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Since Hari's enterence into the Uchiha house hold, four years passed, Hari and Itachi were completely inseperable, more so after the Third Shinobi War and Kyuubi attack. They had both been severely traumatized at four years old, Itachi had become passive while Hari became more introverted and only opening up to Itachi. At five they had received their new baby brother Sasuke, who they adored since he came home, they both restlessly trained past that until they were top of their class.

Two years later they both graduated early, mastered the Sharingan around eight, then passed the Chuunin exams at ten. These accomplishments were expected of Itachi, but Harry being only part Uchiha was a pleasant surprise to the Uchiha clan head, he now had two prodigies to carry the Uchiha clan to greatness. Half a year later they both began Anbu training, but on Hari's eleventh birthday a letter came into the mail, by owl. Sending messages with birds was common but owls were a rare sight as carrier birds, he opened his letter that spoke of magic and wizarding schools, he approached his father. His father scanned the letter, recognizing the name at the bottom and sighed, he looked at his adopted son.

"Hari, there are some things you need to know" and thus he relayed all he knew about the other world and how he came to be in their house hold.

"S-so I'm not even Itachi's or Sasuke's brother?"

"No but you are an Uchiha, and it was promised that when you turned eleven you would be asked to attend this school, you will return in seven years time when you are finished with this special school. You cannot come back in between for travel between our two worlds is a tasking one, but I expect you to act as an Uchiha is expected to act." Harry, though still shell shocked, nodded at his father's orders, he went to his room where Itachi was waiting.

"You know, don't you?" Itachi nodded "and you know that I am going to be gone for a very long while?" another nod. "What are we going to do, I won't be here to watch over our…your."

"Regardless of who you are, we will always be your brothers, never think differently" Harry nodded.

"Then who will watch our little brother when you, you know."

"I have faith in him, he will resent me, maybe even you as well but he will be after my life, Sasuke is brilliant, just as much as you or me no matter what father says to him. He will survive, grow stronger, and eventually kill me, and you must let him do this if not for him than for me."

"But it does not have to be like this, if Sasuke is so brilliant why not tell him the truth?"

"I don't want him resenting his name, only me, though our family is mistaken does not mean he can give up the Uchiha name, I want him to where his clan proudly. You go to this school, get more power to protect our little brother, and never forget who you are, an Uchiha as much as a Potter" with that said he embraced the other raven. Hari wrote a reply and sent it back with the owl, he began preparing for his travel for the next few weeks and began practicing his English. As he was packing on the final day he heard a small voice at his door, when he turned he say a six year old Sasuke watching curiously, he walked up and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Sasuke, I am going away for a while, we won't be able to see eachother for quite a few years so I want you to remember that Itachi and I love you, Okay?" Sasuke nodded his head cutely, with a near bone crushing hug Hari exited the room, ready to face his next adventure. He passed his father on his way out and gave him a bow in goodbye, the passed Itachi giving him a look as if to say good luck. Leaving the sanctuary he had relatives left and right giving a fair well or good luck to him, and he returned them all politely.

When he finally left and reached the Hokage's office he was met with his sensei's surrounding the room with a scroll laid on the ground. With parting words he stood on the scroll as the jutsu was performed, the next thing he saw was a large man with a scraggly beard and hair looking down at him.

"Harry? Is tha' you? Been a while since I last saw ye, ye were jus a lil tike then. You probly don' remember me but I am Hagrid, Keeper of the Keyes and Groundskeeper at Hogwarts. Let's get star'ed with getting yer school supplies." And so Hari was introduced to the fantastical world to which he originated from, this may be more fun than he expected.

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