Hey everyone, I decided I would try and write a multiply chapter fic so please give me feedback on if I should continue or not. Enjoy and leave me Love 3-Cassie

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The moment that they placed the warmed swaddled pink blanketed baby in his arms, they said it wouldn't be like this for long, before you knew it she would be all grown up and gone and the moments that you dread would be a memory that you cherish in the years to come. Grayson Gilbert knew that without a shadow of a doubt that this little precious bundle had saved his and Miranda's marriage, her arrival brought peace and warmth and above all it brought hope to a growing darkness that was enveloping everything that he sought precious in his small town, mediocre life. She was the beacon of hope that shined light on everything she touched. So with a small glance at a sleeping Miranda, he looked at the beautiful newborn and welcomed her to the world.

"Hi sweet, precious Elena; welcome to the world, daddy promises to protect you from the darkness and to slay all the mean men that will threaten to break your heart. " Grayson then gently pressed a soft, feather like kiss on the crown of her head before settling his most treasured cargo in her bassinet next to her sleeping mother's side. Then Grayson exited the room to meet up with the man who would ensure that the light of his life would be forever taken care of. He was off to meet with Giuseppe Salvatore.


The ringing of the bell at the door echoed throughout the whole first floor, awakening the sleeping one year old that was nestled comfortingly in his playpen snuggling with his toy truck. Isabella Salvatore ran from the adjoining kitchen and picked up the crying child in her arms, making her way over to the door was quite a difficult task with a one year old balling in her arms along with an extra human nestled in her ever growing womb.

"Coming, just one minute" the frazzled mother called while trying to calm down her little boy.

Adjusting the wiggling infant onto her hip, Isabella opened the door.

There standing on her doorstep was the one man who would seal her son's fate forever, Grayson Gilbert.