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"Father DO IT NOW!" Yelled Rido angrily. Rido glanced at his fathers deathly pale skin. It wasnt often that purebloods got sick, but his honorable father was too inlove with humans since he had gotten a human lover after Rido's mom had being killed, so he had refused to drink blood and had got horribly sick.

"Fuck you Rido, I'm not scared, try to kill me, I'm going to die anyway." The older pureblood spat out bitterly.

"Well how would you like your precious Human Bitch to die before her time" asked Rido as he pointed to the pretty human teenage girl who was sleeping opposite the hospital bed.

"You WOULD'NT DARE! RIDO HOW CAN YOU DO THIS T-to m-mee, to my lover, to Haruka and Juuri and the children, i-it's not fair Rido. IT JUST IS'NT" Rido's father choked and sobbed over his own words, Rido however did'nt even feel the slightest bit of remorse.

"I love him more than that slut, Father i can take care of him and love him more than that bitch can, an angel like him needs protection from a Seme Vampire, So do it now father NOWWW! OR I SWEAR TO RA I'LL RIP YOUR WHORES HEAD OF AND FEED IT TO MY CHIMERA'S" Rido roared as he shoved the papers infront of his fathers face.

Rido's father sobbed softly "Promise me you would'nt hurt him or Juuri."

Rido remained quiet...


"I cannot promise you anything father, but i promise you that I do love him with all my heart, and if you don't do this then I'll kill that whore to have him" Rido whispered as his hand clenched his fathers bedsheets.

"Rido my son, why can't you let go of this sick obsession, you are better than this, please let go of the hurt you went through when your love Juuri chose to marry Haru-aka, let it go, you and Ari Shiki can be so happy together, please My Hoshi..." he whispered while placing a hand on Rido's cheek.

Tears dripped down Rido's cheek as spoke through his clenched teeth. "If i'm your Hoshi, your little star as you've always said why didnt you engage Juuri to me huh? Don't answer that, i don't want that slut anymore, i want that cute little carrier brother of mine"

*gasp* "You knew!"

"Ofcourse I knew, I always knew especially when you use to lock him up during mating season so I would'nt .to an oblivion. But once father just once, when I got that scent of him, i knew i had to have him. He smelt like the most delicious Bitch In Heat. And besides if that didnt give it away then his delectable ukey ass sure did" he whispered as he slowly licked his lips in a sexy yet strangely sick psycho-ish way.

'You -you, I can't believe you, you'd hurt your sister, the woman you once loved just for this sick game of yours- LOOK AT ME RIDO I'M ON MY FUCKING DEATH BED YOU SICK RETARDED FUCK- I'M DYING! YOU HEAR ME? THE KING OF VAMPIRES IS DYING! I can give you anything my son, ANYTHING..." the King slowly wiped away his tears "-but i will NOT HURT MY CHILDREN!"


"HE IS NOT YOURS RIDO, he will never be yours..." Rido's father picked up the papers and signed it before handing it to Rido. If he did'nt, he feared the safety of his daughter Juuri.

Rido picked up the papers before kissing the teenage looking king on his cheek. "Danke Papa"

"Go now, I don't want you to be the last thing i see before I die" he muttered bitterly.

"One more thing father..." he turned and looked back at the King.


"Did you love Mama?" He asked softly as he mentioned his mother.

"Yes ofcourse" Rido's father looked away.

"Then why? WHY ARE YOU WITH THAT WHORE?" He growled angrily.

"I could'nt bare the thought of being without your mother, I needed someone, anyone to take the hurt away. I loved your Mama more than anyone in the world, I'm so sorry Rido, I'm sorry that Mama is gone, I regret not being there when she died giving birth to Juuri. But i did love her with all my heart my Hoshi"

"Now you should understand why I can't allow him to live and die without being my eternal mate." Rido turned to leave.

"Rido, my Hoshi?"


"Make it painless"

Rido nodded as he dragged his fathers human lover out of the room to give her a quick painless death as his fathers last wish.


3 Days later

"Hello little brother, you're looking as cute as always Tenshi" he whispered in Haruka's ear before licking his cheek.

"PERVERT" *bang*

"Haruka open up! Open up Haruka now!" Rido yelled whilst banging at the door.


"Haruka open up this door now, as your elder brother and higher prince i demand that you open up now!" He roared. As an elder brother, It was law that he held authority over the family if there was no parents. And being the higher prince just made it all sweeter. Besides Haruka was too kind and polite to leave someone outside no matter how angry he was.

The door clicked open revealing the sweetest looking uke ever. He hadnt noticed earlier but Haruka was wearing cute white jeans, a soft light light blue jersey and white tennis shoes whilst looking absolutely adorable and innocent. Rido felt his cock harden.

"What do you want?" He asked respectfully. While looking at hit feet.

"Well i need to speak to you and Juuri... inside..." he emphasized.

"Oh uhm okay come inside."

They both walked down the hall and into the living room where 7 year old Kaname was watching TV and Juuri was playing with a 2 year old Yuuki.

Juuri immediately stood up "Rido-san what are you doing here" Rido had forbidden her from calling him Nii-sama or Aniki the day she married Haruka and refused to be her brother.

"I've just came here to be the bearer of bad news. Father has died." He uttered bluntly.

"Huhhhhh?" Asked Kaname before he teared up and ran to his room.

Haruka ran foward and slapped Rido "Nii-sama how could you say that infront of Kaname-aka"

Haruka teared up. His soft heart broke. He could'nt take the bad news.

"Papa..." Haruka whispered before fainting.

5 Hours later.

Haruka woke up to the sound of Juuri crying. He felt a pang in his chest as he remembered her fathers death. He woke up and scooted next to Juuri as he comforted his wife.

"Break it up you two, its time to go over fathers will, you know the council will take everything away if we don't sign our agreement" muttered Rido sourly as he glanced away from the loving couple.

"Okay uhm first, it says:

'I King Kuran hereby grant that both my rightful heirs, Prince Rido Kuran and Prince Haruka Kuran split the title of King. Thus being said all my property and wealth will be split amongst my sons'"

Juuri was quiet upset that she wasnt left anything but cheered up when she realized that her husband was King, well technically co-king.

"'800 Million dollars however is to be spit equally between my grandsons Prince Kaname Kuran and Prince Senri Shiki Kuran...'"

The will went on forever until the final wishes of the King came.

"Prince Rido Kuran and Prince Haruka Kuran are to be wed by the end of the year in order to properly lead the Vampire world as partners, as King Rido and Queen Haruka. Prince Haruka Kuran must obey Prince Rido at all times and the marriage must be consummated, and as proof of the mating, Prince Haruka must bear an heir for Prince Rido to tie their marriage. An eternal mating bond must be made. Failure to do so will result in disobedience to the King's last wishes and is punishable by the death of Juuri Kuran._ signed King "

All three Kuran siblings sat in utter silence.

"No fuck you! He's my husband" Juuri croaked. Her throat was sore and painfully dry.

"Hey don't blame me, its Fathers wishes" Rido shrugged.

"Why would father do such a thing Aniki" asked Haruka politely as he could as tears dripped down his cheeks.

"I guess he thought it would be best for the kingdom"

"B-but why eternal mate? Why not just a simple marriage then we could divorce as soon as we give Kaname or Shiki-kun the title" he sobbed. He didnt even have an eternal bond with Juuri they were planning to do it on her 200th birthday.

"I-I don't know" lie. That was a complete and utter lie. Rido knew full well what was going on. He wanted Haruka for himself.

Juuri sobbed, and Yuki wailed.

Rido growled, "shut your brat up, Haruka you must kill Yuki"

"What why?" Haruka's eyes widened. When Vampire women remarry or marry a once married man, they would kill atleast one of their own offspring to prove to her husband that their child will be more important than her previous marriage child. And to prove that she is willing to kill her own baby to make her husband happy.

Juuri sobbed "Please no brother have mercy on my only daughter"

Haruka nodded quickly "please Rido-sama lets not kill Yuki, what if we *blush* have a little girl, atleast she'll grow up with a girl who understands her because lets face it, we won't be able to understand women" Haruka leaned closer to Rido with a cute blush on his face looking like a cute fuckable submissive uke.

Rido's cock twitched happily. Oh how he wanted to pick Haruka up and rip of all his clothes and slam him against the wall and fuck him until he is heavily pregnant with Rido's seed whilst he moaned for Rido to feed him more hot thick royal cum.

"Ahem okay only if you bear a daughter, if you bear a son then you kill that brat."

Haruka nodded. He walked foward to comfort Juuri when-

"Haruka com'mere" Rido whispered. Haruka turned away from Juuri and walked towards Rido, he didnt have a choice but he really wanted to comfort his love Juuri..

Rido wrapped his arms around Haruka and pulled him onto his lap, he made Haruka straddle his lap and face him. He placed his right hand on Haruka's face gently whilst his left hand groped Haruka's cute butt.

Rido took one quick glance at Juuri who seemed to be crying more and then proceeded to attack Haruka's neck with kisses and bites before drowning in the sweet sweet moans his soon-to-be-mate let out.

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