It had been about a week since I had last visited Pitch and I couldn't stop thinking about him. I had nearly kissed him. I knew what I was doing was wrong; not only is Pitch my enemy, but I'm dating Bunny. I shouldn't be thinking about anyone else.

"Aye, mate,"

Bunny purred while wrapping his arms around my waist. I smiled and turned to nuzzle against the furry chest of my boyfriend

"Hey Bunny,"

I greeted while nuzzling his chest. Bunny gently kissed the top of my head before pulling me down on top of him on the ground. I giggled slightly and tightened my grip on his waist. I nuzzled his neck and gasped when he slipped his hand up the front of my hoodie to lightly toy with one of my nipples. Bunny quickly pinned me to the ground and stripped me before taking a nipple into his mouth. I gasped at the wonderful sensation


I gasped. Bunny abruptly pulled away. I whimpered

"Why'd you stop?"

I whined while attempting to pull Bunny closer

"You moaned fer Pitch,"

He snapped. I flinched away from him

"I… I'm sorry, it-"

"Shut up, I don't want yer excuses. Are you seein' him?"

He harshly cut me off.

"What? No, I'm not seeing him,"

I assured frantically

"Well, you clearly wanna be,"

He snapped. I flinched back only to have Bunny grab my arm and pull me towards him

"Don't you dare run away from this!"

He yelled, I flinched again and tried to hold back my tears

"I'm sorry, Bunny, really,"

I apologized. He scoffed and tossed me slightly

"yeh, whatever, I'm goin' home,"

Bunny growled before standing. I quickly stood and clung to his arm

"No, wait, please, I'm sorry, it won't happen again, I'll do anything, just please, don't leave me,"

I begged; freely sobbing now. Bunny turned to look at me

"You promise it won't happen again?"

He asked

"I promise,"

I agreed frantically; my icy tears falling from my cheeks. Bunny gently ran a paw through my hair

"Alright, but I'm still mad at you,"

He informed. I smiled and clung to his chest

"I love you, Jack,"

Bunny whispered. I smiled

"I love you too, Bunny,"

I sniffled while he gently rubbed my back

"Now quit it with the water works,"

He mumbled. I giggled and nuzzled his chest

"I'm sorry,"

I giggled while pulling away to wipe my eyes on my arm. Bunny gently caressed my cheek before pulling me into a passionate kiss. I moaned into the kiss and wrapped my arms around Bunny's neck. I gasped when Bunny raked his nails along my back. Bunny pushed me to the floor

"Turn over; I wanna root you from behind,"

He purred. I bit my lip and whimpered; but turned over anyway. I arched my back slightly; Bunny crawled over me and rubbed his thick heat against me. I gasped when the head poked at my hole

"Now, as punishment for moaning… Someone else's name, you ain't allowed to cum 'till I say you can,"

Bunny hissed. I whimpered at the erotic situation my boyfriend had just put us in. I cried out when I felt Bunny roughly enter me. I threw my head back when he immediately started pounding into me

"ooh~ Th-that's too hard~!"

I whimpered when he slammed into my prostate. Bunny slipped a paw underneath me and stroked my shaft in time with his thrust while he kissed and nipped my shoulder. I dig my nails into the grassy floor below me to keep from cumming. The claws on Bunny's free paw dug into my hip as he pushed himself into me harder and faster.

"Oh, god, Bunny, please~!"

I begged.

"'Please' what, whore?"

Bunny purred huskily in my ear. I whimpered at the vulgar insult

"P-please, may I cum?"

I begged while thrusting back against him. Bunny chuckled darkly behind me

"Tell me how bad you want it,"

He purred. I bit my lip

"Please, I need it, I need to cum, it feels so good~!"

I exclaimed

"Yeah, you like that?"

He teased after a particularly hard thrust

"Oh Bunny, please, I need to cum, please, let me cum~!"

I begged. Bunny chuckled

"Go on,"

As soon as he purred those words hotly in my ear, my tensed and I released. I whimpered as Bunny pulled out. I was about to ask why he'd stopped when I felt hot, sticky fluid splatter across my back. I bit my lip and blushed at the erotic feeling. I turned towards Bunny; he had lay back against a tree. I timidly crawled up to my lover

"Are you still mad at me?"

I asked shyly. Bunny cracked an eye open at me


He responded simply before closing the eye. I cuddled up to his fluffy chest and closed my eyes; thinking about what had just happened. Who knew Bunny would be so possessive?