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Chapter two:

When Leo arrived back at camp, he was immediately cornered by Jason and Piper, who had finished their picnic and had apparently seen the girl being carried into the Big House.
"Leo!" Piper cried, hugging him. "Are you okay? Ryan told us what happened!"
"Ow, Piper, you're squashing me!" he cried, but felt kind of pleased anyway. "I'm fine"
he told his two best friends and then proceeded to explain exactly what had happened.
He still left out the bit about the girl knowing his name, even though he normally told Jason and
Piper everything. But this seemed like an important secret, so Leo kept it.
"And you have no idea where she came from?" Jason asked, his eyes interested.
Leo had thought that Jason might find this interesting as he himself had disappeared out of no-where as well.
"Nope, absolutely no clue. She just kind of...popped up."
They all shared a confused glance, and Piper opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by Ryan, who was hurrying over to them
"Hey, Valdez!" he called, slightly out of breath. "Chiron wants to see you."
"How is she?" Leo found himself asking, more urgently than he had intended to.
"She'll be fine, I reckon." Ryan said. "The odd thing is, she didn't have any water in her lungs at all, which you'd kind of expect, wouldn't you?"
"No water? So what, she breathed underwater you mean?" Piper asked.
"You don't think-" Jason started, but Leo cut him off
"I don't think we can assume any thing just now, especially as we haven't even talked to her yet."
his voice was a bit angry.
Jason threw him a look, which Leo found hard to determine, and simply said "Okay."
Leo murmured "See you later" to Jason and Piper and then followed Ryan back to the Big House,
where Chiron was waiting for him on the porch.
As Leo had expected, Chiron wanted to know everything that had happened, and Leo told him.
"And she didn't move at all?" Chiron asked, and Leo felt like the centaur's eyes were x-raying him.
"No." he said, but he didn't think Chiron bought it, although he didn't say anything.
Instead, he told Leo "That was very brave, Leo Valdez. I'm proud of you."
which made Leo go red.
"Can I- can I see her?" he asked, tentatively.
"I think so" Chiron said. "She just came round"
And with that he walked off, and left Leo to enter the house on his own.
The girl was in the sickroom, lying on a bed, half propped up with pillows. There was only one
Apollo kid with her, who was giving her squares of ambrosia to eat.
When Leo entered, the Apollo kid looked up, smiled, and left, leaving the two of them alone.
The girl's eyes caught Leo's gaze, and he almost stopped moving.
They were so brilliantly turquoise, Leo thought they must have been made out of diamonds, or something like that.
For a moment, neither of them said anything and then, the girl opened her mouth:
"Hello." she said, in a soft voice that sounded a little confused. "Who are you?"
Leo was too stunned for a moment to speak. He had been certain that the girl was about to
explain how she'd known his name, and where she'd come from, but instead she simply looked at him, puzzled.
"You don't...know me?" Leo asked, carefully.
This made the girl look down, and Leo was shocked to see tears sparkle in her bright eyes.
"I'm sorry if I should."
Without really thinking what that meant, Leo quickly tried to say something comforting.
"Never mind, I'll just tell you!" he tried to sound impressive "I'm Leo Valdez, Bad Boy Deluxe."
This did seem to cheer the girl up, and she smiled but then her eyes grew wide.
"You're Leo?" she yelped.
"Yeah?" Leo's answer sounded more like a question.
"You saved my life, Ryan said." the girl told him, looking him directly in the eyes. "Thank you, Leo."
He could feel his cheeks heating up again.
"That's, er, okay." he mumbled, probably sounding like a complete idiot.
"So, do you know where you are?"
Why couldn't she remember saying his name? Leo wondered, but decided not to press the matter just now, as the girl seemed pretty unsettled.
"Well, the other boy, Ryan, said I'm at Camp..uh...Pure Blood or something?"
This made Leo laugh "Pure-Blood? Nah, this is Camp Half-Blood! The best place in the world for demigods!"
An unsure look passed over the girl's face. "Demigods? What do you mean? Like, half god?"
"Yup" Leo confirmed. "So, who's side have you got it on?"
"I don't know" the girl looked troubled again.
"What do you mean, you don't know? Like which parent did you never know? Mum or Dad?"
Still, the girl didn't seem to have an answer. She simply looked at him, that lost and kind of scared look in her eyes that Leo knew very well. It was the same way he'd looked when he'd been running away, all those years ago.
"Who are you?" he asked, his voice low.

"I-I don't know." the girl stuttered, the lost look growing horribly intense "The last thing I know, I was in the water, and then I got pulled under and next thing, I woke up here. I can't remember anything else. My memory...it's gone."

Leo couldn't say anything for a few seconds. This couldn't be happening again.
Then he noticed how insensitive he was being, and tried to find his voice again.
"Can't you...can't you remember anything from your past?" his voice was still very quiet.
A single tear trickled down the girl's cheek.
"My name" she said, sadly. "Penelope."