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A Chase for Forever Chapter Two: Lives or Dies?

"NO! Val, don't go. Please!" Tyler shouted.

"Excuse me, sir. You'll have to leave the room." The doctor came in to try and revive her.

Ten minutes later the doctor came into the waiting room.

"Mom...Where are you?"

"Right here Brooke. Are you ok?"

"Yeah. I just have a bad feeling about Val. Can we go see her please?" Brooke's eyes were bagging.

"Yeah. Let's go." They got into Joanne's car. Val's had been wrecked and after she got out she was going to get a new one from the insurance company.

"I really wish Val would wake up and get better really soon. I miss her."

"I know you do Caitie. We all do. Tyler hardly works and it's hard with the two people we got to take there spots. They don't know much."

"I'm really glad you decided to stay on the squad Jamie. Don't get too schoked but I was thinking of maybe...Well...I don't know..."



"What! Oh Caitie that would be great!" Jamie leaned in to kiss his girlfriend. They had been dating for 2 weeks now and couldn't wait till Val found out!"

"Hey Hank how are you holding up?" Jasmin came into the station to check on her boyfriend. Val would be happy that her plan had worked. But she may never know...

"I'm ok. I just wish they had some news on Val."

"Yeah, me too." Jasmin sat down next to Hank and held his had while he did paperwork.

"Hey what's going on?" Joanne walked into the waiting room where Tyler was sitting followed by Brooke.

Tyler told them the story and they waited.

Finale the doctor walked in, "We got her stabled. I guess the good Lord just wanted her to stay with us. We don't know if she has any damage until she wakes up from her coma."

They exchanged a few more words and while Joanne and Brooke went in to see her, Tyler called everyone to let them know...

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