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Chapter 6

Percy POV

I appeared back in the council room, abit dizzy and tired from the constant use of powers for today. I sat down in the middle of the room and closed my eyes.


I was running, running like hell. I needed to get away from the wind spirits chasing after me and it has only been a few weeks since I left camp. Lately, I've been running into them quite a lot and I don't think it's much of a coincidence.

"Gahhhh!" I shouted in pain as I remember the bite I got from a wolf the other day. I woke up to having a large wolf clamping its jaws down on my right shoulder. Out of reflexes, I had brought out Riptide and in less than a second, its head was rolling on the ground. It has turned black ever since and still won't heal properly.

I usually just don't think about it that much and eventually I forget until the pain comes back.

Anyways, I was somewhere around Alaska, a place where no god will venture in because the place was not in their power. It was a good area to use if I want to hide from the gods; the only bad thing is that every monster in the country knows my location.

I had paused to catch a breather from running a few kilometers, but that doesn't seem to be something the fates wanted me to do. Out of the blue, a hole appeared below me. My eyes grew wide as I managed to grab a hold of the side of the hole with one hand while the other held Riptide. My grip slowly loosened as I was too weak to hold on much longer, and eventually, my sight grew dark as I fell, the outside world disappearing from my grasp, literally.

-Line Break- (still in flashback)

Next thing I knew, I was lying face down on cold obsidian. It was polished until it could show a perfect reflection. Groaning out in pain, I slowly sat up and scanned my surroundings. I was on a circular platform surrounded by a dome-shaped ceiling, small stalactites glinting menacingly as they were decorated with precious gems. The circular platform had an inner shape, a hexagon of some sort with each point being a grand throne.

There were 6 thrones, each giving off an aura of some kind of darkness. I shivered as it made the hairs on the back of my neck to stand, as well as goosebumps to appear on my arms.

One of them held an aura the same as the one I feel everytime I walked up into the attic of the big house. It was engraved with constellations and other stars, constantly shifting and all. It was beautiful. And the thing that made it more beautiful were the orbs surrounding it. Each one of them was shining like a dazzling star, leaving dust at their wake. They orbited the throne, showering the throne with fine silver dust, making it more mystical.

Another one was woven out of complete shadow. It was made to look like how the fates would weave the gigantic socks they always make. It had grotesque faces decorating itself, making me suddenly remember how the robes of Hades had looked like on my first quest. It gave off an aura of nothing but complete darkness as it tried to reach out to the shadows that were casted upon the obsidian floor which pretty much was my shadow only.

The one beside it was just a simple throne made of polished obsidian. It was decorated like the night sky, with the moon place perfectly at the top. It was positioned to look like a halo when someone sits upon the throne with their godly height. I felt a peaceful aura from it; it felt the same like that of Artemis, goddess of the moon. This is probably because of the fact that the night and the moon both work hand in hand.

The next one almost seemed like Zeus' throne. It cracked with the sounds of thunder and flashed with lightning, but not just any lightning, black lightning to be exact. It was made of some dark mineral that I do not know off as well as stygian iron. The stygian iron gave it the finishing touch as it highlighted the intricate details made by the weird dark mineral. A small gray cloud also surrounded it, constantly showering the ground around the throne with literally black lightning.

The second to the last was a bit different from the rest other than the fact that it radiated death which is connected to darkness as well. It was surrounded with balls of fire, each one being a color of a rainbow. The orbs, though, did not spin around the throne, unlike the first throne which had small comet-like spheres. I could feel magic spinning around the throne like a hurricane that my dad conjures up whenever he is in a real foul mood.

The last throne held the same feel that I got in the Tartarus. The memory burned itself in my mind, and no matter how much I tried, I could never forget the horrors I saw down there. The throne had a small stream starting from the top running its way down to the foot of the throne then evaporating into dark mist which then pooled around it. The river bubbled and churned, a stench of poison lingered around the throne itself.

Avoiding the thrones, I moved myself towards the edge of the circular platform. I looked over but there was nothing securing the platform, it simply floated, like a lily pad on water. I tried touching the air below the platform, and I felt liquid-like substance. And that liquid-like substance hurt more than hell. It felt like I took a dip into each river of the underworld all at the same time. The River Styx felt like I was being injected with, but with the other four rivers, it felt like I was drinking acid, while being injected with it while bathing in acid. It hurt that much and I'm not even kidding. I pulled my hand out immediately, nothing happened to it except for the fact that it was filled pale as a sheet of paper.

I gripped the hand I dipped in and slowly stood up, shaken by the pain. Suddenly the liquid I had touched appeared. With my power over water, I could feel the current, and supposedly, there were5 currents all counterflowing eachother.

"Seems like you really are that dense, huh? You do know that the water you just touched is a mixture of all the rivers of the underworld right?" a voice said from behind me and immediately, my body tensed. My hand went to my pocket, holding Riptide in pen form at the ready.

I looked over my shoulder and then I saw someone standing infront of the throne that had a river running from top to bottom. A woman stood there, and she was someone I have seen before. My teeth grind against eachother and I pounced on her, Riptide drawn. In mid-swing, my arms faltered from above me, they felt like jelly. I collapsed to the ground, my eyes showing both fear and hatred, probably.

"That's not nice, Perseus, and even after I let you go with your petty girlfriend," she smiled. She wore a cloak, the cloth pooling around her feet, images of phobias and people in sorrow adorned the fabric.

"Lady Achlys," I said through gritted teeth, forcing the words out of my mouth.

"Now, now, my daughter, we shouldn't treat our visitor like that," a motherly voice came from the throne with the moon on top. Forcing my body, I tilted my head to look over to her and my eyes went wide in surprise, Nyx, the primordial goddess of the night stood there, wearing a silk gown that glowed a silver glow.

"But mooooom! He attackeddd meee!" whined Achlys. I looked at her in shock, I just saw the goddess of misery and sorrow in front of me whine.

"You shouldn't act so childish in front of our guest or else that will leave a bad impression on you, y'know?" another voice snickered, a feminine voice at that. It had come from the throne that had comet-like spheres orbiting around it, a lady that wore practically almost the same thing Lady Leto wore when I saw to it that the gods really freed her, she was a really nice lady.

"I thought you faded, Lady Asteria," I said to her.

"Well, well, well, seems like you have done your research, Perseus," she nodded towards me.

"Nahhh, you just wear the same thing Lady Leto wears hahahaha," I laughed out lightly.

"Interesting, you have met my sister?" she asked.

"Yes," I smiled and continued. "As a matter of fact, I actually asked for freedom after the second titanomachy." She had a look of shock then regained her composure before nodding her thanks.

"Can't believe I am seeing Asteria thanking a person for once and a man at that," someone laughed to the side and I looked over to the throne which had the rainbow colored flaming orbs.

"Lady Hecate, didn't expect you to be here," I said politely.

"Thank you for pardoning my siding with the titans," she smiled shyly as she fumbled with the hem of her brown cape with a black traditional style black tunic underneath.

"No problem," I smiled at her. "Anyways, what do you want from me?" my question directed to Nyx.

"Let us summon first the remaining people of the council," she said before she held out her right hand as she stood at the middle of the hexagon. Stars from her throne shot out white light and the light itself threading in her hand and making a staff that looked almost like the same staff Gandalf has in the Lord of the Rings. She took the staff then slammed it solidly on to the obsidian floor. Rays of black and white light branching out of the tip of the staff, moving like spiders as they all took a throne making there be 6 lines. The remaining two thrones were surrounded with darkness, one accompanied by the sounds of thunder while the other was accompanied by the sounds of rasping, like a snake crawling on sand.

When the darkness disappeared, everybody else who was here already had sat on their respective thrones while I stood in the middle. The last two people to arrive, both men, sat on the remaining 2 thrones. One of them was probably a cross between Hades and Brad Pitt. He had sat on the throne that was woven out of shadows. He wore black armor, edged and highlighted with stygian iron. He also held a double-edged sword that had greek engravings that meant darkness. The other man who sat on the throne with black lightning zapped around it. He looked like my interpretation of the sandman. His hair was in 3 colors, white, black and gray. His body cracked and coursed with black lightning. He also wore armor, but not as big and bulky as the first man had worn. It was armor that a ninja would probably wear, dark cloth linked with together with a chainmail.

I bowed respectfully to the one wearing the armor who sat beside Nyx. I recognized him as Erebus, primordial god of shadows. He waved off my bow and smiled at me in a fatherly kind of way.

"No need to bow to me, lad. The amount of respect I have for you for all the heroic things you have done is more than the amount of respect you probably have for me, so, no need to be all formal and all," he laughed.

"Alright Lord Erebus," I said then looked over to the other man. "Who are you?" I said rather disrespectfully to the one wearing the ninja costume.

He laughed at me and I looked at him confusedly. "It seems like all the tales about you are true, you and dissing off most of the egoistic gods hahaha, I ain't one fo those so yeah, hahaha. I am Summanus, god of black lightning, pleased to meet you," he smiled at me a mischievous smile.

"Pleased to meet you too," I bowed slightly and he also brushed off the bow.

"No need for formalties with me, young Perseus," he said with a chuckle.

"So, now… Why am I here?" I directed the question to all of them.

"We are the Council of Darkness, one that governs over the Pit," Erebus said.

I was gapping like a fish with wide eyes. There was a council for Tartarus? Why did I never know about it? Not even heard a single word about it?

As if they were reading my mind, "nobody knows of it but us, you and Tartarus," they all said at the same time.

"So why isn't Tartarus part of this council?" I asked.

"Because he said he was busy with commanding the prisons of the immortals thrown into Tartarus, so we instead relay what we have talked about here in the council and he has the final say to it," explained Nyx.

"Oh," I said unintelligently. They all rolled their eyes at me.

"Anyways, you are here because the fates brought you here," I looked confused.

"Why would the fates want me here?" I questioned.

"It is to make you the bridge between the dark deities with the deities up on Olympus," Erebus replied.

"What?" I don't get it, as usual. He sighed in reply.

"Simply, we are going to make you our champion, as our representative for the upcoming war," he said grimly. I had an expression of horror plastered on to my face. Another war? With who?

"We do not know yet who the enemy is, all we know that it will happen in a century," replied Erebus, reading my mind again.

"Ughhhh stoppp reading my minddddddd," I said exasperatedly. They all laughed at the same time. "Anyways, I accept," knowing all too well what I signed myself up too, "but on what condition, I won't be nice to them," I said.

"Agreeable," Nyx nodded.

"So, how will this work?"

"We give you our blessings, and a few other perks of being the champion of the Council of Darkness," Summanus said, and just like they each brought out their symbols of power.

Nyx held her staff tightly on one hand, its tip glowing black as it rests on the line she had made a while ago on the floor. The top of the staff had a gem, held with vine-like design as shadows wrapped and coiled around the base of the gem.

Erebus held a double-edged sword, his hands resting on top of the hilt as the tip of the blade sat on the black and white line on the floor. The greek engravings suddenly lifting themselves off of the blade and start circling the blade itself.

Asteria brought out a bow, engraved with vine designs and shooting stars. It was glowing silver and as I looked a bit closer, the vines were moving, like it was some kind of a mechanism. She held it by one edge of the bow while the other edge rested on her part of the line.

Achlys was Indian sitting, wearing a silver vambrace. A hidden bladed protruded out from the vambrace. I could tell it was made out of a combination of stygian iron and celestial bronze. She held the tip of the blade perfectly on the center of her part of the line.

Hecate held some kind of magic wand, reaching atleast a feet and a half long. It was patterned with intricate designs of bones and skulls. The tip away from her was burned a bright green flame and, extending like some kind of link, it latched on to its part of the line on the floor.

The last person, Summanus, held a peculiar weapon I have never seen before. It was like a polearm, but I have never seen such unorthodox design. It had a crescent blade and it was thin, like a katana. The pole itself was almost 2 meters long and the blade itself being half a meter long. It was made of unknown materials. He held it, with the tip of the blade lying on the line on the floor.

"Alright, slowly feed your power on to the line and keep doing that until I tell you to stop," Erebus said and immediately the 6 deities focused their powers into the line, the color changing to complete black as they slowly creeped their way to me. And before I knew it, the black light suddenly became tangible like a living goo-like substance and started crawling up me. In a few seconds, I was encased in their powers.

"Ahhhhhh!" the pain was unbearable, making me feel the same pain as I felt when I had touched the liquid a while ago and then I lost consciousness.

Flashback End*