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Quiet sobs escaped her as she tried to dry away the tears falling down her cheeks; trying to erase the tears from history. She wondered why she cried so much this time, it wasn't really the first time they'd argued. It'd actually been over a thousand times that she'd come home, they'd start argue and she soon escaped the house by throwing something at the wall and storming out; it had become a routine by now. At first she'd gone to her parents and told them what was going on but they all blamed it on her, saying that if she was just a little more welcome and open minded about things then everything would become better – they're the ones that needed to be open minded! The only one in her family who'd helped her and didn't blame her was her grandma.

She was free now, at least just for the moment. He would be gone for more than a month leaving her back useless as always. It wasn't that she would do anything to change that though, the time he went to work she was free for the time being and she loved it.

It still scarred though. All that had happened in her life scarred leaving at least some trace on her body that wouldn't disappear whatever she did; unless she made surgery to take it away. Like her parents, they left a perfect pale skin. Her boyfriend left a permanent scar on her neck that looked like a long chain. Her high school life left her tough and cold against most people and that includes her parents.

Swallowing she took a deep breath and dried her tears away. "Okay, Sam, get it together. You are stronger than this," Sam scolded herself. "Since when did you ever think crying fixed anything?"

Sam looked up at the darkening sky and if she listened closely enough through the wind and the large waves she could hear thunder in the far distance, she was almost sure enough that a lightning split the horizon for a second before disappearing.

Frowning Sam stood up and brushed her purple pants of off sand. There was a long time to go to get home and she had no intention what so ever to walk in rain but there weren't so many places to go to around the shore either. Of course, she could always go to her parent that currently resided at their gigantic beach house but there'd be no quiet moment if she did, other than that there were only public places along the shore lines that she could think of.

Instead of wasting more time Sam started walking in the directions of the sky with still just light grey clouds. There was a slight chance that the rain would not reach that part of the beach but she had her doubts. Lady Luck had never really been a close friend of hers.

The wind picked up quickly and soon the purple and green ribbons that she'd been wearing to keep her hair away from her eyes was ripped from her raven black hair and landed somewhere away in the water.

"No!" Sam shouted and reached her hand out towards the two ribbons but then sighed sadly. She'd had those ribbons since she'd been a little girl.

Letting out a sigh she kept walking when she noticed the peach colored sand started changing colors to a dark brown grey-ish color; the rain was coming and when Sam looked up at the sky she saw dark black clouds above her.

In a desperate attempt to get away from the rain she started running and shielded her eyes from the rain in a better attempt to see where she was going through the soon heavy rain.

She squinted her eyes slightly as she ran towards the small cliffs in the distance. She coughed as she tried to see through the rain where she was going as she put her feet on the slippery cliffs. She feared that she would slip with the black and purple Converse shoes she was wearing; she really hated them but they'd been a birthday gift from her grandpa before he passed and couldn't find the heart to throw them away.

With a fast beating heart she concentrated her hardest on seeing where she put her hands and feet but it was also hard to keep balanced with the seawater and the large waves washing the cliffs wet and slippery, in a simple word dangerous. And even if Sam had been climbing larger mountains then the small cliffs at the beach it was nothing compared to being alone, wet, scared and being without any kind of communication on her or anything that would keep her safe when climbing. One mistake could be fatal in a storm, both on land and in the sea.

She tried her hardest not to think about what would happen if she slipped or lost grip on the cliff. Two scenarios played in her mind; one, she slipped and fell on the rocks below her including in hitting her head on the rock and bleeding to death and two, falling of the rocks into the deep and dark plus dangerous sea below the rocks. Which one could be fatal and which had the most possibility of happening were both.

Biting her lip hard Sam moved her hand to another rock but slipped at the seaweed that had been washed up on the cliff. As she lost grip with her right hand her right foot followed suit after and with the shock that came with the slip Sam almost lost contact with the large rock all together. But by some strange luck Sam survived with only gliding down a few feet leaving a large rip on her lower left leg and a smaller one on her right forearm.

She landed on some small cliff sticking out of the larger ones, not seeing the small opening behind her.

Hissing she grabbed her leg and stared at her soon bloodstained hands. "Damn…"

She looked around as if she would find something to wrap around her leg since it was worse than the one on her arm. But because of the lack of material to work with Sam soon took of her black Kiss t-shirt and wrapped it as good as she could around her leg; a large dark line became visible showing where the wound recited.

Looked around again Sam noticed the small opening behind her and could have thrown herself at the rocks for being so stupid. Hissing as she crawled carefully on all three - trying to keep her hurt leg above the ground - she disappeared into the small cave tunnels darkness.

The tunnel was dark and cold and there were lack of space to make place for just one person. Rain and wind didn't reach the tunnel but water did and if Sam calculated right then the cave would be gone with the tide which would also explain the smell of dead fish, plankton and all the slimy underwater plants covering the floor of the tunnel.

The stench of dead fish kept interfering with Sam's sense of smell and it was hard to keep focus with the fear of putting her hand on a dead slimy fish; the thought made her shudder. Focus!

The tunnel was longer than what Sam had expected but what she hadn't expected was how the end of the tunnel would look. What she believed to be an exit on the other side of the cliffs ended in an underwater cave that seemed to be lying deep under the water which made it possible for it to be air filled most of the day when the tide wasn't flushing the whole place.

It was beautiful. Most of the cave floor was water – not deep probably only to Sam's knees at deepest – while the deepest seemed to be connected to an underwater tunnel at the end in what reminded much of large pond. The deeper parts of the water were protected by a small waterfall that seemed to fall from a large cut in the cliff with climbing plants decorated with half dead sea flowers and other water plants that flushed in with the water. From the sealing there were also climbing plants hanging down like a long cut up drapery that covered not only the sealing but some of the walls as well. But what was the tip of the ice burg was the beautiful reflection on the walls made by the water.

"Wow…" Sam could not believe what she was seeing; it was all like an unbelievable dream.

Pulling herself up on both legs Sam could almost not believe the beautiful sight or that it was really happening. Either she was dead or she was dreaming. She was going to go with dreaming since she had no intention of dying just yet, heck she had her entire life in front of her so she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Taking a shaky and unstable step forward Sam was about to go look around the cave for a way up back to the surface when something blocked her walking path making her fall face forward on the seaweed filled floor; it reminded her quite a lot of some kind of slimy, green carpet.

Groaning Sam pushed up on two hands - her hurt arm stinging from the fall - and shook her head trying to get what just happened. It wasn't hard really as she soon figured out the whole deal; walk, stumble, trip, on the floor. Rather simple really. That wasn't what caught her attention, but rather what or, better fitting, WHO she'd tripped on.

On the ground under her feet was a boy, no young man lying unconscious covered mostly by the seaweed; she'd probably not have spotted him if it wasn't for his unnatural white hair.

Sam opened her mouth to speak but found no words as she soon found herself on her knees gently but harsh at the same time shook the man to see if he was awake or if he was, what Sam feared he might, dead.

"Hey, you okay?" Sam asked as she tried to get a look at his face but it felt like an impossible task as he was lying faced down.

When he didn't respond Sam started searching his neck for a pulls but something stopped her as her fingers brushed against something, something protruding on the skin of his neck. When she'd brushed against it she noticed that the man shuddered which she took as a sign of life. Now the only problem would be to turn him around, he could be a man from the area or he could just be a tourist on vacation who'd ended up falling down the cliffs or maybe flushed in with the water and left there. What was beyond her was how he'd survived if he'd been flushed in with the water and if he'd fallen in the same way as she had then he should at least have scraps or bruises on his body to prove it. Though the highest priority at the moment was making sure he was okay, Sam couldn't help wondering how'd he'd ended up in the middle of the room.

She took a deep breath and examined her arm quickly before she started pushing his body over for him to face upwards, facing down could blockade the airways down to the lungs.

Well simply said it was no easy task. The man didn't look so but he was pretty heavy or maybe it was only Sam being hurt but it felt as if he had grown stuck to the seaweed because when he finally tipped over some seaweed burst and was ripped in half from what seemed to be stuck to his torso. Frowning at that Sam started to pluck the seaweed from his chest to see if he was hurt only to find small bruises and gentle cuts that seemed to be healing fine without her help, which was a relief.

Brushing her fingers against the scraps and bruises she felt how harsh and rough his skin was not to mention - not sure if it was because he was wet or not - slimy. When looking at her fingers she noticed that some of her skin had been ripped, not deep enough to draw blood but enough to show which caused her a deep frown. But slightly ripped skin wasn't all that was visible on her fingertips but also some kind of green, almost bubbling, substance that had seemed to have transferred from his cuts onto her.

When plucking the seaweed stuck onto his chest away Sam noticed something that made her blush till the entire being was red like a tomato. The man was naked. Like pure naked, no pants, no shirt, nothing that covered up his… private parts.

"Oh my god," Sam whispered as she turned around her cheeks blushing a furious red.

It wasn't that she hadn't seen a man naked before, seriously she wasn't even a virgin anymore but the part of her not knowing him was kind of making the whole situation pretty embarrassing plus the part with her being without a shirt was making the whole situation even more embarrassing if he were to wake up any time soon.

Taking a deep breath Sam started to say silent things to herself to calm down. "Okay, just cover him up with your shirt, that's not too hard," she said to herself as she removed the half bloody shirt from her leg and fast threw it over the man's lower region.

"Then that's done, now there's only who he is that's the problem…"

Sam gently ran her hand through his white hair and to her surprise the white color seemed to disappear slightly with her hand as if it wasn't supposed to be there. Removing her hand Sam was surprised to find it just as clean as it'd been before; no white covered her hand as she'd believe it to.

Moving her hand along his arm Sam frowned when she saw the long black scar like marking from his elbow down to the back of his hand. Taking a deep breath she followed the black scar with her thumb till she came to the back of his hand that was… slimy? Again with the slimy. This confused Sam even further as she'd never met a human in her entire life that was ever slimy. And as it wasn't just his hand that was slimy Sam started to wonder what in the world this man had been doing to end up like this.

Suddenly the man's hand moved twisting Sam's around and held a firm grip around her wrist.

Sam's eyes were wide as she stared into the man's unnaturally large blue greenish eyes, the pupil formed into a small thin line reminding her of a cat's eye. His stare felt cold as ice and even though Sam tried she could not look away, hardly even move a muscle at all! He had her in an iron grip and wasn't letting go.

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