Chapter 1

Percy POV

My back was hunched, I felt weak as I sat in the dark foreboding alley in the gray snowed Manhattan. I shivered and saw my breath like a small fog swirling around my face. It was that cold. I cursed in every language I knew which wasn't a lot. I could feel the anger and hatred boiling in a cauldron in my heart. I was betrayed 50 years ago, by the same people I saved. There are a few who remembered me, though. Thalia, Nico, Grover, and then there was Chiron, Hestia, Hades and my dad, Poseidon. You might be wondering, where is Annabeth and where is my mom?

Annabeth left me when I had gone out to hold the weight of the sky for a year which was a quest Athena had given me to be able to date her daughter. She left me a note saying we were never meant to be. I cried myself to sleep every passing day when she left me that stupid piece of paper. She left me for that new 'Hero of Olympus' Asher Isapish, son of Zeus. I mean, c'mon, he killed a hellhound, just a hellhound and everyone followed him like he was the one who led them to battle during the second Titan and Giant War. This is how it felt to be thrown away like a piece of trash. The gods had even praised Asher like he was the new best thing. I just left; I couldn't bear the pain anymore. But I said to myself, I will be back with vengeance. I will make all of them pay for what they had done to me; I would tear down each throne and each god just to have satisfy my redemption. So, this is how Luke felt. As for my mother, she died with her fiancé Paul during an explosion in their house due to gas pipes. That news just broke me down more and my life became lonelier and more remorseful. Though, I knew it was not accidental, I could smell the Greek fire inside the apartment.

I cackled madly for some retarded reason, and then there were flashes of silver. They came from somewhere to my right as I had my back on to one of the walls of the alley. I looked up and saw girls in silver hunting outfits, glowing parkas and sparkling skirts of silver, bows slung over their lithe frames. They were running towards me for a reason I am completely unaware of. A sudden breeze and I was surrounded, arrows pointed at my head point blank.

I heard whispers of "what are we even doing here?" or "he looks disgusting, like all males are" Two individuals moved forward, one a 16 year old girl with punk clothes and had hair all spiked up, her electric blue eyes staring at me with hatred. How many times I missed talking and playing around with her? I don't know, I lost count. The other was a 13 year old girl with auburn red hair and silver nuggets for eyes. They were mesmerizing.

I bowed down with respect. I could feel her tense and confusion plastered on to her face. "Why are you bowing, pig? Are you a demigod?" She asked with venom each of her words. I simply laughed and slowly stood up. My clothes ruffled in the short breeze, a black tattered cloak with sea green linings, a black shirt and black cargo fatigues. All of them gripped their bows tighter and was ready to fire in a moment's notice. The streetlights that towered at the two ends of the alley went out and everything went black. I smiled a devilish grin. It was finally time for me to disappear. I zapped to the opposite end where the hunters came from. I moved like black lightning, literally. The lights abruptly opened again and the hunters' jaws fell down all the way down below sea level. Their eyes darted back and forth wondering where I went. Their eyes fell on me and ran in pursuit. I laughed for the first time in decades a laugh of completely happiness. The first mischief I have ever done in over 50 years.

I ran down the street with the hunter hot on my tail. I whipped out my naginata, Skia Lamina, it had transformed from a short, thin metal pipe. The shaft ran down the length of my arm as the blade sparked and cracked while it skids on to the pavement. Its blade molded with 5 different metal, imperial gold, lunar silver, celestial bronze, stygian iron and steel swirled like a black hole of various shiny colors. Its shaft made of Ocean Crystal, stronger and harder than titanium and tungsten combined and was tinted with sea green and aquamarine. My blade had that dark green aura and sparks flew out of it and dimmed even more that lay within the dark motionless Manhattan. Weird in the sense that Manhattan suddenly felt like it was asleep which was quite unusual. I shrugged it off.

Something whizzed pass my ear, something silver at that. It imbedded itself on the pavement like a javelin being thrown. More of them rained down like thin comets of silver. The speed of my sprint suddenly decreased, I looked down and an arrow protruding from my calf, why didn't I feel it? The hunters started gaining on me and one of them started sparking out of frustration. I saw the auburn haired girl leap over me and landed gracefully at about 20 meters from me. She crouched low as if ready to pounce with shining hunting knives drawn. I skid to a stop and pointed my naginata towards her with two hands, she fell for the 'I will fight you trick.' She pounced and I smirked at her. I pulled. I pulled the endless darkness of the shadows. I appeared where she had come from, and then continued sprinting down the road; I saw the small forest at the park. I ran there.

I heard a "stupid" resonating behind me, I'm not the one stupid because I'm on a mission given by the Council. I was heading to the blasted maple tree of the mighty light bulb, Hyperion. My clothes flashed brightly and my guise changed into my assassin clothes. They were trimmed with bright sea green color and a jewel imbedded trident on a flaming hearth at the back.

"Fuck this," I said. I knew I was making a bad choice of leading them to me with a very visible of the symbols of all my patrons.

"Watch your mouth, nephew." A voice said from inside my head.

"Yes, auntie," I said out loud.

"Why don't you finish your job already? You owe your dad and I a day for the beach tomorrow." Another voice said in my head.

"Yes, uncle," I said out loud again.

"Go get them Percy!" A third voice shouted in my head.

I smirked. "Thanks dad!"

"When and where did you get those weapons? You disappear for 10 years and you come back with badass clothes. Wicked!" Hades screamed in my head.

"Uncle, you are starting to get too attached with Nico and his praises for me," I smirked. I could feel his glare then it shifted to a slight chuckle.

"Let us get this over with." I said to no one in particular.

I reached the edge of the forest and angled my feet, sprinted of to the other direction heading towards the smell of burnt wood. Spotted an enormous crater with a harsh evil light, I squinted and crouched low, I could hear the light pitter - patter of booted feet on snow. They started getting close, I need to finish this quick and fast. I gripped the end of the shaft of my naginata and its blade dipped into the moon dripped snow positioned a few inches from my back. It was perfectly positioned with enough combinations of vertical, horizontal and diagonally slices that could easily maneuver them to a majestic dance of blades. A figured started to rise from the crater, trudging towards me with heavy armor clanking continuously with even the slightest of jerks. It was humanoid that looked like it was weaved out of light and fire itself. Behold the Mighty Light Bulb!

"Hey Sparky, remember me?" I called out to him. His head jerked to me and orbs of noxious eyes gave me a death glare that would have made me cower in fear back when I was young, but not anymore.

"Perseus Jackson, we meet again." Hyperion spat out with menace lingering in his voice. "I have always wanted to rip you apart once I got out of that blasted maple tree, and if it wasn't my lucky day, you just happen to be the first one I meet."

"And I will the last one you will see." I clutched my naginata tighter as my knuckles turned white. His body flickered as the light held everything together, this will be easy and fun. Light and darkness fighting, it has a nice ring to it.

A bright light expanded outwards from Hyperion's hand, a perfect golden bow staff appeared once the light dissipated. Rows and rows of white hot flames swirled around the wood itself. It radiated heat in overwhelming temperatures, good thing I was far away from it or it would have singed my eyebrows to dust. I need to protect my eyebrows or else Hades would not be able to get off the floor from all the endless laughing. I sighed.

"Let us get this over with; I need to have a vacation." Hyperion readied his staff, when two blades sprouted from the two ends of the bow staff. He grinned.

I could feel the naginata glowing with power, ready to release the skill I was going to use. That battle commenced with us dashing forward, closing the distance. As I was five meters away from him, my blade danced within 5 strokes of silver. I 'cracked' behind him, Skia Lamina back to where it started before the skill occurred.

"Nocturnal Oracle, Star Blitz," I said. I turned my head back, Hyperion was frozen in place. 5 slashes suddenly erupted in his body, barely visible but seeable enough to make out a faint shape of a star. Hyperion coughed out ichor.

"Argh!" He crumpled to his knees, but he was steady. His brightness suddenly dimmed, but not that much. He stood up shakily, using his bow staff as a support. He steadied his feet and drew a shaky breath. He brought up his bow staff in a fighting stance.

"You're lucky the hunters are here," I looked over to a cloud of silver hidden behind a grove of trees. They did not seem to notice I have spotted them.

Clank! Clink! Items jingled around my waist, 5 hooks in front held black throwing stars. They had a menacing look, yet at the same time looked beautiful, courtesy of Nyx, primordial of the night. Something else tinkled on the back part of my belt. 5 sheathes with 3 throwing knives each were magically connected to my belt. I took a hold of a whole hook at the front of my belt and maneuvered 3 midnight black stars in my left hand, each hugged between my four fingers. I barely took aim and raven stars flew through the night, slicing the darkness like a knife through butter. Three thumps and I had Hyperion pinned down with his feet bleeding ichor.

"Argh!" He screamed out. "I will tear you to pieces, Jackson! I do not care whether those puny Olympians wage war, you have brought them their downfall." He threatened.

I smiled. "Why would I care for those pitiful gods?! They betrayed me!" I growled at him. I could feel the nail of anger hammering itself more into the crevice it had created in my heart.

"Wow," he paused. "I wasn't expecting that reply."

He hefted his bow staff in the same position as I did, both my hands gripped the mid shaft so tight that my knuckles turned white, the Chudan-no-kamae. My blade faced him steadily and Hyperion did so too.

"This seems to be my last fight." He said solemnly and only now did I notice that his light started flickering. "Nobody remembers me anymore. It's my time to actually go to the void." He said glumly.

"Why the sudden change of heart? It now sounds like you don't even want to fight me." I said, surprised.

He smiled. "And now you are freaking me out, you started looking freaky. Why the hell are you smiling?" I was completely confused and out of my mind.

"Because I think I might actually find my heir; the heir of light and observation." He said and grinned. "It might actually look good on your dark and shadow powers." He pointed out the obvious. He suddenly charged, his bow staff raised high above my head, ready for a quick and clean decapitation. I stood my ground and sidestepped in the last moment. My blade smoothly sparked against one of his double edged blades. My blade basically misdirected his blade away from me, it flew out of its supposed orbit. I pulled at my naginata, the shaft and blade switched places, the shaft had pushed Hyperion back causing him to stagger. I flipped and did a handstand, with my momentum with the handstand, I kicked his bow staff. It flew away from his hand going vertically up. As I did another 180 degree flip, I plunged my blade on to the solid soil below me, and then bent it in a slight angle. I launched myself up and caught the bow staff with one of its blazing blades pointing down, then just fell. There was a loud sound like a blade being sheathed. Ichor splashed everywhere and I saw the light of Hyperion slowly dimming until it disappeared. His own bladed bow staff lodged in between his where his eyes were supposed to be. I could feel a grin etched on his face.

"I have found my heir," he suddenly faded like a simple fog that was hit by the sun. His armor remained, but then was sucked in by the bow staff; well nothing is normal in my world. I walked up to the bow staff. The bow staff jerked up as I brought my hand over it. I caught the shaft and it balanced itself in my grip, a perfect fit. Light erupted from the bow staff and it went in through my chest, where my heart was supposed to be. Doubling in pain, I staggered and tried to get up on my feet. Once the pain subsided, I suddenly felt powerful, like I just ate a double dose of blue nectar and ambrosia. The bow staff glowed again, but this time with Skia Lamina as well. The bow staff slowly dissolved into fine golden dust and swirled around Skia. The dust suddenly starts binding itself around Skia and glows brightly. As soon as the glow arrived, it disappeared as quick as well as the dust that caused it. I held in my hands the same form as Skia, but with another blade protruding out of the end shaft. Now, two crescent blades were as black as midnight. It was still the same in color and the metals were still in the blade, yet I can feel something weird. I stared at it as much as possible, it suddenly caught fire. It was the blessing of Hyperion. I smiled. I sheathed it and strapped it back on to my back. Mission accomplish, well, I think it is accomplished. Does making him fade the same as killing him?

"Who are you boy?!" Said a voice behind me and I breathed out a sigh.