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The Mustang headlights beamed off the brick exterior of the Salvatore Mansion, as it made its way to the front of the driveway. Ah home sweet home.

With the last notes of some anthem lingering in the air, I unbuckled my seatbelt, begrudgingly turned off the engine and opened the door, before I lost my nerve and turned right back around and left this miserable house.

Before I could give the idea a second thought the front door was opened and out walked Sophia, and Martin, dad's right hand man.

"Oh Mr. Damon, what a wonderful time it is to see you eh?" Sophia said as she rushed to hug me at the front steps.

"Hey, Sophia, it's good to see you. How are those little one's getting along?" I inquired as I handed Martin my trunk key.

"Mr. Damon, they are not so little anymore. My youngest is 14 now, and I am to be a grandma soon. Marguerite is with child." She beamed up at me.

"Wow, already a grandma, my how time flies. Sophia, you don't look a day over 30." I said slapping on the Salvatore charm.

"You cheeky boy, come your mother is in the kitchen with Stefan. She will want to see you." She called as she lead her way into the house and pass the marble foyer.

The clanking of pots and pans could be heard as Damon made his way into the Salvatore kitchen. Walking into the entrance of the heart of the Salvatore home, the smell of Chicken Marcela wafted through the air surrounding him in a comforting, familial embrace.

"Now I know I haven't been gone so long, that Stefan's learned how to cook." I teased making my way over to my mother at the counter.

"Oh Damon, darling, you're here finally, I've missed you." Isabella noted as she wrapped her tiny arms around my frame.

"Hello Mom missed you too." I whispered sincerely into her pearl encrusted ear. Kissing the top of her head, I moved over to Stefan, who was stirring something on the burner.

"Hey little brother, I don't see any girls around so you can give up the act. We all know I am the chef in the family. Plus if Mom thinks I am eating your cooking then she needs to realize I won't be staying here much longer." I quipped as I stole the wooden spoon from his fingers.

"Hey now- my cooking isn't nearly as bad as dad's and I can make the simple stuff. I can read a cookbook Damon." Stefan huffed good naturedly as he moved to the kitchen island.

"Peanut butter and Jelly doesn't count as cooking brother."

"I wasn't tal-"

"Oh look at my boys, it's like times haven't changed at all" Isabella mused as she glided her fingers through Stefan's hair.

"Mom, please don't do that. I just got it styled the way I want before the party starts and now I am gonna have to redo it." Stefan whined as he tried to push it back in place.

"My little boy, oh how the years have passed by so fast. In a few hours you won't be my little one anymore. You'll be eighteen and legal and going off gallivanting around the world."

"I don't think Stefan is much for gallivanting mom. I'm pretty sure his ideal vacation is interning at the office and wearing a new suit and tie." I teased as I turned down the heat and set the sauce pan off to the side.

"haha very funny Damon, but I do know how to have fun. In fact I will have you know that just today I successfully became victorious over at Ele-"

"Belle's, when will dinner be ready? I am starving! Did we ever get an answer on whether or not our European subsidiaries could make time for me to meet with them during our Italian vacation?" Giuseppe's voiced drifted down the hall as he approached the entrance into the kitchen.

With all teasing and light-heartedness gone from the kitchen, it became eerily quiet as my father's voice echoed through the kitchen, yet to notice my place at the kitchen stove.

"Giuseppe, honey, dinner will be ready in about twenty minutes. I believe we did get an invitation to tour the new offices with and Francesca, in a few weeks. I'm sure I told your secretary to leave you a message on your desk. "

"Very good, very good. Come get me when dinner is set." He said turning back around, and making his way out towards his home office.

"Giuseppe did you forget something?" Isabelle called lovingly

Glancing up from his papers, and walking towards Isabelle, he bent down and kissed her lovingly on the cheek, while whispering something neither Stefan nor I could hear.

Isabelle laughed coquettishly as she pressed her palm to Giuseppe's beating heart "All in due time my dear. All in due time."

"No that's not what I had to remind you, I wanted to inform you that your son is home. " Isabelle smiled radiantly into Giuseppe's eyes.

"Ah yes, how was practice my boy? Is Elena excited about the party this evening?" Giuseppe asked turning towards Stefan.

"Giuseppe, Damon is home" Isabelle glanced over at me leaning on the counter, dishtowel in hand.

With all trace of love and playfulness washed from his features Giuseppe gazed aloofly at me.

"About time you came home." He said frigidly as he exited out the way he had come.

Ah home sweet home I thought as mother came over and soothingly rubbed circles in my back.


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