Hello :P Wow I haven't been on here in ages but I'm back now xD Here is something I've been working on for almost two months now... Tis a oneshot series of Ash and Misty's relationship from Pikachu's point of view. Some will be while they're teens and others will be future ones. This one, however is one set in present time but most others I have written are future xD There will be other shippings included too but I'll tell you more as I update them :P I hope you enjoy :D


Ash and Misty: 15

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters in this chapter -3-

"Ugh I am not going in some stupid photo booth!" moaned my raven haired best friend and technically trainer as Misty dragged him into the little booth by the hand.

By the hand. There was nothing unusual about her holding Ash's hand to tug him somewhere but recently I had caught them doing that at every possible opportunity.

If that wasn't strange enough, now that their hands were linked and they were seated, their hands hadn't left one and others. And if that wasn't strange enough, there wasn't any blushing possessing their faces as when they used to touch it sent sparks through my good friends and cause their cheeks to turn as red as mine.

Weird, I thought. I shrugged and began posing along with my friends.

"Ash smile normally!" begged the red headed member of us as she threatened to hit my trainer. At last, something familiar.

I giggled from his shoulder as Ash pretended to pull a normal smile before pulling a hideous cross eyed one at the last minute.

"Ash!" Misty groaned as she noticed I was watching and pulled him closer to him by the ear. After this violent action and I went back to posing for my audience, what I didn't know was Misty mumbled quietly into Ash's ear "Be normal, this is the first picture of us as a couple."

I heard the words "us" and "couple" but I was too busy pulling my trademark imitating faces that I didn't really put two and two together.

While I took off my best friend's beloved hat and put it on my own yellow (and very cute) head, Ash put his arm around Misty's waist for a split second. The next thing I knew was everything went dark and then suddenly the booth filled with a flash from the camera.

I peeped out from the tiny crack that was visible from under the hat that had been pushed over my face and gasped. I got have sworn Ash and Misty were kissing in front of the camera.

My heart was beating with the possibility that my two best friends who I longed to get together were kissing as I flipped the visor out of my eyes. I looked. I stopped and sighed. They were not kissing.

Like the stubborn teens I knew them to be, their heads were indeed opposite each other in the pose of a kiss but their tongues were poked out past their lips and their noses were wrinkled in a childish way.

I laughed to myself while my best friends hid their held hands from out of my sight. To think I thought they'd finally gotten together! Ridiculous! Or was it...?

The End.

There you go, thanks for reading xD So yeah... I hope you like the first one. I'll be updating from now on probably next Wednesday but next week twill be on the 28th for my TT's story :P As I said, most of them are future fics as I'm really into the pokemon characters as adults at the moment and focusing on that cos I haven't really done all that much til now xD Anyways, thanks for reading and I will see you soon :P

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