his side to take a rock; he casted a softening charm on it before throwing it to Aden with force. Aden instinctively evaded the rock with a hiss.

"What are you doing?" Aden shouted as Draco waved his wand to throw another rock at the man.

"I'm showing you what you are doing wrong with Harry," Draco's face was devoid of any emotion but boredom as if it was painfully obvious what he was doing. He stopped when he continued, "What you're doing is showing affection and throwing them to Harry but he doesn't realize that it's actually love because he is instinctively evading it. If you didn't evade the rocks, you'll feel that it wasn't hard. I actually spelled them soft as a pillow."

"So you're telling me that Harry still doesn't know I love him when I am so obvious about it?" Aden blinked. How blind can Harry Potter be? Aden groaned loudly when Draco nodded. "But I'm practically offering myself to him!" protested Aden.

"Harry was raised not to recognize love," Draco told as vague as he could. It was Harry's story to tell and not his to spread. Aden looked at him again, "You need to be direct with him. Tell him what you want and besides I'm sure how disgustingly benevolent and compassionate he is with the people he loves. He's a Gryffindor too; He acts or says things before thinking them through."

"You could have just told me that! You didn't have to throw rocks at me," Aden grumbled.

Draco smirked at him, "Where's the fun in that?"

Aden scowled again. This were one of those times where he wants to choke the youngest Malfoy and this was one of the reasons why he was glad not to have any younger brothers.

"Thanks for your gift by the way. The glove suited me perfectly," Draco told as he sipped the tea that one of his elves have served without Aden noticing. Aden's scowl turned into a grin when he listening at the semi-formal thanks. Maybe having a brother like Draco wouldn't hurt. He was spoiled but he had his moments of greatness and kindness.

"I want boots next time by the same designer,"

Aden snorted. He took back all he had said. Having a brother would be a pain in the arse.

And I swear (I swear)
By the moon and the stars in the skies
I'll be there (I'll be there)
I swear (And I swear)
Like the shadow that's by your side
I'll be there (I'll be there)
For better or worse till death do us part
I'll love you with every beat of my heart (Beat of my heart)
And I swear (Oh yeah)

Harry had already tucked Teddy to sleep, cleaned the kitchen with Tiddy, and drank a glass of hot cocoa when the time that Aden had promised to come to pass and the grandfather clock in the living room chimed at the said alarm. Harry went downstairs to wait as he waited for the Fire place to spit Aden to him.

His green eyes lit up when he saw the familiar green flames lighted the living room and a sleepy Aden stepping out. He flung himself to greet the man. Harry could hear Aden's muffled 'oomph' as he jumped into Aden, wrapping his arms to Aden's neck and pecking his lips with a short lived kiss.

"I am so sorry about my thoughtless words in St. Mungo's. Falling in love is all new to me and I never wished to upset you. I never meant my words… actually I meant them but not on the same context that it was supposed to meant an-" Harry's rambling was cut short when Aden's open mouth met his own in a toe curling kiss. He leaned into the kiss, something he had never done before. He boldly stuck his tongue into Aden's and moaned as Aden's experience tongue worked magic on his. He wondered if he was blushing Weasley red now?

Harry learned to breathe through his nose seeing as Aden was not letting him go now. Not that he was complaining. He was a bit surprised to feel Aden's hands rooming around his body; usually Aden still his hands on his hair afraid that he might lose control. Harry tangled his hands through Aden's growing blonde hair as their tongue swirled with each other before closing the gap again. Harry's head tilted to the side as Aden moved his lips again and again.

"Ahrg," Harry verbally groaned as Aden wrapped Harry's legs to his waist and pushed Harry's back to the wall. The groan turned into muffled moan as Aden rubbed his erection with Harry's. Aden's lips left Harry's. Harry breathed with a large inhale and a soft, "Ahh" as Aden sucked the skin that his lips was place, which was on Harry's neck. The blonde trailed kisses on the neck after and at the same time grinding their hard erections with eliciting another pleasure Harry was a stranger too.

Harry shouted incoherent words as Aden's tongue began licking and teasing Harry's left ear. Harry could feel Aden smirking as they kissed again.

"Aden," Harry whispered bringing Aden to shivers since Harry's lips were just millimetres away from Aden's ears.

"Hummm?" Aden hummed as a reply; his lips now sucking and licking Harry's neck.

"Do you really love me?"

Harry was a bit scared when he felt Aden stop his ministration to groan. Aden buried his head to Harry's messy black hair. He smiled when Aden's arms began to wrap around him in a large bear hug which he had came to love. Aden's hugs always made him feel safe and secure.

"Do I really need to spell it for you?" Aden asked, tightening the bear hug. Harry's smile broadened when he felt Aden kissed the top of his head. "I, Aden Steven Morris Lestrange… L.O.V.E. love meaning a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person… Y.O.U, Harry James Potter… In short, I Love you and I don't need you to speak them in return for now. You will someday."

"So confident," Harry could only utter those two words as Aden began kissing him again. Harry loved the scent of papers and aftershave in Aden. Harry suddenly remembered Hermione telling him to use the notebook she had given him on Christmas Day in the Burrow.

Note me; I love how he effortless smells good.

Somewhere upstairs, a muggle looking notebook opened and wrote what Harry had thought.

I swear (I swear)
By the moon and stars in the sky
I'll be there (I'll be there)

Harry continued to write in the notebook Hermione had given him. He found a lot of things he liked about Aden especially when they are together.

"Harry," Aden called out. Harry Potter looked up from his magazine and gazed upon the bored looking Aden. The Saviour looked up with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm bored."

"And why are you here?" Harry looked down to his magazine flipping it to the next page.

"I'm bored, cuddle with me."

Harry froze and his head instantly snapped to the grinning man. He was surprised when Aden effortless lifted him into his arms as Aden sat on the chair he once sat while he was in his lap, flustered and still speechless with the blonde's action. Aden's grin blinded him. Harry rolled his eyes; he leaned into Aden's warmth and snuggled with the bored man as he looked for ideas for the Manor the man he was cuddling with is currently building. He was amazed with how will they fit with each other.

Note me: I love how our bodies just belong and fit like a part of a puzzle.

The next day after that Harry experienced something he never thought he would. Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived-twice, is suffering from a cold and had a fever. He knew about his lack of immunization and took note to make plans for it with Hermione. He woke up with a burning feeling in his head and a cold shivering feeling all over.

"Harry?" Aden knocked on Harry's door. Teddy was crying loudly. His head was buzzling with nonsense. Harry tried to stand up but was disappointed by how weak his legs were and planted with a large thud in the cold tiled floors. Aden immediately opened the door with force and a panicked face.

Harry felt his person being picked up frantically, "You're burning hot!" Aden exclaimed. He immediately placed Harry back to the bed, took Teddy from his crib and run to the floo after shouting, "You stay there and rest!"

Harry closed his eyes and rested. He was too weak to complain and being stubborn. The next time he opened his eyes, Hermione and Ron were beside him. He heard Hermione waking him up, pleading him to drink the medicine the healer had prescribed for him. Ron was calling his name over and over again. He was disappointed when he could not hear Aden.

"Hey," Hermione smiled at him. Harry tried to sit up but was proved worthless.

"You need more rest, mate" Ron told. Ron sat him up to the headboard and Hermione brought the potions in front of his mouth. He cringed while gulping the piss tasting potion. Aden entered the room as he stuck his tongue out disgusted with the potion. The blonde chuckled, which made Harry look up and smile at him.

"Teddy is with Mrs. Weasley for now," Aden said. "The healer said that it would be much better if you and Teddy don't make contact while you still have a fever. Children are supposed to be sensitive with these things since they haven't developed the antibodies as well as we have."

Harry opened his mouth and tried to speak but was ended with a couple on incoherent sounds. Harry's eyes began to drop. Aden smirked and said, "I think I know what you're trying to say." Aden crawled to Harry's bed and dropped besides him, "Before you start complaining, I drank a potion to prevent me from catching your fever so cuddling you like this is totally fine."

Hermione giggled, "We haven't drunk that potion so we will just go and help with Teddy." Ron was the first to bolt out of the room. He didn't want to see Harry, his brother, cuddling with someone.

Note me: I love how I can trust you with my life and know you won't lead me astry.

Two days after that, he was healed and healthy as a horse. Harry woke up because of the sun that bothered his eyes. He smiled when he felt Aden's arms wrapped securely around him. He kissed the man's jaw softly and started caressing Aden's sharp jaw bone with his thumb. His heart jumped when Aden's eyes opened and he was surprised with a kiss.

"I'm fine now," Harry told. Aden groaned as he buried his head in Harry's hair. Harry wished his hair did not smell bad; he hadn't taken a bath for two days now. "I hope I didn't keep you from you're job."

"Who cares about money when you're here feverish and sick," Aden snorted. Harry smiled and pecked Aden's lips before he buried his face into Aden's neck.

Note me: I love how you put me first than anything or anyone else.

"You sure you're alright?"

Harry hummed as a reply with a soft nod that Aden felt.

"You're not feeling anything unusual?"

"Now that you mentioned it, I do feel weird." Harry told. Aden's face grew worried and Harry's heart warmed as Aden showed honest concern. Aden felt his forehead for a fever and then his eyes scanned Harry's body for anything unusual.

"I need to call the doctor," Aden stood up hurriedly.

Harry's chuckles stopped him from frantically calling someone, "A healer, silly. We're not muggles and I am perfectly fine… as healthy as a horse, promise."

Harry grinned when Aden sighed in relief.

Note me: I love how you are genuinely concerned about me.

"I'm still going to call a healer."

(I swear) I swear like the shadow that's by your side
I'll be there (I'll be there)
For better or worse (Better or worse)
Till death do us part (Oh no)
(I'll love you with every) Every single beat of my heart
(I swear) I swear (I swear)
Oh, I swear



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