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Chapter 1

Wolverine's POV:

Rule # 1: Never agree with Chuck when he asks to babysit (read as:Chaperone) twenty 13-17 year old mutant kids. especially when it's a trip on a weekend. That's why I'm now sitting on a long trip from the museum, back to the school. Before I get caught in my rant, I should say a few tips. One call me Jamie or Logan. Two I'm old but look young. Three I have had long-term amnesia for years and recently learned everything about me again. The few who know fact three are Chuck a.k.a Professor Xavier and myself.

I am officially 200 years old but only look about 25 at most . I have black hair that is waist length that is usually put in a ponytail and under a baseball cap. I have brown, almost black eyes. I am reasonably tan.

Okay, back to my little rant. I know that Iceman and co are singing some sing along at the moment. I had tuned them out with my I-phone around the time that "the wheels on the bus go round" had left their mouths. Half of the kids are sleeping, and the others are being well kids. Laura had fallen asleep in the seat across from me using Marie(Rogue) as a pillow. Those two a part of the affectionately named group "Logan's Girls". They are basically my daughters. Laura biologically because of some scientific bastards, and Marie I had unofficially adopted when we met.

I had to stop my mental rant, when these bus pulled to a stop. I, along with most of the kids, thought it was a stupid driver. I pulled out my ear buds, and stood up when a scent caught my attention. I exited through the hatch on the on the roof. At that moment, most of the kids were on high alert. I looked forward and saw exactly what I had predicted to see for a few weeks now.

"What do you want Fury, Chuck will get suspicious when the bus is late for arrival at the school", I asked with my signature scowl on.

"You know exactly why, . The professor has been notified, so please just come with me without a fight", Fury answered.

I growled at the mention of my birth name. After being Logan so long hearing it made my anger surge forward. I had to make a decision it was either go quietly or get the kids involved and possibly hurt.

"Fine, but don't think I'm happy about this bub", I finally growled out.

"I wouldn't have thought otherwise, Wolverine", he replied with his smirk that made me think of Stryker.

"Logan/Mom what's going on", I heard Laura and Marie chorus quietly so only I could hear.

"It's fine. Make sure that Chuck knows that S.H.E.I.L.D doesn't like the word no", I shouted back knowing it would ease their nerves until they got to school.

I stepped toward Fury, hands in my pockets. I could hear all the guns cock in the cars, and chuckled. I quickly got into the car with Fury. I sighed, as we pulled away, and started wondering about what I had gotten my self into.

Laura's Pov:

As the cars pulled away, I started taking deep breaths. Every instinct in me was telling me to hide, and only come out if mother said so. This would be the first time myself, and the inner animal my feral mutation gave me, had been away from Logan. I would follow the instructions she gave me to the letter, because she's my mother, my alpha female, and I will need to get to her as quick as possible.

Rogue was the only thing keeping me in my seat. She was my older sister, the person my mother unofficially adopted into my pack. She was by default Alpha now, so she would most likely the only one I could be with well Logan was gone. She had somehow pulled me into her lap to give herself comfort. I was slowly calming down as we pulled into the long road towards the school.

"It's okay Sugar, Logan'll be fine. She won't let nothin' touch her. If your worried, we'll ask the Professor ta go afta her together. Your also gonna have ta bunk with me for safety precautions.", she said in a calming tone, that quickly went to serious at the last bit.

I truly accepted the last bit the only ones that could sooth my night terrors were Logan and Rogue. I nodded my head and leaned back into her chest, my head buried close to her neck, but not touching.

"Thanks for the prep talk bub", I replied, lightning the mood, as we pulled up to the gates.

As we embarked of the bus, I quickly alerted the Professor about the situation about mom and the bunking arrangement. He understood an would allow it until mom's return. It was around 11 when everyone calmed down enough to sleep. I closed my eyes, and slowly fell asleep to the beat of Rogue's heart, trying to forget about today's ordeal.

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