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The first thing that Sam had done when they'd arrived at her apartment was fall flat on the sofa. She had thought that living in the middle of the city would bring her an upside with her job and free-time activities but now it felt as if she'd been walking for days and not just the few hours – three to be more exact – it had taken them to get home. Luckily Sam lived in an apartment with an elevator so she wouldn't have to explain to her neighbors why she was walking with a half-naked man. She shuddered if the rumor would go round.

Danny, who had literally collapsed on the floor, was looking around himself in excitement. He was currently in the hallway but he couldn't help himself but feel on the thin walls and at the different wooden furniture that adored the house; it was surprisingly light for the current dark atmosphere that was present.

With help of the wall Danny got up on two legs and walk-leaned towards the room that Sam had entered. There he found her sound asleep on what he wasn't sure of what it was. It reminded him of a clam to a certain point with the soft cushions but otherwise there weren't really many similarities. Maybe this was their version of Clams; he thought and turned his eyes to the sleeping woman. She was wet and shivering, her hair was clued to her face in wet stripes and her pale skin had small knots spread out on her naked arms. She was going to get sick if she wouldn't warm up; she needed a blanket.

Danny looked around the room; he went through a few weird small rooms with small thin platforms out of a material he'd never seen before he found the blankets. The material was itchy and felt weird against his thick skin but when he held it out unfurled before him it looked almost like the blankets they had at home so he grabbed two, one white and the other a faint blue color. He spread the blankets over Sam's sleeping body before he tucked her in tightly; in her sleep Sam grabbed the blankets with her shivering fists and curled up in a small ball making Danny laugh. With a smile he decided to leave her alone.

He decided to take a look around seeing as his hostess had slipped into a sweet sleep. He had already seen the hallway and what appeared to be some sort of meeting or sleeping room – he wasn't sure which – and was eager to see what more he would find in the weird house. His first stop was the kitchen which he directly recognized from being similar to his own back home, well almost, they didn't have that weird box thing with that black window on it nor did they had that cold closet. Though he found many similarities, like the counter and the knife stacks – though the knives here looked a lot sharper than the ones back home –, the cabinets were similar, too. The table in the middle of the room with the chairs pulled in underneath it was also like home, he thought. Though the space's and height of the rooms back home was larger and bigger didn't change his opinion in that the small space was rather comfortable if one was used to it.

Walking through one of the doorways in the kitchen he came to a small hallway again where there were three doors; one had the words WC in black on it, the other stood slightly a-gap while the third was completely closed looking as if it would burst any second. He opened the door with the WC on first and found what he had never seen before in his entire life. There were white a lot and then there were some black too. There was a weird shaped chair in complete white and a very weird counter that seemed too small with too little space. Over the small counter there was a mirror that he clearly recognized but he didn't recognize the man displayed in the mirror. His pale thick skin was slightly tanned, the locks around his face was a little longer so they almost covered his eyes which were a faint ocean blue color; you could almost see the sea in them(!) and when he looked at his ears they were small and the same color as his new skin tone, the small canine teeth wasn't visible and when he touched his neck all he felt was smooth skin. He brought his hands out in front of him and he stared at the now no-longer-there webbing. He could hardly believe it, he was really a human now, walking on land with normal hands, normal ears and he breathed normal oxygen like humans did; he felt a hard lump form in his throat as he felt a small piece of him miss home.

Danny shook his head suddenly, slamming a hand to his forehead and silently lecturing himself on thinking of home in a situation like this. He had other, more fun, things to do and he was not going to let some homesickness stop him, at least not for the moment he wouldn't.

He sighed and walked out of the weird room. He would ask Sam about it later.

Turning to the second room that he pushed the door fully open and spotted what appeared to be some sort of sleeping room, too. There was a large, soft, rectangular furniture taking up most of the room while the rest was spread out with cloths, some other furniture that was lying across the room as if someone had pushed them – or even thrown them – down and the covers to the rectangular soft thing was thrown everywhere. Feeling curious on the soft rectangular Danny walked forwards towards it and let his hand rest on it. He gave it a little more weight and felt how his hands slowly sank in before he retrieved it and just stared blankly at the weird soft thing. He sat down on it after a while of just staring at it and suddenly he felt really sleepy. He wanted to get up and keep exploring but instead his body told him to lie down; he did.

His last thought before he fell asleep was, This is rather comfortable…

A green figure with an el-like tail swam over to a small crown of similar creatures. He whispered something to one of the fish-like men's fin-like ear and the man nodded. He turned directly and swam through large corridors before he was met with two metal clad guards, each having a different kind of fishtail with a different color, fins and patterns. The two let him in quickly and he entered the large grand chamber. A small group of mermen sat on six out of the seven high up seats, the seventh currently at one of the large glass-less windows, the merman bowed for the six higher ups while giving a nod at the seventh who did not see it.

"I have a report, sirs," he said while bowed.

"Speak!" the highest up said and looked at the man with a stern look, his long bony green fingers clutching the armrest restlessly.

The man by the window glanced at the messenger before he turned back to look out the window at the large sea-garden spreading out outside the large room. He already knew what the messenger had to say and did not need to hear it. But that didn't mean he knew where the boy was.

Old man, could you tell my sister to say I've gone away for a short while? I need some time to think this through; the boy's voice echoed through his mind.

"The boy," the messenger started. "…He is missing. He never showed up at the gates and his family has told that he is not with them either."

A frown clad the high council members face. This wasn't good. "Do you know where he was last seen?" the high council member asked the merman.

He shook his head. "No, I'm sorry, sir, but no-one has seen him since earlier this morning." The man looked up at the council. "But his family stated that he went out earlier than usual, said he had to speak with someone about something very important."

"Did he mention who this 'someone' was?"

"No, he did not."

The council member sighed but made a swift movement with his hand. "You may go, thank you."

The messenger nodded before he left the chamber.

"This is more trouble than it should be," one of the members said. The others agreed.

The blue skinned man by the window turned towards them, bright red eyes almost glowing. "Try to understand his position. He feels pressured and so feels the need to be alone, give him time and let him think about it. We'll know when he decides to return."

"And what if he does never?" one member asked. "What shall you do then?"

"When the time comes, we'll deal with that but at the present we should not worry over what is yet to come." The man swam up to the next to highest seat and sat down, his eyes falling shut. "Don't we have more important tasks to attend to?"

The council members looked at each other before nodding and did similar to the blue skinned man and closed their eyes, falling silent.

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