Well, the 3rd season of Cartoon Quidditch is ready to go... well, not quite. Numerous professional teams from the Harry Potter Universe have challenged numerous teams from the World League of Cartoon Quidditch to take them on in matches; the Cartoon Quidditch teams presented with these challenges accepted them, and so we have ended up with this!

First of all, allow me to introduce the Potterverse Quidditch teams;

From the UK and Ireland;

Appleby Arrows (England)

Ballycastle Bats (Northern Ireland)

Caerphilly Catapults (Wales)

Chudley Cannons (England)

Falmouth Falcons (England)

Holyhead Harpies (Wales)

Kenmare Kestrels (Ireland)

Montrose Magpies (Scotland)

Pride Of Portree (Scotland)

Puddlemere United (England)

Tutshill Tornadoes (England)

Wigtown Wanderers (Scotland)

Wimbourne Wasps (England)

From Continental Europe;

Bigonville Bombers (Luxembourg)

Braga Broomfleet (Portugal)

Gorodok Gargoyles (Lithuania)

Grodzisk Goblins (Poland)

Heidelburg Harriers (Germany)

Karasjok Kites (Norway)

Quiberon Quafflepunchers (France)

Vratsa Vultures (Bulgaria)

From North America;

Fitchburg Finches (Massachusetts)

Haileybury Hammers (Ontario)

Moose Jaw Meteorites (Saskatchewan)

Stonewall Stormers (Manitoba)

Sweetwater All-Stars (Texas)

From South America;

Tarapoto Tree-Skimmers (Peru)

From Asia;

Toyohashi Tengu (Japan)

From Africa;

Gimbi Giant-Slayers (Ethiopia)

Patonga Proudsticks (Uganda)

Sumbawanga Sunrays (Tanzania)

Tchamba Charmers (Togo)

From Oceania;

Moutohara Macaws (New Zealand)

Thundelarra Thunderers (Australia)

Woollongong Warriors (Australia)

Now note that since there aren't as many known Potterverse Quidditch teams as there are Cartoon Quidditch teams, not all Cartoon teams will be present here, but all the Potterverse teams will be!

It will be a one-match series, with all matches occuring on the Sunday two weeks after the All-Star Game (which in turn is approximately one week after Serenity Wheeler and Seto Kaiba had their first child).

And here will be all the match-ups;

Appleby Arrows vs Oklahoma Orcs

Ballycastle Bats vs Louisville Phantoms

Bigonville Bombers vs Paris Veela

Braga Broomfleet vs Monterrey Cadejos

Caerphilly Catapults vs Tampa Bay Trolls

Chudley Cannons vs Los Angeles Undead

Falmouth Falcons vs Arizona Phoenixes

Fitchburg Finches vs New England Griffins

Gimbi Giant-Slayers vs Great Valley Vipers

Gorodok Gargoyles vs New York Dragons

Grodzisk Goblins vs Miami Goblins

Haileybury Hammers vs Toronto Salamanders

Heidelburg Harriers vs Rome Fairies

Holyhead Harpies vs Kyoto Kappa

Karasjok Kites vs Birmingham War Pigs

Kenmare Kestrels vs Chicago Fire Crabs

Montrose Magpies vs Columbus Pixies

Moose Jaw Meteorites vs Vancouver Grindylows

Moutohara Macaws vs Nagoya Nue

Patonga Proudsticks vs Atlanta Owls

Pride Of Portree vs San Francisco Seers

Puddlemere United vs London Chimeras

Quiberon Quafflepunchers vs Toulouse Sphinxes

Stonewall Stormers vs Montreal Manticores

Sumbawanga Sunrays vs Richmond Werewolves

Sweetwater All-Stars vs Dallas Hippogriffs

Tarapoto Tree-Skimmers vs Mexico City Chupacabras

Tchamba Charmers vs Portland Parselmouths

Thundelarra Thunderers vs Osaka Oni

Toyohashi Tengu vs Tokyo Tengu

Tutshill Tornadoes vs Denver Dementors

Vratsa Vultures vs Detroit Alicorns

Wigtown Wanderers vs New Mexico Marauders

Wimbourne Wasps vs New Orleans Nightwings

Woollongong Warriors vs Philadelphia Thestrals

Featured Game; Holyhead Harpies vs Kyoto Kappa.

See you in Kyoto!