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Not wasting any more time on pleasantries, Giuseppe and I got right down to business. Walking over to the grand mahogany desk, Giuseppe unlocked a chest of drawers, and brought forth the file that would forever seal the Gilberts and Salvatore's together, not just as friends but as a great unstoppable force in years to come.

The fountain pen was clasped in hand, edging ever closer to the pristine white dotted lined paper.

The pen glided across the page, as effortlessly as holding a scalpel and crafting something to completion. This is all for Elena, my beautiful precious angel, it what's for the best, hopefully she will see that in time.

The world had changed in a matter of moments all due to the simple act of putting pen to paper.

Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

17 years later…

The ringing of the end of school bell rung, throughout Mystic Falls High alerting the staff and students that the weekend had officially approached and that all further lectures and note taking would be resumed the following Monday. With the simple ring alerting Mr. Read, he gestured to the students to turn in their poetry pieces for grading, and then they could leave for the reprieve that awaited the young pupils outside the walls of knowledge and education.

Turning in my assignment, I grabbed my pack off the floor and made my way through the frenzy of hustling classmates to get to my car, where Stefan was sure to be waiting.

The campus was abuzz with excitement for this upcoming weekend Mystic Falls Festival, where the high society names of the east coast were sure to be in attendance, given that the Salvatore's would be putting on the annual event.

Marching out to the senior parking lot, I headed straight over to my silver mini convertible where like I had predicted Stefan was leaning against the side passenger door, trying to draw as little attention as possible, given the flock of 'Salvatore Sluts' that seemed to follow Stefan around like a dog with a bone.

"Elena thank goodness, quick get in before any of the 'SS' find out I am still on campus." Stefan squeaked out by ducking in once the car was unlocked.

"Don't get your panties in twist Stefan; you know they will be camped outside your house by sometime tonight to get a glimpse of the Salvatore Boys party, before your parents annual festivities begin." I quipped backing up from my space and heading towards home.

"Hey look there's Stefan Salvatore ladies, driving away with Elena Gilbert." Megan Mulkins screamed and pointed at the retreating silver convertible.

"I didn't know he was still on campus, I swear I saw him leave" A new member of the SS fan club placated Megan, while simultaneously looking on longingly at the patch of hair in the passenger seat.

I couldn't contain my laughter as I looked over at Stefan, blushing red as a tomato and scooting down lower in his seat.

"Speaking of Salvatore Boys, when is your brother coming into town?" I asked with mild curiosity as we stopped at a street light minutes from home.

"Oh well dad ordered Damon to come home sometime last night, and he wasn't in his bedroom when I left for school this morning, so he should be waltzing through the doors in a few hours now."

"Ah late as usual, with your brother, do you think Candice will be joining him this time, or do you think he has traded in for the newer model?" I asked as the street light turned from red to green.

"Knowing Damon, it's a much newer model, which I am sure will be long legged and blonde." Stefan chuckled whole heartedly as he saw my reaction in the driver's mirror.

"I'm pretty sure you mean, plastic and fake platinum blonde" I amended his statement as I pulled into the Gilbert house.

"Well know that you mention it, Sara Sinco was pretty much all plastic." Stefan informed as he carried both their bags from the backseat to the front door.

"Of course, how on earth, could I ever forget the Salacious Sara Sinco of our freshman year?" I reflected as I let Stefan into our house. Dropping my bag at the foot of the stairs, I headed over to the fridge and pulled out two lemon waters. Tossing one to Stef I checked the flashing messages on the phone dock.

"Hey honey, hope you had a great day at school, there's some salmon in the fridge to heat up, unless you're headed over Stefan's tonight in that case say hello to Isabelle for me, your dad and I will be back around seven. Love you sweetie."

"Looks like mom and dad, will be back by seven so I can be over before the party really gets going. Not to mention it will give you and your parents some time alone with Damon before all of our friends start showing up, to countdown until our birthday. " I exclaimed.