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On the night of October 31st 1981, we all know what happened in the Potter house hold, as well as the entire Wizarding World. What was not mentioned was where the savior had been living up until his first year at Hogwarts. You say Dursley but you are wrong, Dumbledore had wished to take him to the Dursley house hold but McGonogall knew the hatred the muggles held for Lily Evens-Potter. Petunia was not the only relative of the young Potter, on James' lineage tree, it shows his mother's maiden name was Uchiha. She had come over from the Elemental countries hidden in Japan, these countries power is more finely trained through fierce discipline and disconnection from all distractions aside from what is needed. They are more hidden than the magical community to where only leaders of the missionary villages and their highest ranking officers know of the outside existence of their barriers.

Without Dumbledore's knowing she had snuck the baby away from the house with the help of Severus Snape. With the scroll she had swiped from the Restricted Section of Hogwarts library, she focused her magic on the inked scroll to transport her to the Hidden Leaf Village. The next moment her eyes beheld an older fellow behind the desk a wooden desk with a strange symbol on it.

"Ahem, would you be the village leader?" she said, trying to not mess up her Japanese.

"Yes, may I ask who you are and how you entered my office?" the elder replied.

"I am Minerva McGonagall, or McGonagall Minerva, I am from the Wizarding community beyond your Elemental countries."

"What business could you have here?"

"This child is in need of protection until the day he enters Hogwarts on his eleventh birthday. I would leave him in our world if not for the man who wishes to use him, his only other family is here with the Uchiha. If you were to check his lineage his grandmother on his fathers side originated here in the elemental colonies."

"There is no need, I can see the Uchiha in him" said a voice behind them, Fugaku Uchiha stood at the doorway "I will take him into my home where he will be raised as a proper Uchiha, my son Itachi would enjoy a younger brother" the older man nodded.

"Very well, do you agree with his terms, this does mean he will be raised in our ways" the Hokage explained.

"As long as this child remains safe I have no qualms" with that Minerva handed off the small bundle to the elder Uchiha. "The boy's name is Harry, please take care of him" the raven haired leader nodded, satisfied Minerva left to Hogwarts. That night Fugaku brought the new Uchiha to the clan, his wife was waiting for him in the living room.

"Fugaku, what happened? Who is this?" she asked indicating towards the bundle in his arms.

"Meet the new member to our family, Hari." At the noise they heard a cry from the nursery, the went to see the one year old Itachi giving small whimpers.

"Shh, Itachi it's alright, meet your knew brother" she brought the bundle up to the young baby's sight, she gently laid the baby into the crib with the other. Itachi looked over to his new sibling in awe at his presence, the parents smiled knowing already that Itachi would become very protective of their new family member.

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