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Murmurs of anticipation rose among the large crowd of people. The ceremony could not start fast enough! People from all around were gathered at what once was the Evil Queen's castle. Royals from other countries had even come to see this day.

The crowd fell silent when a member of the palace cleared his throat to speak. "Fellow citizens, the pain we went through by living under our previous Queen's rule, is indescribable. Some of us did not survive. But with the fall of an evil dictator comes a birth of two new, fair rulers of this land. And they have proven to us that they can maintain peace and order among the people! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our new rulers, King Yami and Queen Anzu!"

The crowd went wild with cheers of approval. They all stood up, clapping and cheering for their new rulers. Anzu and Yami scanned the crowd, smiling and waving. Anzu blinked in surprise when she felt Yami's hand grip her own tightly. She looked over to find him smiling warmly at her, a smile in which she returned.

Yami's eyes scanned the crowd once more. His eyes focused in on the back of the crowd and saw a familiar face smiling at him. He raised a brow in confusion before leaving his throne and heading to the back of the room.

He bent down to meet the familiar little girl's eyes. "Thank you."

The little girl smiled at him. "You're welcome, Pr- Er, King Yami!" she corrected. Yami chuckled.

"You have my gratitude, and I owe you for helping me save my precious Anzu's life. So if there is anything you may need, you come to me."

The little girl's face brightened. "Thank you, King Yami! But, we don't need anything anymore. We're already happy, and at peace. I-"

"Abigail!" A female voice called from the entrance of the room. Yami's attention turned to the voice. It was a young woman, and, Yami noted, the little girl named Abigail had a slight resemblance to her.

"That's my big sister! I have to go now, your Highness! Bye! Treat Queen Anzu well!" And with that, Abigail followed her big sister out of the room. He watched them until he saw both of their forms vanish into thin air.

"Yami," Anzu said as she placed a hand on her husband's shoulder, "who were you talking to?"

He looked up at her as if to say "didn't you see her", but then he remembered seeing them vanish into thin air...

"I'll tell you later." he said dismissively.

The same palace member that had proclaimed them King and Queen spoke again. "Erm, well, come, citizens! A feast has been prepared for all of us!"

The crowd went crazy with cheers once more.


"Congratulations, Princess." Came Bakura's voice as he wrapped his arms around Anzu's waist from behind. She giggled before turning around to face him.

"Thanks, but I'm Queen now, remember?" she taunted. He smirked.

"Yes, but to me you'll always be a little Princess." he replied. She stuck her tongue out at him.

"Whatever. What are you doing in here anyway? Weren't you eating at the feast with the dwarves?"

"It got too loud for my liking. But I also wanted to congratulate you. Not every woman manages to kill the most powerful person on the entire planet." he said. She felt herself go slightly pink in embarrassment.

"Don't get all embarrassed, Princess, you should be proud of yourself." She was about to retort when she heard a female voice coming from the entrance of the castle.

"Bakura? Oh, finally! Where were you?" the voice asked. The voice revealed itself to be a girl. She ran up to him.

"Oh? And who might this be?" Anzu asked with a sly tone to her voice. Bakura caught what she meant and snorted.

"Shut up. It's not like that." he grumbled irately.

"Ah! You're the Queen! It's nice to meet you, my name's Safiya." The girl said with a bright smile as she stuck out her hand.

Anzu shook it. "Nice to meet you too, my name's Anzu. Tell me, are you and Bakura-mmph!" She paused when Bakura's hand covered her mouth.

Bakura let her go, and Safiya laughed. Much to Bakura's relief, she hadn't caught on to what Anzu said.

"Now that you two are acquainted, can we please go?" Bakura asked bitterly.

"Sure, whatever Mr. Negative. Bye Queen Anzu!" Safiya waved to Anzu before following Bakura out of the castle.

Out of nowhere, Yami came up behind her and pressed his lips against her cheek.

"Eh?! Yami, I thought you were at the feast too."

"I was, but I noticed that you weren't there, so I went looking for you. Why did you leave?"

Anzu thought a moment. "Come out to the meadow with me, I'll tell you there."


Anzu had taken a spot next to Yami underneath the lone Oak Tree standing tall in the meadow full of tulips.

"So Anzu, what's been troubling you?" he asked. Anzu leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Remember when we were fighting the Evil Queen?" He nodded. Who could forget?

"You're probably going to think I'm crazy, but I had a vision. A premonition. I saw a meadow, just like this one. I saw myself in the future, with two kids. A boy and a girl. The girl looked just like me, except she had your color eyes. The boy looked exactly like you in every single way." She paused to take a breath.

"And then I saw you. Yami, I think I saw a vision of our future family."

His eyes went wide with surprise. Two children to raise, to love, and to have fun with. And a wife to love and be with him to the very end. A son to take on his legacy, and a daughter to someday rule another kingdom. A family.

"Anzu... I believe you. And I'm excited, really I am." He said with a smile as he took her hands.

"Really?" she asked, her bright blue eyes going wide with excitement.


She giggled and wrapped her arms around him. "Thank you, Yami. Thank you." He smiled at her and pulled her onto his lap.

"So, who were you talking to in the Throne Room?"

Yami pursed his lips. "A little girl named Abigail. I met her when I was off looking for a cure when you were poisoned by the Evil Queen. She told me the cure. I saw her again when we were proclaimed King and Queen. I thanked her, but she left with her older sister. You may not believe this, but they were both spirits murdered by the Evil Queen. After the Evil Queen's first failed attempt to kill Abigail's sister, she sent a bounty hunter after her. The bounty hunter killed her and Abigail."

Anzu covered her mouth in horror. "That's horrible! But... hopefully wherever they are now, they're at peace."

"I think they are, Anzu. I think they are."

After that moment the two spent a fitting silence together, just enjoying each other's company. The soft, warm breeze stirred around in the air, signaling the beginning of spring and new life.

But it was not only new life for nature. It was a new life for everyone who had endured life under the Evil Queen's rule. It was a new beginning, a new chapter to everyone's book.

Anzu and Yami's book was just beginning.


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