Chapter 1 The Note
Harry, Hermione and Ron were in Potions class sitting in the front on the right side, their usual spot. Harry was sitting with his head down on the table with a frown on his face because Ron and Hermione was beside him flirting and holding hands. Harry hated being ignored. As he was staring at them a piece of parchment landed on the table in front of him. He looked at it and wondered who it was from. When he opened it he knew. He read "Jealous Potter?" He grabbed his quill and wrote "What's it to you, Malfoy?" and sent it back. Malfoy smirked when he saw what Harry wrote and he said "So which one you want, the Weasel or the Know-it All?" Harry almost fell out his chair when he read that. How did Malfoy know that he was into boys and girls? I didn't make it obvious, did I? As he was lost in his thoughts another piece of parchment landed in front of him. "Well Potter? I'm waiting…"
"If you must know Malfoy I am not jealous. I just hate being ignored by my two best friends."
"Keep telling yourself that Potter. I see how you look at BOTH of your so called best friends."
"Yea right. I don't look at them in a special way."
"Whatever you say Potter."
Harry just sat there for the rest of class in thought. Am I really jealous of Ron and Hermione? Do I really like my two best friends in that way? Why is Malfoy paying so much attention to me? I got to find that out. He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't hear the bell sound to signal the end of class. Hermione hit him on his arm and he snapped out of it. "Are you alright, Harry?" Hermione asked.
"Yea I'm fine" Harry lied.
"Well you most certainly don't look fine. You didn't even hear the bell to signal the end of class."
"I just got a lot on my mind Hermione!" Harry exclaimed then stormed out of the classroom. Hermione stood there with a shocked look on her face and tears in her eyes.
Little did they know Malfoy was standing outside the class in the shadows listening to their conversation. And it just was confirmed to him what he was thinking all along. Harry Potter is bisexual. This is gonna be fun, he thought.