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I've added a twist of my own to this. This will be a Revolution/Vex shipping story. I'm not sure who Anzu will end up with in the end, I haven't decided.

This isn't my first go at Revolutionshipping but it is my first shot at Vexshipping, so please take it easy on me.

Cast of Characters:

Anzu= Snow White

Yami= The Prince

Yami Bakura= The Huntsman

The Evil Queen and the seven dwarves will be the same as they are in the original story.


Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh or Snow White.

"My Queen!"

"We must save her!"

The young woman that ruled their country lay in the bed, her face pale yet sweating terribly. Her eyes could barely stay open, and she was panting rapidly.

The King clutched onto his wife's hand, worry etched onto his features. The servants placed rags soaked with warm water on the Queen's forehead.

"You will survive my Queen! You needn't worry!" The Queen mustered up a misleading smile.

"I… will not live."

The servants gasped and the King hurriedly grabbed his wife's small, clammy hand with his own two large hands.

"You will live, my love. I promise."

"Then you are… making a promise… you cannot keep."

"Why do you say such things, my dear?"

"I… can see… the light…" The Queen looked up at her King with pleading eyes. "Please… take good care of our Anzu. She… will be Queen… some…day…" The Queen's soul was enveloped in white light while her body lay limp on the bed, cold and lifeless.

Servants and other people began to weep. The King leaned down and kissed his wife's forehead. "I will, I promise."

The King stood up. "Plan a funeral for the Queen. Invite all of the citizens."

"Yes your majesty." A group of people said as they got to work on planning the funeral.

The King returned to where his six month old daughter was sleeping soundly. The King gazed upon her. Oh, how she looked like her mother. The only trait she had inherited from him was the brown hair. Her eyes were sparkling blue gems of sapphire, much like her mother. Her face was identical to her mother's.

He sighed and kissed her forehead. "You will be Queen some day, but you'll always be my little girl."


Three years have passed since the death of the Queen. Since then the King has found a new love, and he asked her to be his wife. She had accepted the proposal.

Thousands of people sat in the crowd as they watched the preacher declare them husband and wife. Three year old Anzu stood by her stepmother's side, smiling and watching her father and mother, how happy they were together.

A servant came up to the new Queen. "Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you. The new Queen of our country!" The crowd cheered while a silver crown was placed on the Queen's head.

The Queen took in a breath to speak. "I truly am honored to rule a country such as this one." The crowd cheered wildly again.

No one saw the devilish smirk that crept across the Queen's features.


Fifteen long years had passed since the new Queen took her spot on the throne of where the old Queen once was. Anzu, their daughter, was eighteen and had developed into a beautiful young woman. However… she was not treated like mother had treated her when she was a baby.

She was not mistreated, but Anzu could not tell if her stepmother loved her or not. Her stepmother ignored her, and when they did speak it was to scold her. And when Anzu asked why she would ignore her, the Queen would simply answer that she was extremely busy, and the stress of the kingdom was getting to her.

But the truth was that the Queen was rarely ever busy. The Queen had tons of people that did all of the planning of the kingdom for her. She simply just did not grow attached to her stepdaughter.

The Queen approached her room, where a large mirror stood. Suddenly, a voice came from the mirror.

"Welcome, my Queen. How can I be of assistance?" The Queen smiled.

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all?" She already knew the answer.

"It is you, my Queen." The Queen smirked. Of course it was. "However," the mirror said, as if to gain back her attention. "There is another who will become fairer then you." The Queen's eyes flashed with rage.

"Who?! Who could possibly be fairer than I?!"

"Your daughter, Anzu. She possesses a soul of purity, which will soon make her fairer than even you, my Queen." The Queen nearly shook with rage as she stormed out of the room.

"How?! How could my daughter surpass me?! This is unbelievable! I will not be shamed by a teenage girl!"

And it was then when the Queen's utter hatred for her stepdaughter began.

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