Chapter 4

The reception went off without a hitch. And soon the young couple were off on their honeymoon.

They had checked into the Albergo del Senato in Rome and went directly to their room. They tipped the bellboy who couldn't help but blush when Maggie kissed Bianca deeply.

Maggie left their bags right where they had been dropped and carried Bianca into the bedroom.

"Alone at last!"

The blonde slide up next to Bianca and started to kiss her way up her neck heading for the lips that she wanted so badly. Once there, Maggie attached herself to the raven haired beauty with a kiss that was quickly setting both women on fire in all the right ways.

They grabbed on to each other and started to pull each other closer. There was entirely too much space between the two women for either's liking.

When air became an issue and they finally parted to breathe, Maggie looked up loving into her wife eyes. "I love you so much baby."

Bianca smiled. "I love you too Maggie. More and more every minute of every hour or every day."

The two started to slowly undress each other. They shared soft and breathy kisses as they worked. They wanted this first time as a married couple to be perfect. They were trying not to rush, even though all they wanted was to be together. They wanted it to be slow and perfect just like their first time. Once the two were naked, they lay there a while just looking at each other.

Maggie rolled on top of Bianca and started to kiss her and allowed her hands the pleasure of running the taller woman's form. She was intoxicated with the feel of her lover's body.

Bianca reached over and started to rub her wife's naked back. Her hand snaked itself lower and lower until she had a firm grip on Maggie's ass.

As the two women really started to get into what they were doing, the phone rang rather loudly.

"Son of a …"Maggie screamed. She reached over and grabbed the phone. "WHAT!?"

"Sorry dear, did I catch you two at a bad time?" Erica's voice rang through the phone line.

Maggie tried with all her being to take the anger out of her voice. "No mom, not at all. Hold on a sec and I'll get B."

She leaned over and handed the phone to Bianca. Before letting go of the phone she whisper in her wife's ear.

"I swear the woman has 'You're trying to get some from my daughter' radar! What she doesn't get any, so no one can?"

Bianca giggled lightly before talking into the receiver. "Hello mom."

"Hi dear. I just wanted to see if you two got there okay." Erica said and you could hear the smile.

Maggie, wanting to shorten the call, and wanting her wife, started to kiss around Bianca's breast and then down her stomach.

"Oh yes." Bianca moaned. Then remembering that she was on the phone, with her mother, she quickly recovered. "Oh yes, ah, we made it fine."

Erica had heard the difference in her daughter's voice. "Are you okay, you sound different?"

"Yeah mom, I'm fine, just tired. It's late here. We're going to go to bed now, but I'll call you in the morning."

Bianca was doing her best to suppress the moans that were being caused from the love that Maggie was lavishing on her body.

"Alright dear. Talk to you two tomorrow." Erica said as she hung up with her youngest daughter.

Maggie popped her head out from beneath the covers, where she had been working her way down the brunette's body.

The blonde quickly grabbed the receiver and hung up the phone and then lifted up the receiver again to place it on the night stand off the hook.

"Now that we are sure not to be interrupted again, where were we?"

Bianca smirked at her wife. "Oh, I think we were right here."

The two newlyweds could be heard long into the night. It took them years to get to this point and they had a lot of lost time to make up for.