Ross's P.O.V

Ugh I'm so tired. Me, Laura, the rest of R5 and our mums have all been on a plane for the last few hours and we still have four hours to go..I looked around and I could see that everyone else was asleep. I wish i could sleep but I just have never been able to on planes.

I turned on my phone and went onto twitter. Like usual I had hundreds of tweets from the AMAZING R5 family. They were all basically the same, marriage proposals, Austin and Ally and Raura!

Actually it was all mainly Raura and pictures of Laura's latest photoshoot. I must say...she did look smoking hot in them! Wait what am I thinking, Laura's my bestfriend...ehh what the heck, she's hot and we all know it.

Anyway, moving on. As well as all of theses photos a lot of people had sent me the link to a website called . All of the links were for the same two stories,'Piano' and 'Auslly One-Shots'. I knew that the website was a place where fans could go to write about things they liked and I knew that people wrote about 'Austin and Ally'. Laura and I had talked about it before and we agreed never to read any because it may make actin as Austin and Ally kinda awkward. I looked around and saw that everyone was still asleep so I jumped up, grabbed Laura's ipad mini and went to one of the rooms at the back of the plane. I really wanted to see what the fans would be writing and i figured if I read them now with no-one around, it wouldn't be so bad. Laura will never know. I went on to my twitter on the ipad and opened up the link. I clicked on the one called 'Auslly One-Shots'. It said it was rated M so i guess that means there's going to be I opened it open anyway and began to read...

'It was Friday night and after school Ally had gone to her friend Austin's house for a sleep over (not much happened they just watched a movie-so im skipping on, ok now back to the story:P) "We should play a game", Austin said. "What game?", Ally asked. "We write down some of our biggest secrets and hide them around the house and then we have to find each other's",he answered. "Ok then lets do it",

Ally's P.O.V

I was at his last secret. It was a little white package with a note attached that said 'I want you'...Next minute I heard Austin come up behind me and I screamed. "So you found it",he said. (they talked for a while-blah blah blah moving on ). Austin came up behind me and began to kiss my neck and I started to moan. "You're so hot when you moan", Austin said. He turned me around and we began to kiss passionately. He gently threw me on the bed and climbed on top of me.

Ahhhhhhhhh...I see where this is going. I quickly skimmed through the next few lines and started reading further down.

"Austin..oh my's so good, Austin...more more", she moaned, extremely LOUD. Austin tugged her nipple with his teeth. "You're so good, Ally..oh feel so good", Austin grunted, pushing in faster and harder as Ally begged him to. His hardness melted into her wetness, and he slid in easily.'

Oh my fucking god... those last few lines have me really hard. I don't know why I'm like this. Austin and Ally aren't even real people...they're just fictional characters. Maybe it's the fact that Laura and I play them...ugh I can just imagine me and Laura like that. She would be so hot when she moans too. Just as I was about to open up the next story, I heard a noise behind me. I turned around to see Laura standing there creeping up on me. I screamed and fell off of the side of the bed that I had been lying on.

"Jesus Christ Laura, you gave me such a fright", I said to her as she doubled over in fits of laughter.

"Hahahaha sorry Ross, I didn't think that you would get that bad a fright. Hey whats this?", she said reaching out to take the ipad.

"No Laura, I-", but I was to late she had it.

" I thought we agreed not to read these?!", she asked.

"Ya I know it's just everyone was sending me links to two of the same stories and I just wanted to know what they were", I explained.

"Fine then, if you read one, I wanna read one", she said.

"You sure?", I asked.

"Yes I'm sure, scoot over", she said lying down on the bed next to me.

We were now side by side. Our arm's, hip's and feet touching together. My skin started to tingle. It always did when Laura and I touched. I must really be in love with her!...Wait, what did I just say I-

"Hello, earth to Ross", she said waving her hand in my face her hazel eyes staring at me.

"Sorry...was just having a moment", I responded, laughing nervously," Lets just read".

As I said that Laura went to click on the one I had read.

"Wait wait wait, I just read would be awkward to know...together! Lets go onto this one..", I told her, tapping on the story called 'Piano'. "This one can't be to's called piano", I laughed.

She just smiled at me and laughed and we began to read the story when it opened up.

'Laura's P.O.V.

"I think the classes are paying off", I said to Raini

"Wait, I thought this was about Auslly?", Laura asked.

"Ya so did I", I said.

We both looked at the description where it said very clearly in black letters...'RAURA'...

"Ohhhhhhh...", we both said at the same time.

"What does M mean?", she asked.

"Ehhh I don't know", I lied, smirking a bit.

"Oh will still be could. We do have an amazing friendship", she said looking back to the story.

Poor Laura...she doesn't know what she's in for. I could stop her...I could tell her not to go on...tell her what M means...but something inside of me wanted to read M fanfiction about us with her. Well here goes nothing...


It got really quiet as we read. Every now and then our feet would interlock and I would hear Laura's breathing speed up. I stared at her at her a few times...imagining what it would actually be like to do these things with her. It wasn't hard at all. Laura's so hot, I've dreamed of messing her up loads of times. WAit what am I doing, I shouldn't be thinking this! Ugh there's no point...I can't deny it anymore...I'm in love with Laura Marie Marano, but I know that she'll never feel the same. She always severely friend zones me.

It had been quiet since we stopped reading. We both turned our heads and stared at each other for awhile. It was awkward...

Hey this is chapter 1...i have chapter 2 written out and i have loads of stories that I'm going to start writing soon! i just got flooded with ideas so i hope ye enjoy this...please review :D XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX