Marvel United 2: A.I.M. of Victory

So here I am king of retconning that A.I.M. is behind the Hooded Hero and Scorch.

In a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. plane Phil Coulson and his team were talking to deputy director Maria Hill. "So what you are saying Stark and his little club of Jr Heroes were investigating the recent 'Red Hulk' sighting as well as A.I.M.'s recent dealings with the Friends of Humanity?" Coulson asked "and Frank Castle decided he wanted to help them as a secret ally?"

Hill nodded and Skye asked "wait Jr Heroes?"

Hill showed them two files. "Katherine Pryde goes by Shadowcat a Mutant student at Xavier's School for the Gifted, member of the group known as the X Men!" Hill explained as they look at Kitty's file.

"So 'Mutant' as in she possesses the X Gene?" Simmons asked and Hill nodded.

"Next Peter Parker secretly the vigilante known as Spider-Man." Hill then said as they looked at Peter's file "in the care of his aunt May Parker and his uncle Ben Parker before he was murdered, gained spider abilities from being bitten at Oscorp."

Skye was there thinking she would be leaking this information out if she still was with the Rising Tide and wasn't made to wear that bracelet of hers.

"This information is classified and no one especially no one in the Rising Tide is to get this." Hill said and agents Ward and May glared at Skye who just glared back, Coulson then realised something when he saw the name of Peter's parents.

"Richard Parker?" Coulson gasped "didn't he work with us before Oscorp?"

Hill then nodded as the plane landed on Stark Tower. They exited and went inside to see Tony and Bruce looking at the information from the briefcase Frank had given them.

Peter and Kitty was also there watching at the SHIELD Agents entered. "What is the truth Hill?" Tony demanded when he spotted Hill.

Hill sighed and said "Stark listen Director Fury said that Agent Coulson did die but we managed to bring him back, he said you all needed the push!"

"He ever tries that again and Fury will know what it will be like to have a repulsor blast shot right at his head!" Tony shouted.

"Listen Stark, Agent Coulson and his team will be working with you under your supervision." Hill said to surprised looks from Coulson, May and Ward.

"WHAT?" they blurted out as Hill then glared at them.

"I trust Stark will bring you up to speed." Hill said and before she left she said "and Stark – Frank Castle does join your little group after you are done with A.I.M. tell him we can offer him a pardon in exchange for him signing up."

"I will let Punisher know if he shows up!" Tony fired back as Hill left.

"So as Hill said I will be in charge and Bruce here will be my second in command!" Tony said pointing to Bruce and soon the members of Coulson' team started introducing herself.

"So basically May is like another Black Widow." Peter whispered to Kitty who then giggled and facing Tony he asked "so what was in that briefcase?"

"Apparently A.I.M. has found some way of negating some of the side effects of Extremis in order to make a stronger batch. "explained Bruce to the group.

"So this A.I.M. is behind those incidents with Mike the Hooded Hero and Scorch." Skye mused and Tony nodded.

"I have no idea what you are talking about but yes." Tony nodded before continuing "and when the Punisher gave my friends the briefcase he said that the A.I.M. guys are doing business with Kilgore International that company run by some snotty ten year old brat Kade Kilgore."

"There is another thing." Bruce explained "A.I.M. has found a way to make a batch of Extremis to increase the brain's power and capabilities, maybe even developing telekinetic."

"Let us have a look!" Fitz said excitedly as he and Simmons looked at the notes in the briefcase.

"Hey you two can join me, Bruce, Peter and Kitty in our science family." Tony said smiling at them.

"I still don't remember agreeing to a science family!" Bruce grumbled as Gwen ran into the room.

"Peter are you alright? I heard you fought someone wearing 'the Suit' that attacked you in Oscorp!" Gwen said hugging Peter.

"Who is this?" Skye asked and Ward and May just shrugged. Peter then calmed Gwen down.

"I am alright Gwen." Peter said as Gwen gave him a pen drive and a metal container that had what seemed to be black ooze moving about.

"All the data Oscorp had about 'the Suit' and the only other piece of it that they had left." Gwen said looking like she was crying "to help you see if you can find a way to permanently stop it!"

"Thanks Ms Stacy." Tony said "Fitz, Simmons do you think you can study the things Ms Stacy just brought us."

Fitz and Simmons nodded as Peter gave them the container and the pen drive and they began going to work.

"How was being dead like?" Tony asked Coulson.

"It was weird..." Coulson replied shaking his head.

"I wonder what Cap would think if he knew you were alive..." Tony said and then he was in thought "speaking of the Capsicle I wonder how he is doing, last time I heard he was on time off with Agent Romanoff..."



Steve was nervous as he was on the private beach S.H.I.E.L.D. owned and used as a resort for vacationing or retired agents. Since helping stopping Loki a second time he was spending time with his fellow Avenger new girlfriend Natasha.

He was lying next to Natasha who they were both wearing swimsuits.

"You know I think I might be lucky that you are you." Natasha said smirking at "men nowadays would ogle their girlfriends when they are like this and would have one in mind."

"Not till I am married Natasha will I even think like that." Steve replied "not even if you look nice in that two piece swimsuit."

"Bikini you mean." Natasha replied looking annoyed as she was wearing a black bikini that definitely was different from the swimwear of the women in Steve's time.

Steve smiled, Natasha was like Peggy, beautiful, fierce, tough and not afraid to stand up to the big men – his kind of women.


George Tarleton was cackling as he was on his office. He was looking over his blood pressure and analysis reports on his brain.

"The new batch of Extremis has increased my brain's capabilities." laughed George "soon it will grow to the point where I can come up with a way to destroy Stark and his little group of heroes!"

He then saw his phone was calling him. "Hello?" he asked on the phone.

"Yes we have the Friends of Humanity to act as our guinea pigs." Said George to the man he was talking to on the other hand "Yes we have the chip to keep Agent Venom under control. Wait is Kilgore none the wiser? Yes he may be a psychotic brat unusually smart for his age but he is still a naive brat who hasn't realised yet he has allowed us in a position we can take his company away from him if he no longer proves useful to us."

He then stood up and asked "since Stark's group has become increasingly meddlesome should the off-chance Agent Venom fail to kill them can we count on the Red Hulk to finish them off?"

"Excellent!" laughed George with a smirk as he turned off his phone.


In Tony's lab Peter, Kitty, Gwen, Fitz and Simmons were looking over the notes of the Suit. "So Oscorp designed this with different DNA and substances?" asked Fritz nervously looking over the notes "no wonder the Suit is as unpredictable as it is with the different chemicals reacting violently against eachother!"

Tony came to Peter and asked "hey Peter got a minute, I have something I want to show you!"

Peter then left with Tony as he followed him through a hallway. "I know you like that suit S.H.I.E.L.D. gave you but for instances like this against threats like Venom and Red Hulk, over the past few days I have been making something for you!"

They then came across what seemed to be a door. "J.A.R.V.I.S. please reveals the Iron Spider Mark I!" Tony said to his A.I.

"At once sir." J.A.R.V.I.S. said as the door opened up and Peter's jaw dropped.

It was a metal armour suit about Peter's Size. It was coloured red with yellow eyes and it even had a yellow spider logo on it. It even had about three yellow robotic spider legs on its back.

"Designed with what I put in the new web-shooters with you along with repulsor webbing i have designed." Smiled Tony "the helmet display is specifically designed to work with the brainwaves I theorised help causes your Spider Sense to work and it is designed to be capable of the agility moves that you can do. Something for when you need big guns in a fight, so what do you think?"

Peter was speechless, minutes later Kitty and Gwen came along the hall looking for him when they saw the suit.

"I kind of guessed this was coming." Smiled Gwen.

"I think you will look good in that thing." Smiled Kitty to her boyfriend.

Yeah Aspiringactor at least was wondering when the Iron Spider suit would be brought up. I admit it took a while for the design of the costume to grow on me, years ago when I first saw pictures of the design I wasn't too fond with the look for some reason.