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Todd, or as he was now known as Jacco, sighed. He was not in any way sure what had happened to him to be honest, but he figured he might as well go with it. For all he knew... maybe he was in some kind of coma and was dreaming. Maybe this was heaven or hell. Who knew. But one day he was Todd Carr film director, the next he was Jacco Kent... film director. It was something he knew and he went with it. He didn't have that Leary kid around anywhere that he could tell in this new... life or whatever it was, but more than a fair share of things were quite the same. His accent, his knowledge, the sleeping with actresses, the drama... it was something easily fit into he found.

After there had been a murder on set of his latest project, he spoke with the FBI agent who was leading the investigation after knocking a few back. The man told him he sometimes felt like the same had happened to him and he couldn't seem to explain it, though he had a hard time remembering compared to him.

Maybe they were both crazy.